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Special project

Here's the place to be for the latest event information in the CtR Guild on Aerie Peak. Check it out, and hopefully you can participate.

Re: Special project

Postby cyfir » Tue Jun 10, 2014 11:17 pm

I was on a cruise last fall with a couple my wife met in college; the husband is a CtR listener. I had at some point expressed that while I was planning on doing my 7-day free trial when I got back from the cruise, I didn't expect to stick around, because I've never been able to find a team to fit my schedule. He let me in on the CtR guild "secret"; I rolled my priest Cyfir here the day I got home. Haven't regretted it once.
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Re: Special project

Postby Barleybones » Tue Jun 10, 2014 11:35 pm

I have been playing since 2005, CLASSIC BABY! I had friends who have since stopped playing. WOW has gotten me through lots of hard times in my life. I was hacked in Wrath, and was devastated to the point where I left the game. It was time, as everyone has theirs. My son started playing with his friends in August of this past year, and I started to get the itch. I started searching for podcasts, and found CtR. I listened, and laughed, and remembered how much WOW was a part of my life, so I called Blizzard, and went through the painstakingly horrid process of bringing myself back in. I was horde side, helping my son and just playing casual. I was in a few guilds, but most guilds on that server fell apart or didn't feel like home. I finally started to think about this mega guild that I've been hearing about in CtR... The family, the friendships, and so on. I thought long and hard and decided it was time. I switched factions and classes to be so far out of my normal that I had to make myself work at it. The best part? I didn't have to work at anything. I was welcomed home. It feels like coming home every time I log in. There's always something going on, I've never experienced that before. Amazingly, I have had no worries, or issues with any guildies. I haven't had to have awkward pauses in gchat due to inappropriate on-goings. I wish everyone were as wonderful as this amazing family that we are. Thank you for accepting everyone for who they are and being NICE! So many elitists in the world, and it's nice to find a place where no question is belittled, help is mostly always found, and like minded people can be together in a setting that we all love and enjoy.

Thank you so much CtR!

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Re: Special project

Postby Cawsai » Tue Jun 10, 2014 11:49 pm

I dipped my toe into raiding Karazan back in BC and loved it. I still have my lucky pocket watch from Moroes and won't give it up ever. I've always wanted to be a part of a community that did end game content, but my schedule doesn't permit much regular raiding. I'm hoping that being a part of CTR will give me some opportunities to do some ad hoc raiding, but regardless, I'm learning to do all the things that make my character a better character overall - even if it's just to do dungeons, scenarios and LFR.

I feel welcomed to a home (raider) in CTR.

Cawsai / Cawgizo
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Re: Special project

Postby Lacotll » Wed Jun 11, 2014 1:04 pm

My first toon in CTR was Lacotll. I played on Suramar for a long time, then moved to Wildhammer with a friend to start a guild/raid team. Well, the Alliance was dead there and that experiment failed. So, we started looking for a new home. I wanted to raid more than anything and had been listening to the podcast for months. So, I hopped on the forums and started looking, and quickly realized that this was where I wanted to be. I transferred my paladin tank over to Aerie Peak back in Oct/Nov 2013. Within a day or two, I ran a flex raid with some of the podcasters and absolutely fell in love with the attitude and sense of community in CTR. I transferred the rest of my toons in the first month. I decided I still wanted my own team, so I posted in the forums and built a raid team, and we're still running strong to this day!

Thanks for everything the Event Planners, Greeters, Officers, and our fearless GM do for this guild! You guys are amazing!
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Re: Special project

Postby Blaes » Wed Jun 11, 2014 2:13 pm

I was on a low-pop server (Dethecus-US) that I had joined with real life friends. They left the guild (they were GM and GM's wife; didn't like the responsibility), transferred servers, changed their toons' names and stopped playing. With their departure and most of the 10 man raiding team for progressive raiding guilds, there was nothing holding me there. My husband had transferred to AP and CTR--he was a listener--and had a great time. So I joined him. I brought Blaes, my main, and month by month, brought most of my toons here. The atmosphere is great, perfect for both hardcore and casual play. I like the tendency for our members to be older folks.
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Re: Special project

Postby Saliira » Wed Jun 11, 2014 8:58 pm

Saliira is my main and the first of my characters to join CTR. I moved over because I wanted a mega-guild on Alliance and I loved Convert To Raid and its hosts. After ascertaining that I didn't have to be a raider to join CTR, I happily moved all 5 of my toons from Garona to Aerie Peak.

