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Special project

Here's the place to be for the latest event information in the CtR Guild on Aerie Peak. Check it out, and hopefully you can participate.

Re: Special project

Postby Muchanger » Mon Jun 30, 2014 8:55 pm

I started listening to the podcast after Lore recommended it on his weekly marmot show. This is when they made the big announcement they were moving to Aerie Peak. I was a heroic raider working on ToT and when my guild blew up I immediately transferred and joined the Salad Senate raid on my mage, Muchanger, I soon renamed him to Angermage because Daries had a hard time pronouncing my name when I joined his raid team, The Casuals.
Ever since then I have just been having a blast over these 13 months. This guild made it fun to play WoW again.
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Re: Special project

Postby Sprout » Sun Jul 06, 2014 9:54 pm

Hi Turarts :)

My story starts when I became a Wrath baby, and started playing when I bought myself WoW for Christmas in 2009. I levelled slowly initially, swearing that I wouldn't join a guild, as I just wanted to experience content at my own pace and in my own way. I didn't know much about the game really, but I was looking for something to fill my time whilst I waited for Dragon Age to come out, and just wanted an RPG to keep my boredom at bay until that was going to arrive. So I gave it a try and became hooked. Eventually finding WoW Insider and Thottbot, before realising that there is so much more that you can't do by yourself (I know, I pretty much lived in a cave back then!). So I joined a guild and it opened my eyes to so many other aspects of the game. I even got to down The Lich King the summer before Cata came out. It also broadened my horizons to other sites and eventually I heard about, and started listening to, Convert to Raid.

I was listening to the podcast for quite a while when I heard Pat and the Guys mention about setting up their own guild. I was playing on EU servers at the time (I'm from England) and thought that it would be a great idea if someone in the EU did something like that? But for a long time, I just listened enviously whilst going about my daily WoW business. However after the breakup of my marriage late last year, (my wife is a WoW player too), I was cast out of the guild that we were in. I wanted to play and I wanted to raid, but my working hours were out of the ordinary and 99% of guilds on Twisting Nether EU all raid at times during the week that I am still at work. Also more and more people were moving to that server. 5.4 hit and server waiting times were starting to occur, and then getting worse and worse. So I quit for a little while. It was also around that time that GameBreaker were starting up their guilds, but when their EU guilds didn't really get off the ground, I thought "well, why not just go play on the North American servers with them? And that turned into, "well if you are going to play on North American servers, why don't you just join CtR?".

So I started my Warlock Sproutofel to get to 55 (my main on Twisting Nether in the EU was a DK, and wanted to get back onto one of those) and joined the guild as soon as I could at 15. I haven't looked back since and play as much now as I ever have done, trying to get Sproutmalius all the achievements that my original DK's Frogmalius and Douchefrog had whilst getting up the guts to look for a new raid team. Its a work in progress, but I've enjoyed every minute being a part of this guild and look forward to Warlords, hitting 100 and downing more evil bosses with these great people in this guild :)
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Re: Special project

Postby Sandals » Mon Jul 07, 2014 8:58 pm

I started off playing WoW during Burning Crusade but I didn't start raiding until Lich King on the Grizzly Hills server. At that time, I was in a very active guild with 4 teams all vying for first kill on Lich King within the guild. However, when Cataclysm hit, we dwindled down to only 2 teams. By the end of Cataclysm, we were down to only one team as many of our main raiders left to join more hardcore raiding teams. We struggled after that putting a full raid team together as the server was rapidly becoming inactive.

One of my raid members listens to the Podcast and told me about the CTR guild starting up. As we were having problems filling a raid team at the beginning of Throne of Thunder, we both made a toon over here to see how things were. After a few weeks of trying to pug unsuccessfully on Grizzly Hills and then seeing all the raiding activity in CTR, we convinced the remaining members of our raid team to make the switch and bring our mains to this server and CTR. We all joined the CTR Nalak guild (Team: Project Failsauce) and started our recruitment from within. We found many experienced and awesome raiders and filled our raid team quickly. Now with a full group, we quickly started moving through current content completing Throne of Thunder and were the first team in CTR Nalak to kill Garrosh in Siege of Orgrimmar. Currently our group is on hiatus for the summer but cannot wait until Warlords to continue raiding in the name of CTR.

If it wasn't for the CTR guild, a lot of my team would have lost interest for raiding in WoW. Raiding is a passion of ours and this guild is a great chance for us to continue enjoying this game.
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Re: Special project

Postby imei2006 » Wed Jul 09, 2014 5:55 pm

I came back to the game last year, and enjoyed returning to see old friends from the guild I ran with in Wrath, but the thing I loved to do which was experience the story through raiding. Before leaving the game, I was apart of the progression team for our guild. Coming back, the server seemed to be lack luster. At this same time I was listening to WoW podcasts, and stumbled upon the Convert to Raid podcast. I heard they host a guild on the Aerie Peak server. I asked around the server forums, and I was talking to some of the guildies there, next thing I know I'm rolling a Shaman on the server, fell in love with the community, and decided to transfer my raiding toon over. Soon enough I am apart of a team kicking butt, and now my satisfaction with the game is at an all time high. I'm glad that I ran into this guild, and thank you guys for all your hardwork : )
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Re: Special project

Postby Aldineri » Wed Jul 23, 2014 4:20 pm

I have been playing WoW on and off for quite some time, but it was only in Mists of Pandaria that I leveled a toon far enough to see endgame. I was on Cenarion Circle (RP Server) and mained a goblin rogue. I loved the little guy, and I was getting better and better at playing him. But I was an LFR junkie. It was the only way I was experiencing any content.

