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Special project

Here's the place to be for the latest event information in the CtR Guild on Aerie Peak. Check it out, and hopefully you can participate.

Re: Special project

Postby cjpete » Tue Dec 23, 2014 12:02 am

Dear Turarts

Happy to help with your project.
I am CJ i joined the ctr guild in january of 2014 i really love the guild i joined because my old guild was evil and i hated my server by that point many of my friends had quit the game. i quickly was able to kill garrosh and find a raid team it was awsoume and even though i was soon just looking for a team i found orc busters and raided with them until wod droped now looking for a team agian and having alot of fun. Cjpete is my main and my favorite class hunter my first toon in ctr.
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Re: Special project

Postby sensa » Sun Dec 28, 2014 9:05 pm

I'll add my comments to this. First I've been playing MMO's since Everquest Kunark expansion when a guy who worked for me told me about this cool new video game he started playing and he thought I'd like it too. Yes I was one of those EverCrack-heads lol. Seriously it was cool because in EQ you really need the strength of a whole guild to progress even in the smallest way for your character. Whether it was chasing your first "Epic" weapon in EQ which was TRULY an epic adventure (considering EQ had no questing engine), to grinding AA (Alternate Advancement Points -kinda like WoW's talent tree), or progressing through content, everything was done as a guild. For that reason, EQ's community was usually pretty strong and typically in extreme or guilds teaming up and guilds that competed vigorously with each other. Keep in mind, there was no such technology called 'instancing or phasing', the entire game was open-world.

When I moved to WoW, much of that started immediately at launch. I think mainly because a good portion of the WoW player-based was coming from MMO's like EQ, Shadowbane, DAoC, etc. So the construct of a guild was the same, a team-based atmosphere. But then it changed and mostly changed in my opinion at the launch of BC. BC introduced the reduced raid team and a more robust and casual-focus play-style that while was great individually, it lessened the need to have a guild structure other than to raid. Over time because the raid structure was changing, the social-structure of the guild changed with it and sadly, not in a positive way. This is when I as a player started to realize that I really didn't 'need' a guild to do what I wanted in the game for the most part. But the flip-side was that I really enjoyed the social structure I think equally to the game its self. The days of coming online and saying 'Hi' to the guild and getting 50-100 responses back were gone. The day when you could only be in a guild unless you were heavily recruited, referenced, waiting 2-3 weeks of raiding with no loot, just to prove you were truly interested in being on that team, for the most part never happened any longer. It was a great day for individual gamers but it was the death of 'guilds' for the sake of what guilds were meant to be IMO.

Then there came Convert to Raid. CTR for me, brings me back to the days where you came online, wish people good day, get feedback back, and then watch people ask other guild members for help and actually get it. Regardless if it's help with a simple question or helping push that horrible LFR experience into something that people not in CTR will maybe say 'Hey that CTR LFR takeover went really well!! - I should do that again.'

The classic MMO guild I think will never get back what it lost over time and technology but CTR moves the needle back in the right direction for those that want a solid and friendly social structure with the value of the new individualize play-style that WOW is amazing at doing. For that reason, CTR is home for me and honestly I can't imaging going anywhere else. I moved from Hyjal to Aerie Peak because it felt that CTR would be a good home. For me - being in CTR makes gaming more than 'just a video game'. It's brought back a bit of social structure I was missing.

for that - thank you to all that reinforce those values - IMO it's what makes this place special.


S E N S A - Aerie Peak US
Twitter: @CTRSensa
Stream Schedule: Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9pm CST to Midnight | Sat/Sun - varies based on schedule
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Re: Special project

Postby natkanjana60 » Tue Mar 20, 2018 9:45 pm

My wife and I started WoW at the end of Burning Crusade, and once I hit 80 in Wrath and I was done, but she wanted to raid and so I looked into our first guild on Thunderhorn (Knights of Dalaran). Well 7 years later, I am still tanking and love it. I was a CTR listener since day one and looking for a change so moved my Pally over in September of 2013. I am currently on a great team and building a second with friends I have made in CTR. Lastly to answer your final questions Turarts, I stay because this is such an awesome community.
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Re: Special project

Postby kissana » Thu Nov 15, 2018 5:37 am

It amazes me on a daily basis how awesome everyone in this guild is. From assisting people with questions to running through old content to donations towards the guild, you guys are fantastic.

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Re: Special project

Postby oneworldrental » Tue Jun 25, 2019 6:35 am

Thank you so much for sharing this. it's really useful for us and keep sharing with us.
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