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<Convert to Beer> 7:30-10:30pm Sydney/Early am Server

Old team pages from the MoP expansion

Re: <AEST><Convert to Beer><8-11pm Sydney/1-4am Server>

Postby kosk » Mon Mar 04, 2013 1:11 am

Character Name : Kosk
Server : Barthilas
Level : 90
Faction : Horde
Race : Troll
Class : Mage
Main Spec : Arcane
Off spec : Fire
Primary professions :

WoW Armoury link :
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/b ... osk/simple

Age : 23

What country/area do you live in : Brisbane Australia

Have you checked the effect of daylight savings both locally for you and in Australia will have on raid times : Yes

What was the last guilds you were in? Briefly, why did you leave : The Desired ones. Raid times do not meet my University schedule requirements and lack desire from other members to raid. Another reason was my first raid with the guild being scheduled for 7 and not starting till 8:30 and no one having flasks little things like that.

What are you looking for by joining Convert to Raid and more specifically the Convert to Beer raid team :
Like minded community, Mature raiders and easy going atmosphere.

Do you use Ventrilo/Mumble : Yes

Do you have a working Mic : Yes

Do you understand we are a progression raiding team? What does this mean to you? : Progression raiding to me is all about getting the maximum out of your character and working as a Team to achieve a like minded goal of killing a boss.

Briefly explain how you fit wow into your world/real life : I am a fulltime Uni student and I also work so I have to really use time management when it comes to wow. I cannot raid Tuesday, Wednesday before 7:30 and thusday before 8.

Are you prepared to maintain your off spec (seek upgrades, gems, enchants, rotations, ect) to provide the raid team with greater flexibility for certain boss fights or when a member is absent : Yes.
Is this your main Character : Yes

If there is anymore questions feel free to ask me or pm me on #kosk#1746

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Kosk App

Postby Fuggs » Tue Mar 05, 2013 6:51 pm

Thanks for your application Kosk. I have sent you a forum pm but essentially, we would love to have you and hope you can get over for our raid this Thursday.

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Gear upgrade list

Postby Fuggs » Fri Mar 08, 2013 10:28 pm

This is an awsome page that shows you various gear lists that you can sort by class/spec, armour type, ilevel, ect. A must for keeping track of where your next upgrades are coming from and where to gamble with your Greater tokens or Mogu Ruins.

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Team focus

Postby Fuggs » Fri Mar 08, 2013 10:51 pm

Where are we?
* New server is much better than my last
* New guild is providing a good recruitment base
* We have made some good contacts in other guilds
* We don't yet have a solid, consistent group of 10 core players
* Our raid progression has not been as good as we had hoped for the tail of 5.1. We came with 6 players 10/16 and struggled to make 9/16 weekly.

Current Team (as at end 5.1)

Cletusjnr (need stand in for Jun as going on holidays) 492
Chunkychodus 480
Superalpha 492
Shalim (need a replacement from mid May as he is going overseas) 492
Eilirra 485 (not available before 8:30pm Sydney time on Thursdays)
Fuggette 491
Chupac 489
Underthere 483
Vaughno 477
PUG unless Eldrion is avail

Eldrion 487 (not avail Thu)
Thehons (463 priest aiming to heal, just hit 90, has 481 hunter Thefons)
Kosk (486 mage soon to transfer)

Where do we want to be?
* I would like us to clear the new instance within 12 weeks. That is a minimum of one new boss each week.
* It would be nice to have a solid, regular core of 10-12 raiders. Good attitude, good skill and good attendance.


How do we get there?

Here is my three step strat. If anyone else has any other suggestions, please post them.

I would also like to post this email on the forum with a few modifications if no one objects. I would like to generate discussion, promote problem solving and get people to buy into working out solutions.

1) Raid time priority
- 1st night (or night all core are avail) => Throne of Thunder progression
- 2nd night => If we hit a wall in ToT, back to HoF/ToES.
- Depending on ToT progression and people's gear, I am keen to clear HoF and ToES then be done with them ASAP. I think they will still challenge us with 10% nerf for a while and I don't want to get bogged down in what is now old content if we are able to progress in new content.

2) Non Raid time expectation (ie what we expect people to do in their own time)
- Effort to down world bosses weekly with gear upgrades (Sha/Galleon/Oondasta/Nalak)
- All raid finders which have gear upgrades each week
- Valour cap weekly, or as close as possible (quickest way is daily Random heroic 80 VP + can choose a rep bonus! Also Random scenario is 40 VP + rep)
- 90 lesser charms weekly to allow 3 extra rolls a week (Mogu Ruins of Fate)
- Ongoing work on faction rep if you still need their gear and don't have the rep to buy
- For some people the time required to achieve all these things will be too steep. I understand that and suggest use this list as a guide to how to focus your time in game when not raiding, not as a check list for what has to be done.

3) One-on-one performance optimisation talk. In essence, all toons can perform better. More DPS. More heals. More avoidance/mitigation. Better raid CD calls. Tailor glyphs and talents to encounters. Review world of log performance data. Glean wisdom from hardcore players. Not quite sure how to best do this but I am happy to have a quick chat to all toons. Likely about 10min each player. I won't be expert on each class but can make some observations and provide some advice.

Would love to have some regular chatter on this forum. I will keep posting interesting bits and pieces up. Would love to hear your thoughts on my above suggestions as well.


