and have come out of

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and have come out of

Postby ylq » Wed Aug 21, 2019 3:35 am

This year is an 86-year-old mother with a pair of small feet. The old lady's little feet, although not a three-inch golden lotus, can be described as small and exquisite. In fact, the mother's little feet are not born or small, that is the deformed result of the deformed society at that time, but also brought a nightmare to her childhood. In those days, the requirements for ladies also included the feet, and the big feet could not. When the girls were a few years old, the parents would wrap the children��s feet with cloth, forcibly let the feet grow freely, and The rest of the toes outside the big toe are bent back, and the wrap is one or two years, or even years. The old lady is no exception. During this period, I don��t say what kind of imprint on the young mind of the old lady. It��s already very difficult in the flesh, and it��s hard to get through. Imagine wrapping your feet all night and all night, not to mention jumping, walking, sitting on the raft, how to eat your feet, it can be said that you can't eat, can't sleep, after all, your hands and feet are connected. According to the aging mother, the feet of the time, the top of the toe bone broke the skin, the blood flow for several months, almost rotted feet. A pair of small feet, let the old mother's young childhood, experienced too much pain, too much suffering; a pair of small feet, brought not happiness, is a nightmare, is torture; a pair of small feet, so that the aging mother lost the qualification to have a normal foot Since then, I have lost my childhood smile and lost my childhood happiness Cigarettes Online. For the aging mother, how unfair this is, how reluctant it is. Now, for the second century. In the 1930s, there were very few people who were alive Marlboro Red. People with a pair of small feet were even more singular. In this, the old lady is so lucky, how happy her children and grandchildren are. These little feet have gone through the road of life for nearly a hundred years; they have undergone nearly a hundred years of twists and turns. These little feet crossed the gully of the old society and stepped into the new world of ever-changing. These little feet, have had a difficult trek, have had painful struggles, have had a hard time, and have not returned. These little feet have been swaying; they have also thrown their voices. These little feet, over thousands of mountains, across thousands of waters, have gone through thousands of hardships, and have come out of such a complete and prosperous home today; these little feet have gone from being poor to being full of food and clothing; from two pairs of footprints to children and grandchildren; I am so sad that I am happy. These little feet not only propped up this home, but also led her children and grandchildren to walk on the right path of the human world Marlboro Gold, let the children and grandchildren stay away from the hardships, enjoy the little feet of the happy old lady, how much bitterness they have gone through, how many bumps they have stepped! How much happiness and joy to the children and grandchildren! The old lady's little feet, the old lady's little feet! The little feet of the old lady are the support of the children and grandchildren; the little feet of the old lady are the happiness of the children and grandchildren. We are more willing to follow these little feet, step by step, step by step for thousands of years...
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