hen I decided to come to Davos

hen I decided to come to Davos

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SOCHI Ryan Dzingel Senators Jersey , Feb. 11 (Xinhua) -- Indian athletes will be able to compete in Sochi under their own flag after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Tuesday lifted its suspension on the national Olympic committee (NOC).

It is the first time a banned NOC has been reinstated during Games time.

India had been suspended by the IOC for failure to comply with the Olympic charter, forcing its three athletes to come to Sochi 2014 expecting to compete under the Olympic flag.

IOC communications director Mark Adams said the IOC executive board had reinstated the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) during an ad-hoc meeting in Sochi on Tuesday.

The IOC took the decision following a report about the IOA's general assembly and elections for a new board had been successfully conducted on Feb. 9 and observed without issue by an IOC delegation headed by member Robin Mitchell.

Indian athletes can now compete for their NOC and will walk behind their national flag in the closing ceremony on Feb. 23.

To symbolically mark the lifting of the suspension, the Indian flag will be raised in the Olympic village in a special ceremony.

Narayna Ramachandram, president of the World Squash Federation, has been elected as the new president of the IOA.

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US President Donald Trump strode into the lion's den to confront the world's political and business elite on Thursday, as his "America First" administration executes an anti-globalist manifesto in trade, taxes and currency rates.

  SAP CEO Bill McDermott (left), Donald Trump, CEO of Seimens Joe Kaeser, and Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen at tonight’s dinner with business leaders.

A year after taking office, Trump joined the World Economic Forum in Davos with foreign exchange markets in turmoil and Washington's trading partners in uproar.

Vying to take the air out of one storm, he insisted that he wants to see "a strong dollar," after comments by his treasury secretary appearing to signal the opposite sent the US currency plunging to three-year lows and provoked anger in Europe.

Trump smiled and waved on his arrival at the gathering in the Swiss Alps, as crowds of onlookers held up camera phones. One woman admirer grabbed Trump's autograph while other delegates muttered - out of his earshot - about wanting to pelt him with fruit.

The former property mogul held one-on-one meetings with the British and Israeli prime ministers. Then, having demonised the globalist Davos crowd on his unorthodox march to the White House, he went on to a gala reception and dinner with European business chiefs attending the gathering.

Interviewed on CNBC, Trump said there was no contradiction between his populist campaign and his decision to come to the headquarters of the global elite.

"When I decided to come to Davos, I didn't think in terms of elitist or globalist, I thought in terms of lots people that want to invest lots of money and they're all coming back to the United States, they're coming back to America," he said.

Basking in near-daily highs on Wall Street and accelerating US growth, he added: "It's about coming to America, investing in money, creating jobs, companies coming in, we're setting records every week, every day, we're setting records."


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