1080/50i signal not detecting in obs studio

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1080/50i signal not detecting in obs studio

Postby JesseVoss » Wed May 23, 2018 6:56 am


I use blackmagic atem 1 m/e usb out to my pc for live streaming through obs, the problem is when i set my atem to 1080/50i then the obs is not detecting the signal, though the blackmagic media express & adobe flash media live encoder is expecting the 1080/50i resolution, but obs doesn't, in obs video caputure device it show as decklink when in obs i change the resolution to 1080/50i, it by default changes to 720/50p which makes the obs screen black, when i change the atem resolution to 720/50p the signal works in obs but when i change to 1080/50i in atem n obs both the screen turns black the obs still be at 720/50p by default.

Please help.

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