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Signals Media All Star Network • View topic - (EST) <AlterTime> [Sun 7pm-11pm] [25m] [Lowbie Progression]

(EST) <AlterTime> [Sun 7pm-11pm] [25m] [Lowbie Progression]

Old team pages from the MoP expansion

(EST) <AlterTime> [Sun 7pm-11pm] [25m] [Lowbie Progression]

Postby skul » Wed Mar 27, 2013 10:37 pm


We are a fun, casual group running old content at-level. Our current progression is at the bottom of this post, and is updated after our raids. We started with vanilla content which we have completed as well as Burning Crusade and Wrath content! we have moved now to cataclysm
Raid time is Sundays, 730pm-1030pm Eastern (430pm-730pm server).

<CTR Galleon>

1* Marithan - Protection Pally
2*Vaannala - Protection Warrior

3*Samichmakr - Disc Priest (Co Leader)
4*Zyel - Restoration Shaman


5*Lucarien - Feral Druid (Raid Leader)
6*Amrest - Frost Death Knight
7*Illniss - Destro Lock
8*chôwderburn - Survival Hunter
9*Franzik - Survival Hunter
10*Xanader - Fire Mage

*Msnoid - Destro Lock
*Andarivan - Resto Druid

Vanilla - COMPLETED!
Burning Crusade - COMPLETED!
Wrath of the Lich King - COMPLETED!

Current Progression - Cataclysm

Bastion of Twilight - Completed!
Blackwing Descent - 5/6
Throne of the Four Winds - Not Yet Attempted
Firelands - Not Yet Attempted
Dragon Soul - Not Yet Attempted
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Re: [EST] [10m/25m Lowbies] [?] [still forming]

Postby Bluefer » Thu Mar 28, 2013 3:20 am

I have been playing for about a year and have 3 level 90s, all in CTR. I have done very little raiding but would really love to do all the raids I've heard so much about.

Listening to all the discussions on the CTR podcast inspired me. I love WoW and I love learning something from the ground up, as it were, so participating in at level raiding team is just what i am looking for. Also, I want to gain experience healing.

I have 2 mains, A Windwalker monk http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/aerie-peak/Windwife/advanced and
a Frost Mage http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/aerie-peak/Bluefer/advanced

I just started a new toon tonight that I will level as a Mistweaver. She is named Bhya but she is only level 8 so she doesn't have an armory page yet. I will post tomorrow night. I will level her as fast as i can. Luckily, monks get those daily quests that boost experience and i can put her in heirlooms for the leveling to 60.

Nights are generally good for me though weeknights are better. I live on the East coast and can generally be available between 8:00 pm and 12:30 am

1 to 2 nights a week would be fine, either way.

If I think of a couple of name suggestions, I'll post them later.

Thanks for putting this together.
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Re: [EST] [10m/25m Lowbies] [?] [still forming]

Postby Jonatreius » Thu Mar 28, 2013 4:35 am

Hey, all

The name is Jonathan, and my wife, Maria, will be posting in here as well.

I've been playing since Beta, and I've been involved in MMO's as a whole since about 2000. I've been casual, hardcore, way-too-hardcore, and semi-casual throughout my career in WoW.

I'm interested mainly for nostalgia, and for the purpose of having Maria re-experience all of these great raids anew. You sometimes forget that all of the old content, the epic questlines, the narrative, and the feel is actually still there. It's just not being touched in favor of current tier content. It's sad, and I'd love to relive a touch of the glory days with nice folks who don't take things too seriously.

Armory links:
The following link is to my current "main," my Resto Druid Jonatreius, although I mained a Shaman, Jonathiaun, mostly during my time since BC, and a Rogue before that, which was my main for years until mid-Cataclysm on another account (closed due to shutting down the hardcore raiding lifestyle). In addition, my Protection Warrior, Jonadren, whom I would like to raid with.

Current main: Restoration/Guardian http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/a ... s/advanced
Desired raiding toon: Protection/Fury http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/a ... n/advanced

All Vanilla content, save for C'thun, as the guild disbanded back then; new guild picked up in Naxx 40 until Four Horseman.
All BC content up to pre-nerf M'uru, which, again, was a guild-killer at the time.
All Wrath content (Heroic 10-man as we shifted away from 25-man)
Cataclysm up to Normal Ragnaros on the Shaman, and then quit WoW altogether for about a year, as well as permanently closing the former Rogue's account.
Mists of Pandaria has been fully LFR, as we have had little desire to raid outside of that level as of yet.

Desired days:
Honestly, we're pretty open. Any day would suit us fine.

Desired length of time:
Again, pretty open here, too. Any time past 7:00pm CST on the weekdays, with weekends being pretty wide open.

Name Suggestion(s):
<ALTer Time>
<Cucumber Coalition>
<Cauliflower Collective>
<Eggplant Executives>
<Tomato Trust>
<Avocado Assembly>
<Lettuce League>
<Plantain Platoon>
<Corn Congregation>
<Fig Formation>
<Celery Syndicate>
<Gary Busey's Teeth>

Be excellent to one another.
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Re: [EST] [10m/25m Lowbies] [?] [still forming]

Postby Zaphirah » Thu Mar 28, 2013 4:55 am

Hello, =D

Experiences in WoW:
I'm Maria and I started playing WoW about 4 months ago, when my husband, Jonathan, introduced me. I may not have very much experience with lower-than-Pandaria content, but I would love to experience all the other content since I've heard great things and stories about it. I can say that I am a Achievement junkie and I LOVE leveling professions. I leveled my Drenei Mage in Tailoring, Enchanting, Cooking, First Aid and Fishing on my road to 90 to the highest level I could at the level I was, while also draining my husband's gold (jk, =).

