ANNOUNCEMENT: Raid Builder, and the Future of the Team Forum

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Raid Builder, and the Future of the Team Forum

Postby Knate » Sat Oct 17, 2015 5:27 am

"Convert to Raid, don't you dare be sour! CLAP! for the Raid Liaisons, and FEEL THE POWER!"

At long last, the Convert to Raid guild's Raid Builder is finally up, running, and available! (Okay, it's actually been up and running for a few months now, but I'm just now getting around to making the forum posts announcing it dontyoujudgeme :x)

Convert to Raid Teams Listing

In order to start using the Raid Builder for yourself, you'll need to be signed into the guild site and viewing your profile. You can log into the website (using the same credentials as you use for the forums) directly through this link:
Your Convert to Raid site profile

(NOTE: You do not need to register or re-apply through the guild site; your login information is the same as you use on the forums. If you cannot remember your forum username or password, please e-mail, and we can recover your username and/or reset your password for you.)

Through the Raid Builder, you can easily find a raid team based on level of difficulty, day of the week, and hours of the day. You can also build and manage a team, search for free agent players looking for a team, and quickly and easily add or remove players from your rosters. (Note: We'll have a guide for how to use the Raid Builder tool soon(tm), but in the mean time, poke around, see what you can find, and send any feedback you have to

Effective immediately, we will no longer be encouraging all teams and prospective raiders to use the forums when trying to find players or raid teams, and will be directing players toward the guild site instead. We will also be discontinuing use of the Master Control Spreadsheet, and all public access to the sheet will be disabled.

As for team forum threads, if teams would like to continue using their threads for recruitment and communication, they are more than welcome to. The Liaison team will no longer be actively checking the forums for thread inactivity.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly,via Twitter (@Knate_CTR), or through the Raid Liaison e-mail at
Raid Liaison for Convert to Raid
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