Tank or Heals LF Team

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Tank or Heals LF Team

Postby Darkrhin0 » Thu Feb 25, 2016 10:15 pm

Hey everyone,

I'm looking to find a team to get established with before Legion. I'd love to find a group that I can help out, and one that can help me develop my skills further! I just rolled new toons on the server in November and haven't done more than LFR with them yet, though I was raiding earlier in WoD as a hunter on a different server. I've raided as a tank and healer in the past, but it's been quite a while. :oops: I feel I'm still decent at them, but haven't really put myself to the test (normal or heroic raids) as I'm a bit anxious about putting myself out there to go with a pug. I still haven't chosen my main for Legion, but right now I'm thinking it will either be my Monk or Druid.


Darkrhino - Blood DK - ilvl 687
Rhinosaur - Resto/Feral Druid - ilvl 674
Fluffyrhino - Brewmaster Monk - currently level 70

Looking for:
A raid team that raids between 6p-9ish, one or two days a week. I might be open to 3 nights if there's opportunity to miss a night here and there. A group that is understanding. I have two kids and one of them semi-frequently wakes up and requires me to tuck her back into bed. A group that doesn't mind if I stream the raid. I've streamed a bit in the past, but plan to start doing it more again soon.

If you're interested, let me know! I'm regularly on Discord (@Darkrhin0), but will try to make sure to check the boards here more often.

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Re: Tank or Heals LF Team

Postby dehumeb » Mon Dec 10, 2018 6:38 am

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