Tank/Healer Looking for raiding guild

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Tank/Healer Looking for raiding guild

Postby Doomedknight » Thu Feb 01, 2018 5:22 am

giving it a long shot but here it goes

i work late nights, at a bar in nyc..my hours range from 7pm to 7am est. im looking for a guild from 7am to 6pm during tuesdays to saturdays and all day sunday monday (my days off) im looking to get into a normal progression so i can gear as far as i can and trying my hand at heroic i can also fill in any mythic+ groups that need a spec (highest ive done being 8). i cant nessicarily say i can commit right away because tuesdays and fridays i open my job at 2-3pm in the afternoon and wont be out untill 45 to an hour after i open.but i can tell you this..i wanna truly get into it im looking for a guild that does cross realm as i cannot afford to server transfer to another server right away. i do understand my spot may be taken away for someone else who is willing to take it at any moments notice,,but if interested i can provide you with healing..tanking and dps as i will learn the fights before hand for each spec needed

Veng DH 924
Holy Priest 936
Resto Druid 923
Frost DK 918
Mistweaver monk 921
Prot Warrior 918

if interested please send me a Btag request
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