calendering of rubber price

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calendering of rubber price

Postby sdsd54v » Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:09 pm

Process rubber sheet, adhibit rubber, rub rubber etc.
Each machine is composed of such main parts as: bed, drilled rolls, gear reducers, the grease lubrication system, gap control mechanism (electric), emergency stop device, etc.
SpecificationRoll dia.(mm)Mid-roll liner speed
(m/min)Min. Thickness of the product
(mm)Calendering width(mm)Motor power
(KW)Overall dimension
XY-4S1730610x17305-50=0.20150075x2 90x28010x4738x483765
Main Features
1. The machine is made of chilled cast iron alloys, which work surface has high hardness, so it is wear-resistant and durable.
2. Steam, cooling water and heat-conducting oil can be passed into the roller's cavity, so that the workingtemperature can be adjusted in order to meet the technological requirement.
3. Roller space can be adjusted both by manual or electric mode.

4. Roller bearings' lubrication mode adopt drier oil or dilute oil.
Main Technical Specification
1. According to technology use, the machine can be divided into paste calender, friction calender, tablet pressing machine, pressure type rolling machine, laminating calender and experimental calender.
2. According to the number of roller, the machine can be divided into two-roller calender, three-roller calender, four-roller calender and multi-roller calender.

3. According to the roller arrangement, the machine can be divided into I type calender, gamma type calender, L type calender, Z type calender and S type calender.
With emergency stop equipments in 4 directions;
The bracket is jointed with the steel board, high temp. backfire treatment;calendering of rubber price
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