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Convert to Raid Guild Policies and Rules

We've created our own community guild with a focus on end game PvE content! If you've got something to say members of this community specifically... this is a good spot.

Convert to Raid Guild Policies and Rules

Postby SpencerHD » Tue Jun 18, 2013 7:04 pm

[Updated 8.18.16]

Guild Credo
C-T-R / Community - Teamwork - Respect

Guild Mission Statement

The Convert to Raid guild has been created and designed to offer a unique and vibrant atmosphere for all players in Azeroth who share the love for one of World of Warcraft’s most prominent aspects; and to embrace this with other like-minded individuals. We want players from all levels of the spectrum to feel right where they belong - with friends in a wonderful community. Welcome home raiders.

Guild Charter
The Convert to Raid guild is a community guild that was created by the founders of the Convert to Raid podcast on the Aerie Peak server solely for the purpose to offer a haven and a home for raiders - where friends and guild members can come together and enjoy the game they love. While our main focus is bonding with the guild through raiding and the friendships you will make here, we also welcome PvP or Roleplaying. We believe that players of World of Warcraft should be given the opportunity to experience multiple aspects of the game - and that a lack of experience or knowledge does not necessarily imply a lack of aptitude, and should not be frowned upon. We house players from all walks of life, creeds, skill levels and personalities. We expect you to treat fellow guild members and the World of Warcraft community with respect and kindness. Your actions reflect on the guild just as much as they are reflect on you.

The guild policy will be published on the Policies and Rules page. Claiming to be unaware of these policies will not be excused. Every member is expected to be familiar with the guild policies and abide by them. If you are having problems with another member who is violating these policies and you don’t think you can resolve the issue on your own, let an officer know or send e-mail to the officers at ctrofficers@gmail.com

Applying For Admission
Membership is available to all players who share the same goals and ideas as we do. All prospective guild members must be Alliance, able to join our guild on the Aerie Peak server and have leveled their characters to the required minimum level and filed an application before any further action is taken. To apply please visit: http://www.converttoraid.com/apply

New applications are welcome at any time. Once accepted they must join the CTRLFO in-game channel and ask for an officer. Invitations for additional characters once you have a character in the Convert to Raid guild are welcome and needs no other application! There is currently no limit on how many characters you can have in the guild.

We do try to make sure every new member and alt gets an invite in a timely manner. The best times to ask for an invites will be during peak hours of activity on the server (roughly 4-7p server time Monday-Friday, noon-5p Saturdays and 2-6p Sundays). However, there may be an officer available in the CTRLFO channel at any time day or night to assist you.

If an officer isn't present or available, we appreciate your patience and understanding. If problems persist, feel free to email us at ctrofficers@gmail.com so that we can set up an appointment.

• To join the guild, an application for your first character must be submitted at: http://www.converttoraid.com/apply

• All characters must be at least level 15 to be invited to the guild. At level 15 you can run your first dungeon! Death Knights must be level 60. Demon Hunters must be level 100.

• Any character inactive for MORE THAN 60 DAYS may be removed from the guild. The only exception to the two month rule is if the character is placed on Extended Leave. This is a special circumstance guild rank and is only available to characters who have submitted a request to the officer core and been approved.

• This is a family friendly guild, with that in mind everything in all public channels must be family friendly, this includes names. Any character with a name deemed offensive will not be accepted into the guild. If a character already in the guild receives complaints you may be requested to get a name change (either through being reported, or paying) otherwise you may be considered acting contrary to guild policies.

Member Conduct
Community, Teamwork and Respect. The Convert to Raid guild is an all-ages, family-friendly guild. Members are expected to keep their conversations in the forums, guild chat, and in Mumble lounge/public channels and guild event groups (both official and unofficial groups) suitable for children. We will not tolerate any discrimination based upon race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, veteran status, ancestry, national or ethnic origin. While a healthy rivalry between in-game factions and races is acceptable, we require civil and courteous behavior towards the real people behind the keyboards, this extends to public Looking for Dungeons, Looking for Raids and interactions with the greater World of Warcraft community.

Members should refrain from discussing politics, religion, illegal activities, sexual orientation, or explicit sexual acts in the guild forums, guild chat, and in Mumble lounge/public channels and within guild event groups. These topics tend to be inflammatory due to the large and diverse makeup of the guild.