I joined up with a guild on the server with my sister. Every week, the guild leader would schedule an evening raid, and she and I would show up eagerly waiting for our chance to taste "real" raiding. And every week, only a handful of the ten people we needed would show up. It was always a bust, and we were always let down because we wanted to be a part of these great raiding guild across the WoW community.

At around the same time, I really got into streaming WoW podcasts on my phone. I came across a gem called "Convert to Raid" and listened to the antics of our three fearless podcasters. And they were advertising the fact that they had created a mega-guild with gobs of people ready to raid.

Needless to say, I rolled a toon on the Alliance side of Aerie Peak and convinced my sister to do the same. I then marveled at the sheer number of folks that are always online in the guild. Since I joined once SoO was already out, I still found it difficult to join a team (as I was undergeared and this was around the holidays when people take breaks from raiding). So, I created a team in the guild. And I found some wonderful people.

I now raid with my fellow Humpday Heroes every Wednesday and Monday night. I not only got the chance to experience "real" raiding with my sister, but our ragtag group of Heroes defeated Garrosh Hellscream and have actually put the guy "on farm".

CTR has been great to me. I only hope I can give back in time.
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Re: Special project

Postby demonikpanther » Sat Aug 02, 2014 6:04 pm

A friend from work told me about the guild. I joined because of the environment some has been good some bad. My first to on is Sussedo.
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Re: Special project

Postby Tarkus1970 » Mon Aug 11, 2014 4:48 pm

I started playing WoW right after BC came out. I had several friends who were playing at the time and I leveled like heck to catch up with them. For a ood period of time, I was regularly getting to raid Karazahn and was loving it. Then there came a time our raid leader started telling us all what addons we had to have, what specs we were to run, and other such general bs. That was the last taste of raiding I had until I began to hear about the CTR podcast and started trying some LFRs on my horde toon. I began to find that I loved it but we all know how LFR can be and I couldn't get into a flex or anything higher.
That is why I made Armedntiny and sought out entrance into CTR. I have several other toons made on the server already and hope to put them in CTR as well in time.
The people of CTR have been wonderful with advice and help of all sorts. I hope to get to raid end game content again soon with you all!
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Re: Special project

Postby cjpete » Mon Aug 18, 2014 5:42 am

Hi, Im CJ i joined the guild around January, 2014 after my guild on a low pop server falling apart around Christmas and the next guild i joined on that server teeing e off i wanted to kill Garry normal not wait for two hours getting people for 10 man Galakras and having our healer troll us by healing him self and the tank only as a Resto Druid i was fed up i had found the CTR podcast i loved the personality and awesomeness that Zug, Cole and Daries emitted thru the screen eventually i set my mean old GM a mail saying i was sorry ant that i just couldn't raid with them anymore and then transferred and immediately my expectations for the CTR guild were blown out of the park and i have had a great guild to call home ever since.

My first char in CTR was my main hunter CJPETE a toon i've had since September 2011 and that has 106 days played, i am currently on the CTR graid team ORCBUSTER so yea i am happy love the guild see you in G chat.
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Re: Special project

Postby ghobes » Thu Aug 21, 2014 10:29 pm

I have been playing wow since classic and was pretty hardcore till after BC where I toon a break till cata. That's when I found the CTR podcast. I was very entertained and enjoyed it each week. When they announced they were making a guild I had to join! I had played horde my entire wow life to the point I never even had an alliance alt. but the community and vision the guys talked about on the podcast had me do it and bring over my character over. The first character I brought over was my first ever character I made in classic; my holy/disc priest Nentez! Made him go worgen and haven't looked back. The community is amazing from day one where I had never been alliance and someone gave me a tour of storm wind.

Love the guild love the podcast. I have almost all my toons in CTR now. I'm in the guild with my healers. Nentez the priest, WBMason the shaman, Taco the druid, Ghobes the monk, and Koushari the paladin!
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Re: Special project

Postby Heptarian » Wed Aug 27, 2014 12:44 pm

Hi Turarts, happy to help with your special project.

I haven't been in the guild long but I already love being here. I've met a bunch of friendly, fun, and helpful people since I joined. As for why I joined, well I used to be in a fairly small guild on an Oceanic server, but these days with the lull in content/summer time I had been one of the few people who was online and playing so I was looking for a good group of people to spend time with during my WoW adventures. I had always been a big fan of the podcast (quite possibly my fav. podcast ever) and Pat and the guys were always mentioning how great the community was here and how everyone was such a pleasure to play with so I decided to transfer my monk, Heptarian, over and join the guild. He was my first char to wear the CTR flag and I'm so glad he does. And he is not alone. :-)

Since joining I have ran a complete ToT LFR run with over 50% of the raid being guild members, have been invited to join a flex team for the first time ever, and the good times will keep coming I'm sure.

Can't imagine not wanting to stay here forever...

(Edit: Forgot to say I also wanted to try my hand at healing, so I felt this would be a good place to find people that would be more tolerant of someone trying to learn and also a good place to learn from others!)
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