Arena for those who don't care about arena

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Arena for those who don't care about arena

Postby Zumoto » Fri Mar 30, 2018 11:14 am

Hey Gang,

Anyone interested in doing arena just for capping purposes? I haven't done serious arena since BC and I'm not looking to return to that, I just want to get semi-painless honor and shots at 925+ glad gear (so I've heard anyway) to replace some of the 910 pieces in my set I can't seem to ever get upgrades on. I play ret fairly well and could go holy as well once I get some gear for that spec but I'm a ways off from that.

Anyway, I'm 952 ilvl and fairly (though not "professionally") experienced in pvp since I have a horde toon with the conqueror title and I have over 100k hks on my account. I'd really appreciate some help, hopefully someone like me wants in on this as well, and doesn't care about our rating and how much we may lose while I get all the cobwebs taken out. I'm totally fine with winning even as little as 2 out of 10 games (I don't think I'd be that bad of a partner to get 1-10 or worse) so there's absolutely no judgement as long as you're willing to grind it out with me.

Thanks! ... k/bigsoups
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