If an officer investigates a situation involving a Convert to Raid member who is not following the guild credo and policies repercussions are up to officer interpretation but in extreme cases may include expulsion from the guild(of all characters). If guild members wish to appeal any officer decisions please feel free to contact: ctrofficers@gmail.com

• Members may not harass other guild members or players outside of the guild. If a player asks you to cease contacting or interacting with them, please respect their wishes.

• All members must abide by Blizzard’s EULA (http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/company/le ... _eula.html).

• Members may not beg for gold or items.

• Please no Recount/Skada healing/damage parses, macros, or other items that maybe considered spam in guild chat or other auxiliary channels.

• Members are expected to discuss requests, concerns, or disputes directly with the officers by sending e-mail to ctrofficers@gmail.com

Raiding and Other Team Play
The Convert to Raid guild is by no means a ‘strictly raiding guild’. We have no set team that you must apply for. With that said, the guild does not officially organize or designate raid teams, small teams or team leaders. If you wish to participate in raids or small teams please contact those members who have taken it upon themselves to organize teams or form a team yourself. While the officers of Convert to Raid do not get involved in raid team management, all of the guild policies apply in raid settings. Remember that you are still expected to treat every member in your raid group with respect and to conduct yourself in a civil manner(e.g. in loot distribution or when recruiting/interacting with other teams). Raid teams are welcome to recruit from outside and inside the Convert to Raid guild.

• If a team finds a player not in the guild and wants them brought into the guild for their team and cannot find an officer to help, they will need to contact the officers at ctrofficers@gmail.com.

• Teams may be asked to migrate from one co-guild to another within the Convert to Raid guild as needed, this is to help maintain a healthy and stable environment for each co-guild.

• As in all guild dealings, raiders are expected to consider the impact actions will have on others, and act in good faith toward team members, as well as any other team. Communication is key. We want to remind everyone that you represent the Convert to Raid guild as a whole.

Roleplaying and PvP

All members are more than welcome to set up Roleplay and PvP teams within the guild with others who may share an interest in it. Both activities are appreciated and encouraged so long as it follows the guild credo and policies.

Guild Bank Policy
Being a raiding community, but also a social community, we want our guild bank to represent who we are. We feel it is important to separate these two points. We’d like for the properly marked tabs in our guild bank to be used for their purpose - such as, a General tab would contain item like BoE’s, pets, vanity items or things that represent a ‘general’ category whereas a Pots/Flasks tab will contain pots/flasks for current tier raiding. What we don’t want to see are things like Bottles of Big Mojo or Crunchy Crab Legs deposited into the guild bank. We want to keep it clean and efficient.

The last three tabs in every guild are earmarked for our raiding community. We recognize many teams have opted to have their own bank guilds to maintain their supplies in; however, we also know there may be times a team might needs feasts, flasks, or gems and enchants for new gear while in the midst of a raid. We encourage guild members and teams to contribute to these tabs for those "middle of the raid" moments. Remember, if you're borrowing supplies another team has deposited in there, please make sure to repay the favor and replace the supplies! Happy Hunting!

• The Mumble server is for the use of all guild members. The server and its information is not permitted to players outside of the guild unless prior permission has been granted by the officers.

• Channels marked "DND" are considered do-not-disturb channels. If you wish to join a channel marked DND to participate or merely listen, please ask one of the members in the channel first via whisper.

• The use of software agents to play background music is permitted in channels that are not considered lounge channels if no participants in the channel have an objection and the music itself does not violate the guild policies.

• Recording in a channel may only be done with express permission of all members in the channel, explicit notification of the members in the channel, and within the constraints of applicable laws. Behave like you would in guild chat, no unruly behavior or adulterated discussions in the lounge channels.

Auxiliary Channels
The Convert to Raid guild is large enough that we ask our membership to use in-game chat channels for looking for officer (CTRLFO), looking for groups/more (CTRLFG) and Trade(Trade - City). These channels are not directly moderated by the Convert to Raid officer core, however we do still ask our membership to not disrupt or disturb other players. That is why we ask that any macros used in these channels be single line macros, and to try to keep your posts as minimal as possible. We do consider these channels public Convert to Raid guild channels and all rules that apply to guild chat apply here.

Guild Ranks

Guild Master, has the final say in all decisions, however all decisions are discussed with the Iron Council first.

The Iron Council
The Council have the same responsibilities as Officers, but are also responsible for handling escalations of guild policy issues, managing resources as well as sitting in on decisions with the guild leader and offering counsel.

