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Re: <Convert to Beer> 7:30-10:30pm Sydney/1-4am Server, (1/1

Postby kosk » Wed Jul 09, 2014 9:47 pm

And to think this guy gave us some trouble back in the day haha

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Re: <Convert to Beer> 7:30-10:30pm Sydney/1-4am Server, (1/1

Postby FaceRolz » Tue Jul 22, 2014 9:44 pm

Character Name : FaceRolz
Server : Aerie Peak
Level : 90
Faction : Alliance
Race : Worgen
Class : Warrior.
Main Spec : Prot
Off spec : Fury
Primary professions : Herbalist, Miner
i also have a Scribe/Blacksmith who's services are at your disposal.

WoW Armoury link : http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/a ... olz/simple

Age : 21

What country/area do you live in : America, East cost. State of Michigan.

Have you checked the effect of daylight savings both locally for you and in Australia will have on raid times : yep. and unless i'm sick, i never sleep. so i will be good.

What was the last guilds you were in? Briefly, why did you leave : um, I am still in Crimson Storm. im Co-GM. Also still in Forgotten Legacy- my horde side guild, I'm the head officer. 3 guilds ago was Damnation. and they kicked me because the GM was a sexist jerk and I yelled at him.

What are you looking for by joining Convert to Raid and more specifically the Convert to Beer raid team : I don't know about CTR, the guild is meh, but Convert to Beer is legit. Teukad talks about you all so much, and when I raided with you it all held true.

Do you use Ventrilo/Mumble : what ever the team uses I'm fine with. i have 8 different Programs that all do the same thing Vent, and Mumble are on that list.

Do you have a working Mic : Why would you apply for a raid team, and NOT have a mic!?

Do you understand we are a progression raiding team? What does this mean to you? : that i better have my A game on every time i show up.

Briefly explain how you fit wow into your world/real life : what is... Real life? is that that "out side" that i have to do to go to work?

Are you prepared to maintain your off spec (seek upgrades, gems, enchants, rotations, ect) to provide the raid team with greater flexibility for certain boss fights or when a member is absent : Sure. why not.

Is this your main Character : yeah.
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Re: <Convert to Beer> 7:30-10:30pm Sydney/1-4am Server, (1/1

Postby Fuggs » Wed Aug 20, 2014 10:56 am

Hi guys

Just been thinking about our team for WoD and have a few ideas/questions to toss around for discussion. Cut, paste and answer if you like?

1) When do we want to start raiding? ie When will you be at max level and have some basic pre-raid gear (at least near complete normal mode dungeon gear which will get us into WOD normal raids)?

2) What toon do you want to run for WoD and if appropriate, will you maintain and be skilled at an offspec (especially tank/heals)?

3) I propose we plan to stay in WoD Heroic raids (equivalent of current normals). We can start in normals and then get into heroics. I dont think we should aim for mythic at this stage. I have mentioned this a few times before, last chance to object/comment.

4) I think a roster size of 12-15 would be ideal. With a few spare O/S tanks/heals, it will give us the flexibility to still raid if people are away. 2 x M/S tanks, 3 M/S heals, 3-4 MDPS (max 4, if too many want to run MDPS, I will rank people based on time in team), rest RDPS. From DPS prefer 1-2 O/S Tanks, 2-3 O/S heals.

5) Raid times still ok 7.30-10.30 Sydney time? Raid days still ok Thursday and Monday?

6) Below is my draft re-write of the first page of our team info which includes my guess as to result of above questions and also peoples class choices. Please read and comment and let me know what you are looking at in terms of toon for WOD raiding. I will need to start recruiting at some point so this will guide me on what I need to recruit.


<Convert to Beer>

Convert to Beer is a "casual" progression raid team. We have a core of 5 real life mates from Australia who have been raiding together since 2008. We focus on current content progression raiding. As a gauge, in previous patches we generally clear normals and are working on heroics prior to release of the next patch.

Looking to WOD => We currently plan to stick to Heroic (equivalent to current normal mode) raids in WoD with a roster of 12-15. With the new flexible sized (cross realm available as well) heroic raids in WoD, a roster of 12-15 will mean we can have a few people away and not have to worry about PUGS.

