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Signals Media All Star Network • View topic - (EST) <AlterTime> [Sun 7pm-11pm] [25m] [Lowbie Progression]

(EST) <AlterTime> [Sun 7pm-11pm] [25m] [Lowbie Progression]

Old team pages from the MoP expansion

Re: (EST) <AlterTime> [Sun 7pm-11pm] [25m] [Lowbie Progressi

Postby Meep » Thu Jan 30, 2014 5:41 pm

I might also get my iToons priest to 80 in time for the raid too. Can't make promises; I want to raid on my DK. =P
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Re: (EST) <AlterTime> [Sun 7pm-11pm] [25m] [Lowbie Progressi

Postby Nihilius » Thu Jan 30, 2014 6:37 pm

Saturday/Sunday ill be on most of the days since my kids will be at their mothers so anyone that needs help just ask. Those that hit 78+ we can do Toc5/wrath Heroic runs for gear.

If you dont have my RealID its Phonoi024@gmail.com
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Re: (EST) <AlterTime> [Sun 7pm-11pm] [25m] [Lowbie Progressi

Postby Samichmakr » Sun Feb 02, 2014 3:32 pm

So since I cook a lot, and put together potions/flasks/elixirs, can everyone please mail me in-game with the toon they're raiding on, and what sort of stat foods/elixirs/flasks would be beneficial for your specific spec. There are MANY cooking patterns I can learn from cooking daily tokens, and I want to make sure that I get the right ones rather than guessing and wasting my time with ones I wont' use. (That way too I can add you to my friends list, with said notes, and feel special for having so many friends <3)

If you don't want to cook, or just hate having extra meat in your bags, you're more than welcome to send whatever cooking food/mats you don't want to me, and I will cook them for the guild. :) ty for spam mails in advance, you guys are awesome <3

Rather than me passing out food to everyone during raids, I'm going to start using our CTR Alter Time Guild Bank for Food and Flasks/Elixirs. Please take only what you need, and only for raids. I'll be keeping a stack of LK feasts on me, because they benefit everyone, but I'm not going to keep a full bag of assorted stat foods like I did in BC. If you don't have a toon in the Alter Time guild bank, please let me know, and we can either coordinate stuff the day before, or get a toon of yours in :)

And if anyone gets Eternals that they aren't currently using for professions, and wishes to donate them to the guild, we're specifically looking for Fires, Earths and Shadows in order to craft Titansteel. Titansteel will allow us to craft some nice ilvl 200 weapons/shields that people can use for Naxx. I can transmute the Saronite bars into Titanium with my alchy, but the Eternals will be needed to craft bars of Titanium into Titansteel. Any little bit helps :) Again, much appreciated in advance. <3
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Re: (EST) <AlterTime> [Sun 7pm-11pm] [25m] [Lowbie Progressi

Postby Kyleaha » Sun Feb 02, 2014 4:35 pm

Thestia, or kyleaha on aerie peak. wanting to take my DK, frost, but also getting a tank set (because it keeps dropping)
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Re: (EST) <AlterTime> [Sun 7pm-11pm] [25m] [Lowbie Progressi

Postby Bluefer » Wed Feb 05, 2014 2:58 pm

Samichmakr, I have some eternals I can send you. I will research what food gives me agility. thanks.
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Re: (EST) <AlterTime> [Sun 7pm-11pm] [25m] [Lowbie Progressi

Postby Vaindil » Wed Feb 05, 2014 3:14 pm

I may be rejoining the team in the next few weeks (pending my leveling Andiran to 80 and actually learning how to heal). Whether I do end up rejoining or not, I can continue to create the raid team banners like at the top of the main post if anyone would like me to. I actually had one created for both Illidan and Kael'thas way back when I made the initial batch, but they never got used. Don't know if anyone wants them, but the offer's there (they take like 15 minutes each to create, it's no big deal).


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Re: (EST) <AlterTime> [Sun 7pm-11pm] [25m] [Lowbie Progressi

Postby Meep » Wed Feb 05, 2014 3:30 pm

Handy bits of info:

You can also buy eternals with frost orbs from the Gnome vendor near the engineering shop in Dal.

If you haven't already, shake a leg & get onto that Hodir rep for the shoulder 'chant. ^^ If you have a main w/ Hodir maxed, you can buy a BoA shoulder enchant too.
The Hodir rep chain starts w/ "They Took Our Men" in K3. Running lots of instances will net some Relics of Ulduar for turn ins. Also: Sons of Hodir guide.
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Re: (EST) <AlterTime> [Sun 7pm-11pm] [25m] [Lowbie Progressi

Postby Sephrim » Fri Feb 07, 2014 12:03 am

yay for Wrath! that being said i'm going to have to bail early on sunday and possibly the following sunday due to some prior commitments but then i should be back for foreseeable future. Also vain you better not be teasing us on your imminent return!
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Re: (EST) <AlterTime> [Sun 7pm-11pm] [25m] [Lowbie Progressi

Postby Retro » Fri Feb 07, 2014 5:04 pm

YAY, they finally changed my user name on here to Retro!!!
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Re: (EST) <AlterTime> [Sun 7pm-11pm] [25m] [Lowbie Progressi

Postby skul » Fri Feb 07, 2014 8:05 pm

so based on seemingly completing roster (with our immenint returns and people people saying that have gotten to level for wrath .. I will hold of on fleshing out an official roster (though the one on front page is fairly complete) luckily some people can do multiple roles if we fill out in one role... i will be sure to update it as we begin raiding in wrath!!!
this being said ... WHOS READY TO RAID!!!! WOOT!!!!
our plan this week is OS (no drakes this week), then Naxxramas, then malygos!!!
we as we do OS next couple weeks we will be working up to do 3drake naxx is my current plan.

following a couple weeks of naxx (perhaps after the week we do 3 drake OS ) we will move onto ulduar ... we will complete ulduar AS A 25 man! we will have teams set up to do the 10 man achieve Herald of the titans ...This can only be done in 10 man. i believe we will spend a couple weeks doing ulduar before moving on so we can get the gear for Herald of the titans... we will be moving on after people can get their herald title. this planned farming of ulduar is because Herald of the Titans only can be achieved with people using no higher of an ilvl 226 gear (with the exception of weapon going to 232)

after this the plan is to clear ToC25 then begin work on ICC itself!!!

even though gear is likely to be replaced somewhat fast this first week .. PLEASE HAVE GEMS AND ENCHANTS DONE AHEAD OF RAID TIME!!! if we have people raid ready (gemmed enchanted) on the bench you are not ... we may have you standby for that week... i would like to start getting started on time
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