Level 85 level locking?

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Level 85 level locking?

Postby Nightsong » Sun Apr 27, 2014 2:09 pm

Hello CtR!

Just returned to Wow after a year or so break. Have not done any Mist content and been stuck in the past. Last raid I have done was Firelands :-) That is also when I started listening to the CtR podcast. Those were epic times! Looking to start there again. I was wondering if anyone that is near level 80 would like to create a chat channel or something and lock our levels to level 85 to experience these raids again before moving on to Mist stuff? Just trying to slowly get back into things and did not want to rush to end game now. With the expansion coming out later this year, I think there is plenty of time to slowly enjoy the content until then. Not saying we should spend months doing it, but would like to at least kill all the bosses.

Anyone else want to do try this with me?

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Re: Level 85 level locking?

Postby Bluefer » Thu May 08, 2014 1:24 pm

Solarflair has the answer for you. A raid team is starting in a couple of weeks to do all the Level 85 raids. Look in theTeam tab for Dragonfire. My toon for this is at L42 as of last night. her name is Bluefel.
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