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Re: <AEST><Convert to Beer><8-11pm Sydney/1-4am Server>

Postby Fuggs » Mon Mar 11, 2013 8:41 pm

Thoughts? Anyone? Hello?
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Re: <AEST><Convert to Beer><8-11pm Sydney/1-4am Server>

Postby Fuggs » Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:17 pm

One of the things that has significantly improved my gameplay (read DPS, off heals and raid utility) has been stealing ideas off theory crafters on the forums. Not just on reforging or gearing, but talent and glyph choices for individual fights.

eg Enhance Shaman
- http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1210912-Enhancement-Shaman-Guide-for-MoP-Patch-5-2 => See point 11

If you do a search for your class and similar information, it could seriously improve your performance and raid utility. If you have a relevant raid wide applicable ability or talent, let us know before the boss and we will work it in. This will be really important for adds, stuns and cc on bosses like Horridon.

MMO champion has similar threads for most classes. Also Icy Veins has new posts in the forums under the "Class" section. Most are not yet populated with specs, talents, glyphs, tricks, ect as yet but I expect they will be soon. For example, see the Prot warrior one with some info on council => http://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/1622-throne-of-thunder-protection-warrior-style/
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Re: <AEST><Convert to Beer><8-11pm Sydney/1-4am Server>

Postby Fuggs » Tue Mar 12, 2013 6:10 am

Taken from icy veins strat guide for Sha of Fear

"We would like to mention that in 10-man, it is highly advised (almost mandatory) that you use 2 healers. This allows you to have the required DPS to comfortably keep the number of adds in check, and also allows you to kill the Terrace Guardians faster. It may be possible to complete the fight with 3 healers, if you have exceptional DPS, but we believe that this would only make it harder."
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Raid plan for week commencing 13 March 2013

Postby Fuggs » Tue Mar 12, 2013 6:15 am

* Thursday 2-5am server => ToT, get down 1st boss again and focus on downing Horridon. If appropriate, ensure you have decursive or raid frames to dispel! Even the Mage

* Sunday 2-5am server => ToES, full clear and get down Sha this week. 2 heal. Need massive consistent DPS from all, orb collecting and not standing in poop.

* Monday 2-5am server => If there is interest, PUG what does not show for a heart of fear just for loot.
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Re: <AEST><Convert to Beer><8-11pm Sydney/1-4am Server>

Postby Fuggs » Sat Mar 16, 2013 11:12 am

Some interesting tips re Horridon from various sources
* http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/127 ... t-500-ilvl)?p=20523181&viewfull=1#post20523181
* 2 heal as an option
* Have Weizenfugger in tank spec instead of Fuggette. AEO for adds, AOE stuns, can detox poisons and disease, able to kite frozen warlords due to mortal strike debuff
* Door 3 = kill Champions/Warriors ASAP, they die fast and are the one who throw diseases on people. Once they are down, kill warlords
* Door 4 = kill warbear then shaman, then warbear
* Are healers seeing stacks of poison/disease and prioritising dispells for higher stack toons?
* For second door you can work out which two priests come down first and pre mark them for the Shamans (like Shalim said)
* Pally bubble Horridon tank to remove double puncture debuff to allow more suitable tank for adds to double up
* Some groups finding Hero on door 3 is a must
* "It's also very clear when an add is not on a tank and blowing up heals. Also, once an Dino is burned to 50% and the orb is clicked, the Boss tank should go and taunt/tank the adds to take pressure off the group. For the next 15-20 seconds, the boss won't be hitting anything anyway."
* Warrior tank using banner to taunt adds in
* First gate - Big guys > Basilisks > Ignore others. Second gate - Priests > The other big one > Ignore Bloodlords. Third gate - Warlords > Low prio on the rest. Fourth gate - All are pretty weak, just AoE them down & move away from totems.
* Door 1 priest mass dispel
* Second door kill priests ASAP, two ranged should be able to take care of effusions. Use stuns, interrupts etc as much as possible.
* Third door, tank kites mobs SLOWLY to fourth door so orbs are behind the group. Hero after second warlords enter. When adds hit tank with mortal strike, disc priest pops spirit shell and heals with that. Dispel duties disc and druid. You dont have to dispel right away, we found out that 5 stacks are something that needs to be dispelled.

* Cut and paste "Before the pull, I would mark the 3 Venom Priests with Moon (left), Square (right), and Triangle (middle), as well as the Frost Warlords with Star (left), Circle (middle), and Diamond (right). This made it really easy to call out focus targets during the fight. Our Bear tank pulled, and brought him to the first door. After the first doubleswipe, we would tank swap (this would give me overall less swaps for the next swap) I would tank Horridon by the door but in the middle, Bear tank picked up the adds. First phase is pretty easy, switch to Dinomancer when he's up, close the door and clean up the adds. Once all the adds are down, make your way to door #2 and perform a tank swap. At door #2, I assigned our WW Monk to interrupt Moon, our frost DK to interrupt Square, and I handled Triangle/Dinomancer interrupts. We could burn down Triangle before Moon and Square jumped down. right before they jumped down, I would pop Army, and we could clean up. Once those adds were down we performed another tank swap and headed to door #3. At door three, we focused circle as soon as he dropped, our frost DK popped his army, and we had everyone stack on the bear tank and move towards the last door while cleaning up the adds. We started to fall behind a bit, so we popped hero here to help clean up the adds before door #4 opened. We performed another tank swap, and picked up the adds as they came out. I would grip the casters as they came out to the pack, and we would focus those down first until the Dinomancer came. Once he was dead and the door was closed, we would focus a warbear then shaman one at a time till everything was gone. This door is probably the easier of the 4 provided people don't stand in totems. Once the adds were clear, we would perform another tank swap, our bear tank picked up the big guy who jumps down in the middle, burn him down, and get back on Horridon. Once the bear tanks puncture stacks fall of, perform another tank swap, and again for the other tank if needed (we had 2 swaps during the last burn phase). Boss died with 1:15 left on berserk timer."

And finally I really liked this summary => http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1271675-Horridon-10-25-N-Strategy-(-lt-500-ilvl)?p=20518731&viewfull=1#post20518731
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