cision, and he made one thing clear aboutcision, and he made

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cision, and he made one thing clear aboutcision, and he made

Postby elaine95 » Sun Aug 18, 2019 10:24 pm

Now that the Philadelphia Eagles’ season is over Austin Bryant Detroit Lions Jersey , it’s officially the offseason for former Detroit Lions receiver Golden Tate. A big decision for Tate is on the horizon, as the 30-year-old receiver is due to hit free agency in March with a chance to possibly score his last, big NFL contract.For the past two seasons, Tate has made numerous comments on the rising salaries for receivers, and it seemed like Tate was heading for a big payday himself in 2019. He reportedly turned down an offer from the Lions in 2018, and was subsequently traded to the Eagles midseason. Now that his postseason run is over Austin Bryant Jersey 2019 , Tate is turning his attention to that upcoming decision, and he made one thing clear about his future team: they need to be contenders.“I want to go to a team that has a chance—if I don’t stay here. Of course I would love to stay here (in Philadelphia),” Tate said on Monday. “My years are limited. I don’t have time to go someone who is trying to rebuild. I need to go somewhere where they believe they can win now, they have solid pieces, and that’s what I want to do.” Some fans have fantasized about Tate coming back to Detroit, and in a lot of ways it makes sense. If the team truly offered Tate an extension Austin Bryant Jersey Mens , it means they do value the veteran receiver—and they probably value him even more after seeing what happened without Tate in the lineup. Tate, too, likely saw the value in staying with Detroit, seeing as the Eagles didn’t get nearly as much use out of Tate as the Lions did.But does Tate view the Lions as immediate contenders? No team wants to admit they’re in full rebuild, but the Lions will be sporting a brand new offensive coordinator in 2019, and they Womens Teez Tabor Jersey , by no means, look like an immediate contender after a lackluster 6-10 season. Of course, Tate knows this team better than any other right now, so he probably has a pretty good handle on what he thinks the future of the franchise will look like. Will Tate be a part of that future? It seems unlikely, but never say never. On Monday, the literal newshound owned by my Internet son had a major potential scoop regarding a football team representing the arch enemy of his species.PFT Commenter’s dog Leroy reported that he’s hearing (among many things his owner can’t) that the Detroit Lions will be this year’s team.While I’m not prepared to accuse this very real canine of dropping his unique brand of deuce onto the NFL landscape , I can say this: If it’s real news, it’s definitely news to the Lions.Per multiple sources, the organization has attempted to confirm or to debunk the assignment, and to date they’ve been unable to get a firm answer.Time is of the essence, if the Lions will be the team. They have preseason plans that may change if they’ll be dealing with the extra demands of serving as the subject of HBO’s reality training-camp show.The Lions are one of five teams that can be compelled to submit to the show, along with Oakland , San Francisco, Washington, and the Giants. Last week, we argued that if no one truly wants to do the show, the NFL should simply stop doing it.
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