These are our department heads for all activity within the guild, including Events, the Welcome Committee, Raid Liaisons, online management and more.

Consists of guild founders and other special advisors, counsels the Guild Master in matters of discussion as well as handling matters brought up by the Iron Council.

Officers assist with bringing in new members and resolving all guild-related conflicts, assisting Raid Leaders with team management, creating and hosting guild events and more. An officer is any guild member's first stop for more information.

Raid Leader
A confirmed, active raiding leader of the Convert to Raid community, Raid Leaders are allowed to access the Raiding bank tabs in order to facilitate the needs of their raid team.

This rank is for ALL MAXIMUM LEVEL CHARACTERS AND LEGACY RAIDERS with additional use of repairs and items in the guild bank.

Extended Leave
This rank was created for members of the Convert to Raid guild who with an approved reason are stepping away from the game for a period longer than two months to avoid being removed for inactivity. To apply for this rank please send a request with the reasons supporting it to ctrofficers@gmail.com.

The Molten Core
A full-fledged member and an integral part of the our community - along with the full responsibility and privilege of being a member of our guild. Comes with a shiny asparagus badge to pin on your cape.

Remember the Credo: Community - Teamwork - Respect
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Re: Guild Policies and Rules

Postby PatKrane » Wed Jun 19, 2013 12:14 pm

A clarification on the family friendly policies described within, and especially how it relates to non-public channels. Please note that this policy isn't in place to necessarily restrict people, but it's in place to make sure that people feel safe and welcome in every public channel.

Non-public channels are exactly that: non-public. That means you have some form of privacy to be able to more freely express yourself with friends, raid teams, etc. However, all guild members are expected to live by our credo of Community - Teamwork - Respect no matter where their WoW journey takes them.

Guild Events are the exception to this policy. In order to communicate effectively, sometimes these groups must venture outside of public channels. This is not restricted to official events, but should also be considered the policy for unofficial events like pickup groups (LFR, for example). For that matter, any time you have unfamiliar people it should be a rule of thumb. Err on the side of using language acceptable for all ages, and be considerate to those that don't like "harsher" language.

While these channels may not be monitored directly, our members should always try to be considerate of members and non-members alike, and use language appropriate for the group involved. Those that try to "game the system" and those that try to use the phrasing of this policy to go against the spirit of it and the basic credo will not be tolerated.

So... there have been some situations that pop up where guildies and prospective guildies have characters that they want to bring into the Convert to Raid guild that may have some... odd... names. We have let a lot of stuff slide as people bring in their toons, hoping that the community could help us monitor the acceptance of character names, and hopefully tell us where the line is.

We don't like to monitor names, figure out special meanings, etc. We like that people have fun with naming their characters, but sometimes the line is approached, crossed, and flat out ignored.

This guild is meant for all ages, all types of people, and all different play styles, and we - the officers - may have to make some judgement calls as we move forward. If your name has references that may approach the limits as set forth in the Guild Charter, you could be denied entrance into the guild. Here's the rule to note:

The Convert to Raid guild is an all-ages, family-friendly guild. Members are expected to keep their conversations in the forums, guild chat, and in public Mumble channels suitable for children.
We will not tolerate any discrimination based upon basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, veteran status, ancestry, or national or ethnic origin.

If you are looking to bring a character into the guild, please keep this in mind: character names are announced in guild chat, and guild chat must be suitable for children. Even if your character never speaks in gchat, there are still achievements that are announced to the public! Officers have the authority to deny admittance to the guild based on this rule. We'd love to have you join us without any problems, so if you think that your name may be an issue... consider changing it.

To those with questionable names in guild already, you may also want to consider changing your name as a courtesy to others.

We will not be going through our entire list of guild members retroactively to try and find possibly offensive names and remove people. To those spotting questionable names in guild, here are steps you can follow:

1. Report the name to Blizzard (and maybe tell some friends to report them as well.) This is your community too!
2. Send a message to ctrofficers@gmail.com -- while we may not remove them outright, we may message them to resolve the solution.
3. Join the ctrlfo channel to report the player.

Some players with questionable names may still make it through the process, as this is left to the discretion of the officer doing the inviting. However, if you are offended by the names of players currently in the CtR Guild, please follow the steps above and we will do everything we can to resolve the situation.

GM of the Convert to Raid Guild
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