arketing. Concurrently, Serena is fighting his feelings Ben.

arketing. Concurrently, Serena is fighting his feelings Ben.

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'My love from the star' actress Gianna Jun gave birth to a baby boy today at a hospital in Seoul Blues Jay Bouwmeester Jersey , her agency told media. Both mother and son are doing well.

Gianna Jun " " People release Kongming lanterns into the sky. (File photoChina News Service)

Today is China's Lantern Festival, and online sales of Kongming lanterns, traditionally launched into the air as part of long-established festivities, are on the rise despite bans issued by some cities over fire risks.

Many parts of China have issued bans on Kongming lanterns, subjecting violators to fines. However, online stores are still seeing a thriving business this year.

Data from Taobao, a popular Chinese online shopping site, showed that as of Sunday, searches for Kongming lanterns in the week prior had surged by 69 percent over the previous week, and risen 18 percent over the same period last year. Data from some online stores also indicated an apparent increase in lantern sales from the Spring Festival to Lantern Festival.

Many online stores claim that their Kongming lanterns are safe and flame-retardant.

However, Sun Peng, a firefighter based in Suqian City in Jiangsu province said that those lanterns still pose fire risks. A source of combustion remains in the lantern even if its cover is flame-retardant, and the lantern is under no control once it's released into the sky, Sun explained.

Kongming lanterns are a mobile combustion source and pose hidden and therefore greater fire risks and greater uncertainties, Sun warned. He advised people not to release Kongming lanterns.

A buyer of poor-quality Kongming lanterns said the lanterns had sparked a fire and attracted security guards, who had thought they were bombs.

Beijing has issued a ban on the illegal production, sale and launching of Kongming lanterns. However, an online vendor said its warehouse is located in Beijing's Changping district and can deliver lanterns to all parts of the country. The online store has never been reported to police over the sale of lanterns, it claimed.


Gossip Lady is surely an American teen drama collection according to a collection of books using the show with the similar identify written by Cecily von Ziegesar. The series was developed by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, the 1st September 19, 2007. The sequence begins having a narration by an omniscient blogger who identifies himself as invisible Gossip Woman voiced by Kristen Bell. Tv film to the lives of disadvantaged youthful grown ups on Manhattan’s Upper East Facet of Ny.

The collection opens while using the return of Serena van der Woodsen played by Blake Lively a keep in a very mysterious boarding college some in Connecticut, Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) plays the queen within the middle of their chess sport, close friend Serena’s longtime rival and occasional, and Queen Bee Constance Billiard college social scene. The tale follows Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick), who plays the lousy boy from the Upper East Facet, Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford), Chuck’s very best friend and other indications from the turbulent Manhattan scene that includes Dan Humphrey Vanessa Abrams, and Jenny Humphrey.

The 1st half from the central mystery on the fourth time revolves all-around Julie Sharp, played by Katie Cassidy, a mysterious lady which includes a ruling in opposition to Serena. The 2nd 50 % of your time is going to be to strengthen relations with Ben located Serena and Chuck attempt to regain command on the coveted sector under Russell Thorpe. The circumstances also concentrate on the romance with the two Blair and Chuck Thorpe Raina proceed to study the depression additional and much more of Eric.

Last week, Gossip Lady Period four Episode fifteen: It Took place 1 Night-Girl, which was introduced February 14, 2011, Chuck designed a final try to conserve the loved ones business. Blair could be a challenge using the promise of W Magazine, Marketing. Concurrently, Serena is fighting his feelings Ben.

Gossip Lady Time four Episode 16: Whilst You Had been Sleeping is not on the internet without spending a dime airs February 21, 2010. He’s Eric age 18 and there was much drama and memories to the Upper East Side. Blair decides to rev up its plans for its potential as an influential and strong woman, but she will na have to opt for priorities amongst his beloved relatives and Ben. Chuck and Lily connection remains chilly following the betrayal of Lily.

Watch the full episode of Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 20 visit

Pac-Man’s release in 1980’s Japan marked the beginning of a whole new era of video-gameplay. Blasting open the video-game genre to welcome women as well as men, not only did this simple game appeal to everyone, but it was addictive.

With a gameplay that never ends, and a simple and at times frustrating strategy that must be followed, the nature of a competitive person encourages never ending attempts to get to the next level. The world record, which has been unbeatable for over ten years now, was set by Billy Mitchell on July 3rd 1999. His score of 3,333,360 points was reached in just 6 hours (that’s 256 levels!), and apparently Pac-Man’s creator has set a reward of $100,000 for someone to pass the 257th split-screen level. No one has yet claimed this elusive title.

So with a game that’s easy for all yet impossible to finish, it’s easy to see how Pac-Man games have truly taken over the gaming world. Inspiring a world championship of Pac-Man players in itself is indicative of it’s addictive nature, and the fact that in todays gaming age it’s hard to find anyone that doesn’t know about, play and love this 30 year old game is a testament to it’s success.

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