China Bulk Bag Sewing Machine factory

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China Bulk Bag Sewing Machine factory

Postby hdkdh1d » Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:31 am

◆Our History
2008’, Tomsewing provided brand new apparel sewing machine & spare parts to five dealers
2009’, Liya International Group Ltd established & provide used industrial sewing machine to India
2010’, Expand second hand sewing machine market in Egypt Nigeria Mali Sri Lanka Middle east
2011’, Started reconditioned sewing machine for South America
2012’-2016’Specialize In Reliable rebuilt refurbished sewing machine Latin America
2017’---- Sale brand new AXIS Upholstery Sewing Machine , Irish Embroidery Machine , sewing accessories to North America Europe market
◆Our Factory
4500 square meters Sewing machine factory
Two assembly Production line
One Painting room
Two sewing machine engineer
Five sewing machine technician
◆Our Product
Upholstery Sewing Machine , Embroidery Machine, Heavy Duty Sewing Machine, Used Industrial Sewing Machines
◆Product Application
Sewing Machine For Leather Canvas Tent Vinyl Sofa , Irish Freehand Vintage Embroidery Design
◆Our Certificate
◆Production Market
USA , Europe , Japan & Australia
◆Our service
Our experience. Your success ,provide sewing machine spare parts for after sale service, Demo video online supportChina Bulk Bag Sewing Machine factory
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Re: China Bulk Bag Sewing Machine factory

Postby Almo » Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:15 pm

Yeah this is not as common as I want it to be right now but using fillable pdf files is the best thing. It is helping and enabling so many people.
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