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Postby Fuggs » Sun Dec 08, 2013 9:08 pm

Chunky and Cletus, found this tanking site for Paragons

http://powerwordwhat.blogspot.com.au/20 ... ns-of.html

I will update the guide to show non tanked bosses and accordingly reallocate tanks to bosses.

tip from ...... http://www.ownedcore.com/forums/world-o ... ploit.html


We make a Tank Switch on the shield bash to avoid this ability Vicious Assault - Spell - World of Warcraft

2 additional tipps take a Warrior Tank and this guy should Tank "Rik'kal the Dissector" and "Xaril the Poisoned Mind"
when they are active; the other Tank has the other 2 active Klaxxis on his ass.
Because you can Shield-block or Shield-barrier the 2 Dot Abilitys of this 2 Klaxxis as a warrior without problems.
Rik'kal - Injection / Xaril - Caustic Blood
You can avoid huge income tank damage.


you dont have to taunt ... just have the Korven tank back out of melee range during shield bash cast
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Re: <Convert to Beer> 7:30-10:30pm Sydney/1-4am Server, (12/

Postby Fuggs » Tue Dec 10, 2013 11:22 am

Doing some Garrosh research.


Phase 2: Spread out, keep the adds separate. Kill them. Back to the boss.
Phase 3: The tank with the debuff takes the first adds and any further waves and pulls them away from the boss. The other tank takes the boss until the end of the fight. The last phase should see a maximum of three add spawns, or about a minute and a half. Kite them through mass-CC like ring of frost, use that AoE DK freeze if you need to. Focus on the boss and the mind controls.


Dont kill desecrated weapons after phase 1, stack them on side walls


Try hero on phase 1, unless DPS is too high, should be available again for phase 3


In intermission phase, whenever an Embodied Despair/doubt/fear dies, it shoots a yellow projectile toward a faint yellow swirly on the ground, and when that projectile lands, it creates a bubble of Hope. If players run through the bubble, they will receive the Hope buff, reducing damage taken by 50%. Note, though, that the bubble bursts a second or two after the very first person runs through it, so you must be careful to move as a group


Empower whirling corruption - purple ground effect where add spawns deals 8 yard AOE when lands so stay out til add spawns then move to it. Taunt if you are a taunt class. Only 6 will spawn. When we spread for this is should be against side walls so that when desecrated wpn is cast soon after, the wpn is stacked closer to wall.


As per Teukads suggestion, only need 3 people not stacked on Gary to draw Desecrated weapon out. Will save some range/heals having to move as much.

Interupts that work in phase 3
Warrior - Pummel, Disrupting Shout
DK - Mind Freeze, Strangulate, Asphyxiate
Paladin - Rebuke, Avenging Shield (primary target only)
Shaman - Wind Shear
Hunter - Counter shot, Silencing Shot
Monk - Spear Hand Strike
Rogue - Kick
Druid - Skull Bash, Solar Beam
Mage - Counter Spell
Warlock - Spell Lock, Optical Blast, Grimoire of Service: Felhunter
Priest - Silence
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Re: <Convert to Beer> 7:30-10:30pm Sydney/1-4am Server, (12/

Postby Fuggs » Thu Jan 09, 2014 6:36 am

Gear check asat 9 Jan

565 Chupac
565 Super
563 Chunky
563 Shini
562 Cletus
561 Morph
561 Teukad
560 Fugg
560 Vaughno
557 Scenotaph
557 Derived
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Re: <Convert to Beer> 7:30-10:30pm Sydney/1-4am Server, (12/

Postby Fuggs » Sat Jan 11, 2014 10:23 am

Tips for Gary

* Stun/Snare adds
* 2 heal (If this is not working, Teukad will need to focus fist weaving and bring the deeps else phase 2 will go on forever
* Minimise range toons (only have 3 mobile classes stand out, rest stack with tanks
* Phase 2 spawn position weapons on edge of room, take to 50% health but dont kill them. More DPS on boss = less power = faster and betterer
* Fuggette ancestral guidance should be enough for each transition phase
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Re: <Convert to Beer> 7:30-10:30pm Sydney/1-4am Server, (12/

Postby kosk » Thu Jan 16, 2014 3:51 am

So I am currently stuck behind a firewall for wow so have not been able to log on since I got here I managed to get about 10min gameplay last week whilst I was in Manila hope all is going well I will look at changing service provider I am craving some wow!
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Re: <Convert to Beer> 7:30-10:30pm Sydney/1-4am Server, (14/

Postby Fuggs » Mon Jan 20, 2014 9:54 pm

Congrats all on getting down "Gary" Garrosh! 14/14N. Big shout outs to:
* Vaughno's pet for carrying the team
* Scenotaph who was feeling unwell when Gary went down but put in some hard wipes with us. We will get him down again in the next week or two for you.
* and everyone who brought there A-game for that last pull of the week.

Heroic Immerseus
* Icy Veins => http://www.icy-veins.com/immerseus-detailed-strategy-wow#sec-10
* VEM addon Derived was talking about => http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/dbm-voice-enhanced
* Fight summary according to Fuggs
- Set on same small platform for pull, line up on right hand side of platform with melee closest to boss, first tank on next platform clockwise
- Hitting boss whilst he has corruption releases an add and also causes a stacking debuff that will one shot DPS around 4-5 stacks
- Healers cleansing debuff takes time, some classes can self cleanse
- Balance is to DPS boss but not lets adds get out of control and stop DPS on boss at 4 stacks until cleanses or expires
- Move progressively around room clockwise until split phase
- Spread to do normal blob phase
- Re-stack at start point for reform
- Rinse and repeat
* So summary of things you need to know for heroic => Stacking debuff, adds, positioning

Heroic Norushen
* Icy Veins => http://www.icy-veins.com/norushen-detailed-strategy-wow#sec-11
* Fight summary according to Fuggs => Same as normal just all bad things do more damage and have more health

My suggested raid plan
* Raid week 21-27 Jan => Heroic progression on Immerseus and Norushen, then clear as much as we can with remaining time
* Raid week 28 Jan - 3 Feb => Focus on full clear, depending on how we we went on H Immerseus and H Norushen, may try and include them but we need another Gary kill for Scen.

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Re: <Convert to Beer> 7:30-10:30pm Sydney/1-4am Server, (14/

Postby harzlek » Wed Jan 22, 2014 3:22 am

ok we had some SP and a lock not in is pic so THERE

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Re: <Convert to Beer> 7:30-10:30pm Sydney/1-4am Server, (14/

Postby Cletus » Sun Jan 26, 2014 6:09 pm

Hey all,

some good work on the heroic attempts. From what I have read for Nuroshen (sp?) we need to send dps in more than once to keep their buff up. Just means we need to time things a little carefully around the 50% mark. Something like add out at 45% and 35%. This should put our heavy hitters back to full damage and get us there. 1 tank may need to go twice I am not to sure on our soaking situation.

For tonight I will suggest 1st tank goes ASAP rather than wait for some vengeance stacks. AS we aren't really trying to kill the add in there, tank can get in and get out early and then pop in again if needs be around 60%

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