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PostPosted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 1:08 pm
by PatKrane
Hello, [New Member Name]!

Looking for a new group to play with? We have a lot of raid teams in this guild, and finding a spot for yourself can take time and effort. But I have some really AWESOME resources to give you guys in the CtR Guild that are specific to us... so read closely!

These Forums: Even though it may seem impossible to navigate from time to time, the forums will be a great resource to use in your search. Which threads should you pay attention to? How about these:

LF Team (Free Agents)
LF Free Agents (PUGs and Recruitment)
Also check any aggregated info listed about Team Calendars or Master Lists before delving into individual team pages. It will save you some time and possible frustration.

CTRLFG: If you're in game and looking for a team, you should type "/join ctrlfg" and see if anyone is looking for a raider, or look for teams looking for others. This is the purpose of the channel, and is intended to be kept open. There's no need to spam... just let people know you're looking for a team. Pro Tip: Be especially vigilant during the times that you can commit to raiding on a regular basis as you're more likely to be in a position where a PUG spot can turn into a Team Member position.

Raid Liaisons: We have a team of people dedicated to helping raid teams and raiders. If you're stuck, these folks might have some more tips for you -- either forum posts to visit or people to talk to. Email them at ctrraids at gmail dot com.

Before going to these guys, however, use the forums and CTRLFG, and know yourself and what you're looking for. "I'm looking for a team," is extremely general! "I'm looking for a casual 10 man, and I'm available Monday and Wednesday from 5-9pm server," is MUCH more helpful. Be as specific as you can to help you narrow your search!

Finding a raid team can take some time. But if this is something you want, you'll need to make a real effort. Be patient. Don't give up. Use these resources given to you. Talk with people. Get to be a part of this community. Laugh. Play. And be confident in yourself and what you're trying to do. You'll get there, and we'll try to help.