Mythic+ dungeons in Legion (Info and minor spoilers?)

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Mythic+ dungeons in Legion (Info and minor spoilers?)

Postby Captaincodfish » Wed Jul 27, 2016 2:57 pm

Good day all,

I have seen a lot of talk about Mythic+ dungeons but nothing officially on the forums about I wanted to pop this topic in here.

What are these magical things?


and from MMO Champ
In Legion Mythic dungeons will scale in difficulty and rewards, making them relevant throughout the expansion. Most of what we know has been covered in the blue posts, but to recap:

Each level of difficulty increases the health and damage done by enemies in the dungeon by a percentage.
Level 1 (8%) and Level 2 (17%) Mythic Dungeons have no affixes.
Level 3 (26%) to Level 5 Mythic Dungeons have one affix, selected from Tyrannical, Bolstering, Raging, and Teeming.
Level 6 (59%), Level 7 (71%), Level 8 (85%) and higher have two affixes, selecting from the previous four and adding Necrotic, Volcanic, Skittish, and Decay.
This blue post has the full list of valid affix combinations.
There is a 45 minute timer that you must beat to advance to a higher level, but not to get loot.
When keystones upgrade, a new dungeon is selected at random.
The Mythic+ dungeons are only limited by keystone availability, not a weekly loot lockout.

But really....this is being able to run the dungeons with certain modifiers that will allow you rerun the dungeons with some extra difficulty. Not only do they become more difficult....they actually give you pretty awesome rewards for completing that difficulty. Think about this like the greater rift system in Diablo 3 (or at least thats's what people are saying).

Why would I run these?

Well....first off the gear that gets dropped from these are pretty cool. Like other drops they have a chance to be titanforged, etc. So running these are going to net you some sweet rewards (along with AP). Also....for people who cannot commit to raiding this is an excellent way to experience an end game with a couple of buddies without having to commit to a day and time. Remember....its a 5 person team! Also, each week you get different affixes that can change how the dungeon reacts. So the possibilities are endless week to week!

How long do they take?

In Beta, I have seen a couple of really geared groups take these down in about an 1.5 hour. Some dungeons of course are shorter than the I would say no more than two hours per dungeon.

Wow Cod....this sounds so cool! How do we get started?


Right now there are not pages setup for Mythic+ groups (Creating them, finding them, etc.). So if you know what role you are playing and what your availability is..... feel free to post that information here. I personally know I will be running at least 6 Mythic+ groups for all my tank characters. And as always if you have any can find me on Discord!

Later taters!
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Re: Mythic+ dungeons in Legion (Info and minor spoilers?)

Postby Demetriuss » Thu Aug 04, 2016 5:39 pm

Thanks for posting Captaincodfish.

I plan to main a Holy Paladin and form a late night PST Mythic+ group after we all level, complete Mythics for a few weeks, and Mythic + open. I have done quite a few runs on beta up to +8 and it has been a blast. I have been reading the gear improvements stop at +10, and there is an Achieve and Artifact skins at +15 to shoot for.

See you all soon in Legion!
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Re: Mythic+ dungeons in Legion (Info and minor spoilers?)

Postby PaulaRJones » Thu Feb 14, 2019 1:56 am

That would be a really helpful update about the game and through reading the FAQ’s we able to fix the problem here. Thumb up with your interesting update with gamers and I’m sure they learn a lot though. The best dissertations by professionals are pretty interesting.
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