"I have worked really hard and

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"I have worked really hard and

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True leaders are born on utmost uncertainties. This is the primary reason why and how people actually discover their potentials to lead and manage others. In today?s economic uncertainties ECCO Hombre Cool 2.0 Textile Gtx Negras Rebajas , it is truly proven that only the creative and most resourceful business people succeed. Some economists would suggest as well that it is on these times of economic recession that a business can be well built when all prices are at a minimum and real estate does not have much demand. If you are determined to start your business now, then by all means go ahead. However, you have to watch your finances really well as cash are a concern for everyone nowadays more than before. So, how do you start building your business on a shoestring budget? Here are some tips you can go by.

Tip #1: Start low by getting the online community involved

Many businesses start out this way and have succeeded. The capital you need in this case is a simple computer and an internet connection that most probably you have already. Start discovering marketing sites and social networking sites. Start writing a blog about your products ? just make sure that you sound personal on your writings and avoid sounding like a sales agent. In this way ECCO Illinois Monk Strap Negras Rebajas , people will start to get to know your business and the next thing you know you?ll just be shipping your products to your end users. Once you have an established capital and you are still gearing towards retail marketing, then you can go ahead and build your first retail shop. In this way, you can effectively monitor your expenses and invest only when you have the cash already.

Tip #2: If you want to start by retailing, get your friends to help you out

Make your friends be your personal marketers and the good thing about this strategy is you can be hitting two birds with one stone! Your friends ECCO Hombre Soft 8 High Top Negras Rebajas , most probably, will be willing to help you out with no costs involved (but promise them something in return out of goodwill), and at the same time will be asking other friends of theirs to get to know your business. This is a good way to start as the word of mouth spreads out into other domains and the friendship network starts gets into action. Your friends are the answers to building your business on a shoestring budget. Just don?t forget to reward them for their hard work so that they don?t stop helping you out.

Tip #3: Expand your business network

The best business people know how to expand their network. They do this by joining seminars, workshops ECCO Hombre Soft 8 Slip On Negras Rebajas , and mini classes. In these personal opportunities will the business minded people seize the opportunities and getting themselves known by spreading around their business cards. You can also join business conventions, organizations, and local chambers of commerce. Once you become a member of these, you can then start gaining the benefits of being a member of these organizations during expositions where you can surely get other people to know your product better.

These tips can help you out in building your business on a shoestring budget. With a little more creativity mixed with dedication and hard work plus listening to your customers? suggestion ECCO Hombre Intrinsic Sneakers Negras Rebajas , there is no way for your business not to flourish and grow.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 11 (Xinhua) -- Olympic champion Chad le Clos says he will be aiming to break the 100m and 200m butterfly world records held by Michael Phelps at the Rio 2016 Games.

Le Clos told Rio2016 he has improved since the London 2012 Games, when he beat Phelps to win the 200m butterfly and finished second to the American in the 100m.

"The Rio Olympics are my main focus," the 23-year-old South African said. "I will be in the best shape of my life for Rio and gold is on my mind. The butterfly races are on my mind and Michael Phelps' butterfly world records [100m and 200m] have been on my mind since I won gold in London."

Phelps ECCO Helsinki Bike Toe Slip On Negras Rebajas , the winner of 18 Olympic gold medals, retired after the London Games but has since returned to the pool with encouraging results.

Le Clos said Phelps' presence in Rio would be good for swimming, but believes he has what it takes to deny his rival a dream Olympic farewell in two of his preferred events.

He showed he was on the right track by winning the 100m butterfly gold medal at the world championships in Kazan on Saturday.

"Obviously the 49.82 seconds [Phelps' 100m butterfly world record] will be the toughest - Michael was the first one to go below 50 seconds," said Le Clos. "But I am feeling good and will be in great shape. The main thing I need to work on is my front end ECCO Holton Apron Toe Slip On Negras Rebajas , as the second half of my race is much stronger."

Apart from the 100m and 200m butterfly events, Le Clos also plans to compete in the 100m and 200m freestyle races in Rio.

He stressed there were other competitors that were also capable of challenging himself and Phelps.

"Obviously Michael Phelps is the greatest of all time and he would not come back for fun," said Le Clos. "He' ll be coming to win and he will be a huge threat to my goals. But there' s also Daiya Seto, Tom Shields and Ryan Lochte."

Le Clos ECCO Classic Moc 2.0 Negras Rebajas , who has been to Rio just once before, did not hide his enthusiasm at the prospect of participating at the first Olympics in South America.

"Rio will be a brilliant Olympic Games host city," he said. "The people are great, very passionate ECCO Hombre Soft 7 High Top Leather Negras Rebajas , and there is a culture of sport, so they will get behind the athletes.

"The Olympics are huge in South Africa. Swimming is always popular because we usually do well in it, so everyone will be watching. I will have the hopes of the nation on my shoulders come 5 August [Olympic Games opening ceremony] next year - it' s a lot of pressure and it' s a little bit nerve-racking, but I am very excited and I have always wanted this ECCO Hombre Whistler Gtx High Botas Amber Negras Rebajas , so I am grateful.

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