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Re: Ask Zhug Anything!

PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 8:26 am
by Endthefed

I am currently on team <Tainted Core>, we are having some really bad recruiting issues. Now with the current state of the game, we have lost a lot of very skilled players over the last 3 months, due to burnout, people generally not liking the game as a whole right now, and real life. Not one of these people have left to my knowledge to join a better guild. This has been odd to me, as a newer member of CTR, I have seen ladder climbing a lot, yet not in this guild. This tells me you have built a great community here for people to come and join, for that I thank you.

As it is hard to ride that line of 23 people for mythic or do we need 30 for a 20man. We are running into mostly problems of potential players not being able to easily find us on WoWprogress. Well to be honest we are one of the easier groups to find here in CTR because we are a mythic team, yet it still takes another step for those apps to see and understand the info they are seeing is our team. It isn't the basic, type in the guild name, and bamm! I can see, what they want what they have and what they have been doing. Is this something that we can change? I really only see 3 tools most people use to find a guild, game forums, Wowprogress, and Warcraft logs. We are not at this time able to use 1 of the key pieces of this and I am sure it is hurting our ability to recruit players, off server.

So what am I asking here? Can we have the ability to change the guilds CTR Kaz wow progress page? This will help us stay alive during this games, down turn of loosing 40% of the player base in the past 6 months. We, as a raid team, love it here and would enjoy keeping our fight going to push mythic content in CTR going. We are always pushing to find more players and anything you can help us with on this matter will be very much appreciated.

Thanks for your time


Re: Ask Zhug Anything!

PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 9:59 pm
by natkanjana60
What made you start podcasting? Is CTR your first podcasting experience? What kinds of equipment are in your recording room?
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Re: Ask Zhug Anything!

PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 1:37 am
by nova62
It is not. Have a picture?


Re: Ask Zhug Anything!

PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2019 7:11 am
by MichaelHard
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