Why I am Interested
As Zaphirah, I have become a Master of the Ways and a great Fire Mage, though I want to try other specs as well. I do want to try to, someday, experience every class and content as much as possible, this is why I would love to join this raid team; something that my husband and I have been wanting to do since we heard about the iToons Initiative in CTR.

Links to the Armory:
Lunele (Should hit 60 soon):

Zaphirah (main):

Times and Days of Week Available:
Mu husband and I can raid at any time after 7:00p.m.[CST] on weekdays and any time on weekends, due to work.

Name Suggestion:
<ALTer Time!>

Amount of Time Raiding per Week:
Very open on this too.

Thank you, for this opportunity, and I hope you allow me and my husband, a fun and zealous couple, to join this team!
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Re: [EST] [10m/25m Lowbies] [still forming]

Postby Tiarix » Thu Mar 28, 2013 12:47 pm

I've raided since early BC, clearing pretty much everything on normal and usually doing about 40% of heroic modes while they are current. I have also been a co-raid lead, and I was a class officer for our raiding guild for about 3 years.

Why I'm Interested:
I love alts and I love raiding, so naturally this is a great fit :P. Also, despite having done most of these raids before, I feel I would enjoy the chance to experience them again at level. Collecting x-mog sets will be great as well.

Armory Links:
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/a ... x/advanced <--- Main
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/a ... x/advanced <--- Intended Alt, I'm very comfortable healing and dpsing so I willing to do whichever role is needed more.

I raid Th, Fir, and Sat already, so I probably can make those days, but I raid a little later on Friday and Saturday (8-11) server so if the run is a little earlier, I'd be willing to come. My evening schedule is pretty flexible so I can usually make whatever time.

Name Suggestion:
As a mage, I am incredibly partial to ALTer Time, it just fits so perfectly.

Amount of Time per Week:
I feel 1-2 nights would be best about 3-5 hours being ideal.
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Re: [EST] [10m/25m Lowbies] [still forming]

Postby Bluefer » Thu Mar 28, 2013 1:51 pm

I love the name suggestion ALter Time
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Re: [EST] [10m/25m Lowbies] [Sun 7pm-11pm]

Postby Vaindil » Fri Mar 29, 2013 12:19 am

Updated initial post with the information that raids will be Sundays from 7pm-11pm, as well as with the first round of folks who are joining the team (after having spoken to them).
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Re: [EST] [10m/25m Lowbies] [Sun 7pm-11pm]

Postby Bluefer » Fri Mar 29, 2013 12:00 pm

After our chat last night about monks not being wanted on the team, I started a hunter named Maxis to see if i would like the class. So far I'm enjoying it quite a bit.

Maxis is now level 10. Perhaps this could work? Do let me know. I will be running her evenings to try to get to 60 asap, so you can contact me through chat if you like.

The time and date of the raids works fine for me.

I should mention that I have alchemy, enchanting, inscription, tailoring, cooking and fishing maxed in case the team need these.
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Re: [EST] [10m/25m Lowbies] [Sun 7pm-11pm]

Postby Jonatreius » Sat Mar 30, 2013 9:45 am

While I'm sure we'll tackle these at a later time, and once things get rolling, I had a few observations that we may wish to consider regarding policy:

With any examples or edge-cases I present, I do not, by any means, imply that one of us would do such a thing, but merely that the scenario is possible and should be considered.

On professions?
I'm assuming we'd put a cap of 300 on these, no? Of course, I understand we won't be allowing any of the BC gear and whatnot, but to further remove that from possibly happening or remove the temptation, should we place a said cap?

On Transmog?
While I don't see this being much of an issue, are there any thoughts amongst the group as to how this could be a concern? At 60 and with the armor models available at that tier, I don't see much of a concern, but at 70 and beyond, I could see it being a slight concern if, say, a player was transmogging to T6, when were currently working on T4.

On foods, flasks, enchantments and potions
Since around the Wrath era of WoW, there have been additions in the form of buffs, potions and foods made to the early game for a bit of flavor. In such, some foods, flasks and such were made available to lower level players that are more powerful than their old Vanilla. I am under the assumption that we would simply revert to adhering to those that were the standard flasks, foods, and potions at that level of play, rather than what is available for use. (TL;DR: Just because you can use it <=60, 70, 80, doesn't mean we will allow it)

Food for thought. I don't see anything that's too broad or complex to where it can't be settled with a simple establishment of policy. As was said beforehand, I'm sure this will all come in time, but I would like to at least establish a marker for future conversations.
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Re: [EST] [10m/25m Lowbies] [Sun 7pm-11pm]

Postby Bluefer » Sat Mar 30, 2013 1:42 pm

Here is the current link my new toon for application to the team:

Maxis http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/a ... s/advanced

She is 22 as of last night and so far i am loving the hunter class.

Doing this content on original spec gear will make it much more authentic and closer to the original experience.
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