We are currently recruiting:
* Players who can commit to our days/times throughout the year (see below comment on raid times) and are interested in our approach to raiding for WoD. Note that we are full on MDPS.
* 1 x Main Spec Heals (Priest > Monk > Shaman)
* 3 x RDPS (Warlock, Mage, Hunter, other RDPS with OS Heals)

Applications from non preferred classes/specs will be considered but our preferences are based on min-maxing for armor type, tier token representation and buffs/debuffs.

Raid Times
We currently raid Thursday 7:30-10:30pm Sydney time. For Aerie Peak server, our raid times varies with US and Australia daylight savings. Generally, November-March server time 0.30-3.30am, March-April 1.30-4.30am, April-November 2.30-5.30am.

Once we are at level cap and into raiding in WoD (TBC but likely mid January 2015), we will return to raiding twice a week (Thursday and Monday).


Cletusjnr – Druid Tank (Confirmed)
Facerolz – Warrior Tank (Confirmed)

Superalpha – Pally Heals (Confirmed)
Urths (Healing Vaughno) – Druid Heals
Shalim (will he come back?) - Shaman Heals

Fuggette (Raid Lead, most likely enhance, outside chance Warlock or MW Monk)
Chunkychodus – Will likely roll most OP MDPS at WoD launch
Depicted (Derived) (Will maintain tank spec/gear) – Pally MDPS (May change to another MDPS depending on Chunky/what is OP at launch)

Chupac - SPriest (Confirmed), Heals OS
Kösk – Frost Mage (Confirmed)
Hatchlin -Hunter Teukad (Confirmed)
Demon - Elemental (Confirmed), Heals OS
Bruceknee – Boomkin (Confirmed)

Tier token groups
=> Assuming tokens continue to drop (not items) and groups remain the same. Not counting Chunky/Shalim
Paladin/Priest/Warlock = 3 toons
Rogue/Mage/DK/Druid = 4 toons
Hunter/Warrior/Shaman/Monk = 4 toons

Armour type (in WoD primary stats on armour will change with spec) => Not including Shalim/Chunky
Cloth 2
Leather 3
Mail 3
Plate 3

Raid Role composition comments
* Current roster of 11 (not including Shalim)
* Will Morpheus return to WoW? If anyone sees him in BNet ask him if he wants to return or let him know I am wondering if he wants to come back.
* 1-2 potential OS tanks in Derived/Chunky
* 2-3 potential OS heals in Chu/Demon and Fugg (I never want to heal raids, please please please)
* If Shalim doesnt return to WoW, we will need another MS healer. In house options = Chu/Demon/Fugg.
* Currently have 3 MDPS. Absolute max we can have is 4 but I would prefer to keep it at 3, especially if we cannot recruit more RDPS/Heals as that would be 3 MDPS in a raid size of 11.

WOD Buff/Debuffs => http://www.wowhead.com/guide=1100/buffs-and-debuffs
Stats (Druid/Monk/Paladin) 4
Stam (Priest/Lock/Warrior) 2
AP (DK/Hunter/Warrior/DK) 2
SP (Mage/Lock) 1
Versatility (Druid, Ret Pally, Warrior, F/UH DK) 4
Haste (Shaman, Spriest, Rogue, UH DK) 3
Crit (Feral, Mage, BM/WW Monk) 1
Multistrike (WW Monk, Spriest, Rogue, Warlock) 1
Mastery (B DK, Boomkin, Shaman, Pally (5)
Hero (Shaman/Mage) 3
Mortal wounds (DPS Warrior, Rogue, WW Monk, Demo Lock) 0

Not accounted for => Chunky, Shalim, Not counting hunter pet, counting Derived as Ret Pally
Main areas without redundancy => Crit (Feral, Mage, BM/WW Monk), Multistrike (WW Monk, Spriest, Rogue, Warlock), SP (Mage/Lock)
Recruiting solution for Buffs/Debuffs => Recruit Warlock, perhaps another mage? Other options would require another MDPS.

