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Signals Media All Star Network • View topic - <Tainted Core>(14/14M) WTM 5:30-8:30pst Actively Recruiting

<Tainted Core>(14/14M) WTM 5:30-8:30pst Actively Recruiting

Old team pages from the MoP expansion

<Tainted Core>(14/14M) WTM 5:30-8:30pst Actively Recruiting

Postby Booning » Sun Aug 24, 2014 1:07 am

----------------------------------------------Wednesday/Thursday/Monday from 5:30PST to 8:30PST------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------------------------APPLICATION FORM AT BOTTOM OF POST---------------------------------------------------

-Tanks: *Closed*
-Heals: *Medium Priority*
-Swing Healer: *High Priority*
-Ranged: *High Priority*
-Melee *Low Priority*

Mission Statement

We are a serious Mythic team who raids nine hours a week and enjoys pushing our abilities to their limits. Our team is founded by former members of <raid8> who went 14/14H in SoO and decided to start from scratch for Mythic. The type of players we're looking for are heroic raiders who are like-minded and laid back and who's definition of fun is synonymous with progression. Zero drama, zero whining and complaining about RNG, how unfair blizzard is, or anything else. Fun, focused, and efficient raiding is what we specialize in.

Our Goal

Our goal is to clear all Mythic content available before the next tier is released. With that said, we do NOT aim to be the number one raid group on the server. We have higher raiding standard than the average raid group but have opted to avoid the time commitment that comes with cutting-edge progression.

What we look for in a Raider:

- Heroic mode raid experience
- Strong understanding of your class
- Strong understanding of the game’s basic combat mechanics
- Demonstrated ability to adequately prepare for upcoming encounters
- An exceptional level of situational awareness

-----------------------In addition to these expectations we are searching for players with the following qualities:----------------------

Be on time and ready to raid
    We aim to use our time as efficiently as possible. We know stuff comes up and it can't be helped but we do value consistency. If you can't make it to a raid, be sure to let us know as soon as you can.
Capable of taking criticism
    If you are doing something wrong we will respectfully point it out. We expect the problem to be fixed in a reasonable amount of time.
Maintain Your Character
    If this is an alt or you raid with another team, we expect you to treat this character like your main. If any gear upgrades can be obtained outside of raid then we fully expect you to be working towards getting them. We expect each member to be playing the most optimal spec for each fight with their gear properly setup to perform at the highest level possible.
Keep Mumble Clear
    We expect everyone to be focused on the task at hand during raid. Mumble must be clear from extra voices so that directions can be given without issue. Raid chat should be your go-to method for communication during raid unless asked a direct question. Also, the raid leader is in charge of calling out rezzes, heroism (however players are expected to know when to pop heroism if it's not called out), and wipe/burn the boss type of announcements. Remember, a boss is not dead until he drops loot.
Come prepared
    You are expected to bring enough consumables to make it through each raid night. Not being flasked and not using potions properly will not be tolerated.
    This means that you are staying up-to-date on your class research as well as identifying and fixing any problems you might have that are keeping you from performing your role to the best of your ability.
    Make sure you are researching each new fight so that you have some idea of what to expect. We do not want to waste time explaining what a boss does during raid. We expect to clear trash, explain the strategy and positioning we’ll be using, and then start pulling. Any suggestions for adjusting our current strategies on a boss should be made outside of raid time or should be sent to a raid assistant. Flooding the raid leader with messages will only distract and overwhelm them which will slow the raid down.
    If you must afk, whisper a designated raid assistant to let them know that you are going AFK and about for how long, and when you return let them know that you are back. Do not AFK right as we get to the boss as we want to do a fast explanation and assign roles ASAP. Also do not AFK between wipes on a boss or during trash. Not only does this slow the raid down but you’re very likely to miss very important information.
    We expect all members to maintain a loot list so that they know what items are upgrades and which are best-in-slot. We aim to make loot as fast and streamlined as possible and we expect everyone to know immediately if they want an item that drops.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------Loot System------------------------------------------------------------------

We will be using Loot Council to handle all loot for the team. Loot council offers control that random rolling and point systems do not, allowing the leadership to consider overall contribution to the team alongside how large of an upgrade the item might be. The things we will be considering when deciding on loot distribution: attendance, performance, seniority, loot awarded, and what item is being replaced.

Loot Decisions will be made by Boon, Zoid, Kleptik, and Kiyo.

We generally plan to follow a gearing order of DPS>Heals>Tank to best support the raid as a whole, but will definitely adjust our priorities as needed.


