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Special project

Here's the place to be for the latest event information in the CtR Guild on Aerie Peak. Check it out, and hopefully you can participate.

Re: Special project

Postby TaxmanCDN » Thu Jun 12, 2014 5:36 pm

I first heard about the CTR show on the Instance, and I was hooked from the first episode I listened to. When I heard about the CTR guild forming, I couldn't wait to transfer a toon over to check it out. The first toon I moved was my warlock Donnte, and I joined a raid team in CTR. I was very impressed with the quality of the raiders in the guild, and I loved being part of such a large guild.

My old realm was kind of dead, and my old raid team on that realm wasn't doing too well, so I made the decision near the end of ToT to move all of my toons over. I have since switched to making my monk (Jinpa) my main toon, and I'm happily working on heroic progression. Despite how stale the content has become, I log on every week because of the people in the guild and on my raid team. I'm not sure if I would still be playing WoW if I hadn't made the move to join the CTR guild.
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Re: Special project

Postby Pasha » Fri Jun 13, 2014 11:12 am

Well the first time I heard about CTR was from my significant other who goes by Campz. He's been listening to the podcast for a while now. I didn't look into it much when he first mentioned it. I was to busy trying to find a decent guild interested in killing heroic boss's. I joined a 25m and we did well. The only downfall was everyone seemed so miserable and unhappy together. Tensions were high and it killed the raid. So I further looked into this "convert to raid" mega guild and decided to listen to the podcast. Instantly caught my attention and it was even more appealing because I could be a night elf Druid again! I very much enjoy the Druid lore of WoW. So needless to say Campz and myself transferred here and put in our applications. I'd say it was a very good move. Everyone is great! The talent in here amazes me and how much everyone is involved to help each other is so amazing. Cheers to you all! :)
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Re: Special project

Postby Comos » Sun Jun 15, 2014 3:05 pm

I have been a long time listener to the show and when they announced that they were doing a guild it couldn't have been at a better time. I had been raiding on two different servers, one for raiding in the morning and one at night. My team had decided to transfer servers and my night team had me warming the bench more then I liked. I transferred my ret pally Loreesa first to scout out the server and guild. My longtime wowpal quit playing and my night team got really stressed out and I knew it was time to go. I was deciding whether to spread out my other toons transfers overtime or bite the bullet and do them all at once. Then the most wonderful thing happened, half price transfers!! You had a sure bet there was one hell of a transfer party from Blade's Edge to Aerie Peak and the lone morning raider too!
There is always someone online and the coumminity is great. CtR is my home :D
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Re: Special project

Postby FatherTouk » Mon Jun 16, 2014 10:48 pm

I came from a half empty guild on a fully empty server. We would have 7 people sign up to raid Throne of Thunder and spend the next two hours trying to fill out the 10 man. Our server had so few people in it that Orgrimmar and Shrine were ghost towns, even at peak hours. I moved my main (my holy pally, then called Derelicte, but now called Barfolomew) when Blizz did the half-off transfer deal, and my only regret is that I didn't transfer more characters.

Raiding with the Rubber Chicken Coalition team here in CTR has been, far and away, the most fun I've had in WoW since Karazhan. My friends complain that the game is dying, but to me it feels more alive than ever.

Thank you CTR!
~One More Hour~

Touk#1312, Twitter.com/Barfolomew_CTR

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Re: Special project

Postby meowmania » Mon Jun 23, 2014 7:33 pm

I came to CTR because I am a massive fan of the show, and to experience what a big guild was like. I also had hopes that I would be able to coax my Raiding guild (10man) on Hyjal –horde side to follow me, alas, due to many reasons none of them followed, but still I raid horde side, we are 14/14N with few heroic attempts under our belt. Still keeping the faith that maybe one day they will join me. For the first few days I was in guild just watching guild chat, while going about dailies and what not. A call came out in guild chat that a few folks were going to do War Games for the PVP part of legendary cloak quest. My druid which I transferred from an alliance realm was stuck on that part so, I joined up at the time I was not aware that part of the quest chain could be done with war games, hindsight, wish I would have known that earlier but none the less I joined up with the group, I was thrilled to see people helping out, that was my first experience with CTR members, it left a pleasant impression on me. That even though CTR is such an enormous guild that people were willing to help each other. I am a believer in paying it forward so the next time I saw some folks wanting to do war games for the cloak I volunteered to help. Curiously I haven’t really had much interaction since those two times, I am either raiding horde side or leveling various new characters I have here (cough I am pretty shy). I am glad I transferred, looking forward the future, to hanging out, raiding and making new friends.

Meowmania :)
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Re: Special project

Postby Haemon90 » Tue Jun 24, 2014 2:46 am

I just joined the CTR guild last wednesday (June 18th) as the guild I was in before took a break from raiding. Really glad i found the group im in. This guild is full of amazing, helpful people and im very excited for the future and what it brings :)
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Re: Special project