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Re: <Convert to Beer> 7:30-10:30pm Sydney/1-4am Server, (1/1

Postby Cletus » Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:42 am


sounds good. I will try to take some time off in November to run some dungeons and get toon up.
1. Happy to raid asap
2. Always the bear
3. Down with that as a plan, building up suits us better
4. I would like to build a viable OS this toon. Probably as range dps or heals. To be different
5. yes times still suit
6. Solid content

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Re: <Convert to Beer> 7:30-10:30pm Sydney/1-4am Server, (1/1

Postby kosk » Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:47 am

1) At the moment I get back to Australia on the 13th November. I will be doing alot of adjusting but I should be able to raid when the raids unlock at the end of November.

2) Mage / Mage / Mage

3) I agree I am not really keen for Mythic till we have both Normal and Heroic on farm. Once Normal is on farm we can try the bosses on Heroic like we did with SOO Flex then Normal :D

4) My Main will be Kösk then kfi as resto/ele once Kösk is well geared.

5) Raid times suit me at the moment Day light savings does mess me around as I live in QLD so we will see whats happens.

6) Yep looks good!
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Re: <Convert to Beer> 7:30-10:30pm Sydney/1-4am Server, (1/1

Postby Demon » Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:59 am

Hey Fuggs

1. Sounds good ill be ready asap
2. I will run Ele/resto to benefit the team most ill steer away from melle. i Can swith to the lock if needed see how we go closer to release. (i'll be swappin the shaman ova to CTR soon so hes ready)
3.Works for me U point ill shoot im just happy to be raiding :0)
4.As ubove ill def run an off spec be it resto or ele as i said b4 im easy what eva the team needs ill bring/gear/use
5.Yes and yes
6.Looks awesome to me
7. Thank you for letting me raid with u guys great bunch of peeps I'm looking forward to good times come WOD

Cheers Demon
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Re: <Convert to Beer> 7:30-10:30pm Sydney/1-4am Server, (1/1

Postby Fuggs » Thu Aug 21, 2014 7:21 pm

Quick macro for melee DPS that I just stumbled across.

/console SET Sound_ListenerAtCharacter “0”

If you raid zoomed out of your toon, it sets the sound location to your camera position rather than your toon. This reduces the loud melee noises your toon and other tanks/MDPS make so you can hear important ques in the fight

Some other general raiding tips on the post I found with that gem

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Re: <Convert to Beer> 7:30-10:30pm Sydney/Early am Server

Postby Fuggs » Fri Aug 22, 2014 10:52 pm

Just updated our first few pages on this forum IAW above discussion and some chat on vent.

Looking at our current raid comp in this post => viewtopic.php?f=57&t=380&p=1375#p1372

I was thinking more about what class/spec we want ideally from a raid composition perspective considering we have 12 raiders confirmed. Close to ideal recruits would be:
* Chunky rolls Leather MDPS => rogue/WW Monk/Feral
* Healing priest - Recruit one
* Warlock - ? morpheus, ? Shalims lock, or recruit one

With those changes, our raid comp analysis would change to a group of 14 with the following:

Tier token groups
Paladin/Priest/Warlock = 5 toons
Rogue/Mage/DK/Druid = 5 toons
Hunter/Warrior/Shaman/Monk = 4 toons

Armour type
Cloth 4
Leather 4
Mail 3
Plate 3

WOD Buff/Debuffs => Only area without redundancy other than Hunter pet = Crit and mortal wounds which would mean that both that toon and hunter would need to be away.
Stats (Druid/Monk/Paladin) 4
Stam (Priest/Lock/Warrior) 4
AP (DK/Hunter/Warrior) 2
SP (Mage/Lock) 2
Versatility (Druid, Ret Pally, Warrior, F/UH DK) 4
Haste (Shaman, Spriest, Rogue, UH DK) 4
Crit (Feral, Mage, BM/WW Monk) 1
Multistrike (WW Monk, Spriest, Rogue, Warlock) 2
Mastery (B DK, Boomkin, Shaman, Pally (5)
Hero (Shaman/Mage) 3
Mortal wounds (DPS Warrior, Rogue, WW Monk, Demo Lock) 1
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