Greenwall problem

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Greenwall problem

Postby antsterr » Tue Aug 12, 2014 9:28 pm

****this was posted in the general discussion form but since I didn't get any answers I'm posting it in the guild discussion where it's likely more relevant****

Hey folks, new member here. Izarea, balance druid, just server changed in from an RPPVP realm where everything awesome happened except solid raiding.
Anyway, I've installed the addon Greenwall but either this guild has the most silent guild chat ever or it's not working. I'm getting achievement spam but no chat. I've tried all the options the addon has and found the chat channel Bazooba and tried activating and deactiving it. Activating give me some guild chat mixed with code that I assume is for the addon and a million "so and so has joined the channel" "so and so has left the channe;". I'm assuming I'm supposed to leave Bazooba turned off and the addon will sort things out? Or am I supposed to turn it on and look at all the login logout spam? Any help would be great.

Also, by boomkin is ilvl 563 and looking for two nights per week (monday-thursday) group to push progression. I also have an off server ret/prot pally of slightly higher gear score. I'm looking for a team who wants to smash their head into heroics.
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Re: Greenwall problem

Postby Tullibardine » Wed Aug 13, 2014 12:42 pm

More or less the easiest way to see if the addon works is just ask someone from a different guild then you to say something in guild chat. if you see it the addon works. don't touch Bazooba, it is just used to transfer the information you see in guild chat. If you want to see what options are available for greenwall just use /gw that will show all possible commands.

I at least prefer not to see co guild names. So i use /gw tag off. I also prefer not to see achievement spam so i also turn that off /gw achievements off

More or less use what you like. The addon should work out of the box but there are some default values I prefer to change.

Can also use /gw status should then state what guilds you are connected to and version of greenwall you are using. I think the latest version is 1.4.1

As a example since I belong to emeriss this is what I would see as co guild information and version number, there is more information typed out but not that interesting.
[09:33:36] GreenWall: peer[azuregos] => Convert to Raid Azuregos
[09:33:36] GreenWall: peer[ordos] => Convert to Raid Ordos
[09:33:36] GreenWall: peer[sha] => Convert to Raid Sha
[09:33:36] GreenWall: peer[mobus] => Convert to Raid Mobus
[09:33:36] GreenWall: peer[nalak] => Convert to Raid Nalak
[09:33:36] GreenWall: peer[moonfang] => Convert to Raid Moonfang
[09:33:36] GreenWall: peer[omen] => Convert to Raid Omen
[09:33:36] GreenWall: peer[galleon] => Convert to Raid Galleon
[09:33:36] GreenWall: peer[kazzak] => Convert to Raid Kazzak
[09:33:36] GreenWall: version=1.4.1

So more or less would just start of by testing if /gw works if it does then at least the addon is installed correctly. Then it is a question if you have the correct version. Then it is just personal preferences.
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Re: Greenwall problem

Postby Luis K. Flaherty » Mon Oct 01, 2018 3:18 am

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Luis K. Flaherty
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