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Postby kosk » Thu May 01, 2014 10:39 pm

Hey team so how is everything going?
I am still in cryo but missing the game abit.

But I cannot complain sipping on my coconut laying on the beach life can be tough but someone has to do it!
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Re: <Convert to Beer> 7:30-10:30pm Sydney/1-4am Server, (1/1

Postby Cletus » Sun May 04, 2014 7:47 am

Hey all,

I think we need to consider some stuff about our raid. It is clear we have been struggling for a few weeks, and I am sure this is pissing Fuggs off. No one can form that many teams and be happy with how we progress.

In our consideration we need to determine if we want to progress in Heroics. I would once say we focus on the farm bosses, but we can spend upto 2 hrs H Imm, or as we say tonight H Nor. Do we want to head in a different direction and do achievements? Or do we head directly to H bosses we haven't done so we focus on novel stuff?

We are at the end of a expansion so we all know our motivation can be low, hell we have done enough of them so we know how it all goes.

I am as guilty of any one of a lack of focus in the last few weeks, and sadly there will be more times I am unavailable in the coming weeks (work and holiday). But I like what we do, but we need to be clear on what we are doing. If to ease the load on our leader if nothing else.

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Re: <Convert to Beer> 7:30-10:30pm Sydney/1-4am Server, (1/1

Postby harzlek » Thu May 08, 2014 5:54 am

i the same but i want to raid to the per EX blues are getting in to me i no i can play better as a healer. And i think at we are at a distance vantage at is piont is the X pack 1s we no a date 4 WoD we have a lot more people 2 look 4
and same of the new thing at are coming we help out CtB a lot.

And ty fugg 4 doing awesome work in keeping is team going we are in a hard spot.
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Re: <Convert to Beer> 7:30-10:30pm Sydney/1-4am Server, (1/1

Postby Sabad » Thu May 08, 2014 9:53 pm

I don't know how many people you guys lost before I started raiding with yall. I do know you're all geared out for normal so you obviously had something good going not too long ago. How much of the team is left from clearing normal? I know people likely don't want to rehash content but maybe taking a step back to work as a team might be a good idea to build up some confidence/cohesion. I haven't even cleared half of SoO on normal due to my work schedule (I raid with you guys and I'm from the US ffs), so even a week of normal would open my eyes to some things and maybe be good for the team.

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Re: <Convert to Beer> 7:30-10:30pm Sydney/1-4am Server, (1/1

Postby Fuggs » Mon May 12, 2014 5:29 am

All good points and thank you for the comments. This is a post I made a month or more back.

Fuggs wrote:Ok guys

With the few drop outs over the last few weeks, I think it is time to reflect on individual and team goals as per my comments in vent last night. This is of course noting that we will likely be stuck with SoO for a further 6-9 months until WOD release.

Our team currently stands at the following:

Teukad (backup DPS)
Heals*** (Prefer Druid/Priest)
Fuggette (backup tank ? Weizen)
Chupac (backup heals)
Derived (currently works some Thursday nights)
DPS*** (Prefer Lock/Rogue/Paladin/DK)

We are down Physical and Magic vulnerability. Vaughno can only cover one of these hence prefer a Warlock/Rogue/DK/Paladin).

Paladin/Priest/Warlock = 2 toons
Rogue/Mage/DK/Druid = 2 toons
Hunter/Warrior/Shaman/Monk = 4 toons

Given the 45min it took to recruit 2 people (no where near our gear or experience level) last night (even with Open Raid), I do not think pugging is a viable option if our aim is to continue to push heroics. I would like to return to a 11-12 man roster and will try recruit accordingly.

In the mean time, I think we should consider some options. Here are a few ideas and aims off the top of my head. We could choose one or a combination or I am happy to discuss other peoples ideas:

a) Rebuild team and push heroics
b) Add in some normal achievement runs (ie encounter achievements)
c) Farm BoA's from Garrosh normal
d) Older MOP raid achieves
e) Cut raid times to one night a week. With Diablo 3 expansion about to drop, a number of us would prob use the second night and do group runs on D3.

As part of this assessment, we need to consider our aims for WOD. I am open to discussion but currently feel that mythic is not where we should be aiming. My reasoning is based on:
1) Greater logistic requirements for 20 people, made more financially challenging by the definite requirement to move to a Oceanic raid time friendly server
2) Mythic will likely be harder than current heroics. We generally dip our toes into heroics toward the end of tier. I think we can stay occupied with WoD normal and heroic content and suggest that is likely the best place for us for challenge, ability and flexibility. If we find ourselves looking for more challenge once into WoD raids, we can reconsider and adapt on the fly.

I would really like to hear what people would like to do and am happy for people to tell in vent, in game mail or post on the forum.

My suggestion is a combination of the above points a-e. Cut to one night a week, when we have a strong team, push heroic SoO. If we are looking for some variety and have a decent team, do normal SoO with some encounter achievements with an aim to get Garrosh down. If we have a few away, look at some older MOP raids for achives. Have some group D3 nights on our off raid nights.

So what do you guys think?

There was not much feedback at that point.

I dont think we are hungry for boss kills. I dont think we are that keen on playing WoW atm. I wouldnt mind doing some normal mode runs and even a flex achieve run. If people are happy with that, I will steer us in that direction over the next few weeks.

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Re: <Convert to Beer> 7:30-10:30pm Sydney/1-4am Server, (1/1

Postby Bruceknee » Thu May 22, 2014 5:34 am

i'll join you guys if Thursday is a good day it is for me anyway as the wife wants family time Sundays to Wednesdays

add me my bnet is bigaussie#1912
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Re: <Convert to Beer> 7:30-10:30pm Sydney/1-4am Server, (1/1

Postby Bruceknee » Sun May 25, 2014 3:34 am

my wife has informed me that I can raid on sundays or Mondays as well

so if you need another person hail me down as i'll be online at 7am on sunday or most days for that matter of send me a private message.

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Re: <Convert to Beer> 7:30-10:30pm Sydney/1-4am Server, (1/1

Postby Fuggs » Tue Jun 10, 2014 4:51 am

Sorry for delay. Here are the logs from last night

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