I moved because, while my tiny friends-and-family guild had nice people, it was very quiet and I had never felt connected even though I'd been an officer since Vanilla. No one chatted and I wanted a social atmosphere where I could hang out and chat while doing whatever took my fancy.

It was the perfect fit and I've never once regretted the money spent. :-)
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Re: Special project

Postby dukrous » Thu Jun 12, 2014 2:19 pm

I was really frustrated in my previous guild. We had just come off a huge exodus from the raid team and the officers who remained did wonders keeping it together. When it came time for a new expansion, decisions started being made that disregarded the members of the guild...the same fatal mistake the previous officers who quit had made. While taking a break due to some RL issues, a whole new charter and guild structure was announced...one that clearly put the officers in a no-challenge mode. I'd had enough.

After hearing about the guild for a couple weeks on the show I gquit, transferred the three toons I cared about, and moved into CtR. It's been fantastic. Not only do the officers not act like they live in an Ivory Tower, it's never been a problem discussion issues and concerns and getting the impression you are being listened to. Running a guild for 8000 members is hard, but you all do a magnificent job.

In the end I not only found an awesome raid team, but it's lead to a fulfilling podcast, many friendships, and awesome daily interactions in-game and on Twitter. Easily the best in-game decision I ever made.
Daikatsu, Mistweaver Monk, Rolling Thunder, CTR Nalak
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Re: Special project

Postby Jambres » Thu Jun 12, 2014 3:03 pm

Having all of my toons on Earthen Ring I experienced a large multi co-op guild but was always looking to do things from the Alliance side. I raided from BC to Deathwing with a great raid crew who stayed together for years. Alas Real life jumped in the way and most have either left the game altogether or barely log in at all. Also running events with that other side I saw that the officers and leaders were here, and I know that they are quality people. So wanting to experience things from the other side I've started to move many of my toons over to CTR.
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Re: Special project

Postby Chaithi » Thu Jun 12, 2014 3:52 pm

For the character I brought over, my monk Chaithi, my primary focus was raiding. After the guild started, so many people left my other server to join that the raiding pool dried up. It was hard to get a PuG player to join us in raid. As an avid listener of the show, I just knew it was the place to be as a raider.

The words "Welcome home, raider" never felt so true.
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Re: Special project

Postby Kalani » Thu Jun 12, 2014 3:59 pm

This'll probably be a bit long-winded but, well, you asked... ;)

I started playing WoW consistently during Burning Crusade after only trying out vanilla briefly. I primarily raided as a warlock Horde-side on Drak'thul, a PvP server. However, as the expansion dragged on and we had Illidan on farm with Sunwell still not even in the picture, I began to get bored with the game. As a result, I rolled an Alliance-side druid on Sentinels and joined the guild of an ex-girlfriend. Within that guild, there was a group of players who were interested in raiding but did not have any prior experience. Relying on my knowledge of the content from my warlock and prior experience leading raids from my time playing Final Fantasy XI, I joined the group as an unofficial raid leader and we were clearing Karazhan within the first few weeks.


After a long series of that guild breaking up and reforming with different leadership, moving servers, and my taking a vacation from the game during early Mists, one of those raid members - Jessamin the holy paladin - convinced me to move a character over to Aerie Peak and join her guild when I began playing again. As a result, I transferred over Kvitch, my worgen DK. And, still always the healer, Jessamin these days is now Jules "I Watch Green Bars For Fun" Scott.
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