Postby kaelendra » Tue Jun 24, 2014 3:15 am

My tale is mainly a I watched the show bit in short form...
In long form:
Back in Oct/Nov (don't recall which) I got fed up with a raid leader in a group I was only supposed to be a backup tank for... the group had problems because of him in holding an offtank so I kept having to sub out of feral and into guardian. Well the raid leader was known to be a bully and he kept pushing and pushing trying to force me to make it permanent so he didn't have to get and maintain anyone else. A tier piece dropped, I won the roll, and he told me I could only keep it if I got Bear loot with it. To which I said no to that and he said either I needed to work on getting bear gear and going permanent bear or I'd have no permanent spot in the raid. I gave the tier piece back as he'd given it to me when he'd given the ultimatum and bailed on the group. Most of the group knew of my frustrations with him (some had some of their own at the time) and knew it was possible it'd come down at some point to my leaving if I wanted to stay happy.
At the time I was employed at BestBuy full time and decided I'd wait til January before even looking for a new team what with the holiday season being busy and fast approaching. I did transfer to a server that was higher pop as that one was quite low with my main (a horde) and after the Holidays peeked around for a team but by then I'd watching CTR a fair bit and the idea of a group with so many teams to potentially join had snared me.
I moved an alliance 85 I'd not touched since Cata to Aerie Peak, joined the guild, leveled her... found a team I could play the feral spec I love and adore. Yes I do for Shamans go guardian and when we've a tank away for some reasons I'll sub in but I don't mind one bit because it makes things interesting.... and I'm fine with doing such things for the good of the team as long as someone's not being a ahem and trying to force me into a permanent spot I don't really want.
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Re: Special project

Postby Holyfäther » Tue Jun 24, 2014 6:51 pm

I came to CTR from the pvp realm of Sargeras. While that realm has a very large population, our guild went on hiatus during the end of Cata and never really regrouped for Pandaria. One of the members of my guild heard about CTR forming on Aerie Peak and commented to me to come on over. I moved over my Rogue and joined Nalak. I really enjoy the clean and mature tone to the guild and the support we offer everyone. Kudos to the leadership for their service in creating a great environment to play and socialize.

Nitsummi - CTR Nalak
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Re: Special project

Postby Chamoiskatt » Mon Jun 30, 2014 7:21 pm

Turarts, just saw you on The Converted podcast. Never got around to answering but saw that you’re still looking for responses so here goes…

I started playing August 2006. I hit 60 late December and BC launched a couple weeks later. I started raiding in Karazhan. I loved the guild I was in and raided throughout BC and Wrath. It got frustrating because our GM wanted to focus on 25s but we never had quite enough people. Eventually a group of us split off to form a 10 man strict guild (back when 10 and 25 raids had different gear drops). Sadly, just as we got Lich King, various people dropped due to RL conflicts. The guild dissolved.

My main had been Alliance but I had a Horde priest (for those times I actually wanted to win at pvp ;) ) I began to raid on her. I enjoyed the guild, mainly because of the GM. Unfortunately, her schedule changed so we were rarely on at the same time.

I switched back to focusing on my Alliance toons, found another guild and began raiding with them through Cata and early MoP. Gradually, many of the officers left due to other commitments and/or burn out. We tried raiding in ToT but just couldn’t get it together. After an embarrassing number of attempts on Horridon, several of the better players left to form a raid team in a new guild. I was getting really bored with WoW (for the first time after playing almost daily for over seven years!) I quit playing except for alts and occasional LFRs. I missed the camaraderie that comes from raiding with a guild, but didn’t really want to start over in a new guild this close to the end of the expansion.

This past April, while chatting with the raid leader from my old guild, he mentioned that I might like Convert to Raid on Aerie Peak. I went to the website and watched the Town Hall meeting. It sounded perfect. Through my various moves, I had ended up with two Alliance shamans on the same server so I transferred one to Aerie Peak and joined CTR. I am really enjoying it. I’ve joined a raid team and am working on getting geared up. (Unfortunately my bad luck with gear has followed me here) I’ve also met some great people running scenarios and Timeless Isle groups. I’ve put my Aerie Peak alts in the guild because I missed the CTR guild chat when I play them.

I have now gotten hooked on the CTR podcast and am listening to the old shows. I love how the show starts with “Welcome Home Raiders” because I really feel that’s true.

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Re: Special project

Postby thissx » Mon Jun 30, 2014 8:40 pm

I was in Vintage on the Llane server for 3 years (we were called Abomination and changed to Vintage). Llane was a very inactive server with tons of small guilds all fighting to fill their rosters so when guild transfers became available the majority of the guild transferred to AP. On AP we managed to form a successful 25 man group and raided through cataclysm but split into two 10 man groups for Dragon Soul. Unfortunately what i saw as disrespectful treatment of guild members by the GM and some other officers caused me to look elsewhere and i regretfully left Vintage. I joined a smaller guild named Kindred that had some success in cataclysm. Once MOP went live Kindred was just not big enough and we could never put together a raid group. I was getting bored with the game and considered cancelling my sub. I had noticed more and more people with the Convert to Raid guild name and then CTR 1 and CTR 2...... and it kept growing. I decided to roll a priest and join CTR to see what was causing so many people to join, that they seemed to be assimilating the server. I found helpful, friendly people and was enjoyed leveling my priest, but was still not convinced that i didn't needed a break from the game. One day in chat i saw some one spamming for a town hall meeting and decided to watch it. Well by the end of the show i knew that i was not leaving WoW and that CTR was the guild i was going to be a part of. I moved my main in and now have 9 characters in the guild (the other two are GM's of my alt guilds. Yes two alt guilds because i am a WoW hoarder). I was so happy for CTR having revived my interest of the game that i wanted to give something back. So I applied for and was accepted as a greeter. I have invited many new people into the guild since taking this position and just hope that they are enjoying being here as much as i am. I feel a sense of pride when i see people saying how awesome they think the guild is in chat because i know how much is being put into keeping the community alive and fun for everyone behind the scenes. I stay because this is a great community and I help out as a greeter because i hope that i may be helping someone who is ready to leave the game like i was.
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