Tank- Boon (Raid Lead) Guardian Druid
Tank- Kiyo (Loot Master/Co Raid Lead) Blood DK

Healer- Zoidburge (Heal Assist/Warcraft Logger) Resto Druid
Healer- Euphie (Heal Assist/Strategist) Resto Shaman
Healer- Glick - Holy Priest
Healer- Jehryn - Holy Paladin*
Healer- Toefü - Trial

DPS/Healer- Effthatprst - Shadow/Disc Priest*
DPS/Healer- Elemental Shaman - Open

Ranged DPS- Mykurse - Warlock
Ranged DPS- Nurd - Mage
Ranged DPS- Wakeupfool - Hunter
Ranged DPS- Frostypants - Mage*
Ranged DPS- Banji - Hunter*
Ranged DPS- Toomuchskunk - Trial

Melee DPS- Kleptik (Admin/Recruitment)
Melee DPS- Abuginzorg - Rogue
Melee DPS- Sueshi - Ret Pally
Melee DPS- Tyrael - Trial
Melee DPS- Kardiiac - Trial

Bench - Open
Bench - Open
Bench - Open

* Standing the test of time

Regardless of your class/role, if it appears you are taking your raid spot for granted and you are slacking off on attendance, promptness, communication or effort we will replace you.

Application - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ZIWTtg0LmPwTgFWLh949SHU3gdRmBVdr0J8Go8THpDk/viewform?usp=send_form
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Re: <The Tainted Core>(14/14H Experienced) Building for Myth

Postby Kleptik » Sun Aug 24, 2014 1:08 am


11/07/14 - Blizzcon
11/13/14 - Warlords Launch
11/27/14 - Thanksgiving
12/02/14 - Normal and Heroic Highmaul Opens
12/09/14 - Mythic and LFR Highmaul Opens
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Re: <The Tainted Core>(14/14H Experienced) Building for Myth

Postby Kleptik » Sun Aug 24, 2014 1:09 am

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Re: <Tainted Core>(14/14H Experienced) Building for Mythic

Postby Kleptik » Mon Aug 25, 2014 8:30 am

Hi Everybody,
I just wanted to leave a personal note. This past expansion I have had the awesome opportunity to play on Aerie Peak in the Convert to Raid community. Like a lot of people, I was without a home before the announcement, just floating around on Bleeding Hollow and not really belonging anywhere. Then this great community opened up and I got to meet some pretty awesome people.

I was chillin in the Dread Wastes when I saw Solarflair looking for more on his Paladin's team. They were in Heart of Fear at the time working on Garolan. This team, Wrathion Chronicles, allowed me to tryout and test my mettle against their 75k dps requirement at the time (lol). I was lucky enough to make the team and began to experience the ideals that have been prevalent in all iterations of Wrathion Chronicles, from Shipwrecked to Raid8 and soon to Tainted Core.

Those ideals could be summed up as having fun and being strong relationships among the members while still raiding with focus and efficiency. Over time, as our membership turned over and over and over again, I had a choice to make. I was the happy lacky, content on the front lines doing my duty, but my leaders were leaving me due to IRL reasons. Do I want to keep raiding, or do I let the team fall apart? I loved this group of people too much, so I got off my butt and did the only thing I knew how, which was to ask for help.

Thus my adventure in raid team administration began, because I really wanted to raid with awesome people. Throughout our heroic adventures in Throne of Thunder and Siege of Orgrimmar I have found a like minded group of individuals who want to have fun raiding at a high level and who are dedicated to fielding the best raid experience they can, and this is the promise that the leaders of Tainted Core has made to its team: to be fully dedicated to be the best team we can be.

So I invite any and all like minded raiders who take pride in challenging themselves to be the best they can be in a team environment, to join the Tainted Core and tackle what Warlods of Draenor has to offer.
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Re: <Tainted Core>(14/14H Experienced) Building for Mythic

Postby dgrim99 » Wed Aug 27, 2014 12:37 pm

Hello my main is a 566 Ele Shaman with an okay OS. I am looking to get into a good raiding guild

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/a ... n/advanced

If interested my BNet is grimm#1179

Thanks for the consideration
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Re: <Tainted Core>(14/14H Experienced) Building for Mythic

Postby Kiyo » Mon Sep 01, 2014 4:20 am

Looking forward to having our app up and running soon!
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Re: <Tainted Core>(14/14H Experienced) Building for Mythic

Postby Kleptik » Thu Sep 04, 2014 11:41 pm

Application posted. Thanks Kiyo and Zoid for making it, thanks Euphie for the graphics. Looking forward to the flyers :D
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