CST <Cat on Fire> Mon 7:00PM-11:30PM (Heroic WoD)

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CST <Cat on Fire> Mon 7:00PM-11:30PM (Heroic WoD)

Postby Jules » Mon Oct 20, 2014 8:29 pm

<Cat on Fire> is heading into the new Heroic level of Warlords of Draenor. The team is comprised of a group of experienced raiders who enjoy focused progression on a limited schedule.


Why We Formed This Team?

Trelant, Jules and Arcayne have raided together since Burning Crusade. We all have very busy schedules outside the game, but we love to raid at an advanced level. We wanted to create a group where we raid once per week and be able to clear content on a progressed basis with awesome people who love to raid, too. It's a big goal to push for progression on 3.5 hours a week, but it can be done with the right people!

Our priorities are:

1. Progression through current content when it releases - we're focused on getting in and clearing content as soon as we can!
2. Raiders with exceptional attitudes - your personality is as important to us as how you perform in raids.
3. Proven experience in raiding and advanced knowledge of your selected class/role - we're looking for people who know how to raid well, follow directions, listen intently, and put the team's needs above their own.

-One missed raid in a 4-week cycle (75% attendance).
-Invites will go out 10 minutes prior to raid start time (7:50pm CST)
-The raid will start promptly at 8pm CST. Any member who is not present without prior notice to the raid leaders at raid time may be replaced.

Raiding Days/Times
Mondays, 7pm - 11:30pm CST

Convert to Raid Galleon


Tank: Trelant (Raid Leader) - Prot Warrior
Tank: Justtise (toon name TBD)

Heals: Julannah (Assistant Raid Leader) - Resto Druid
Heals: Trestle (on his shaman)
Heals (alt): Megacode

DPS: Xereth (aka Arcayne) - Frost Mage
DPS: Mordu - Feral Druid
DPS: Midneyet - Shadow Priest
DPS: Starfalls (iRobyn) - Balance Druid
DPS: Laidra - Hunter (spec TBD)

(additional roster slots TBD)

Raiding will begin shortly after the release of Warlords of Draenor.
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Re: CST Mon 8:00PM-11:30PM (Heroic WoD)

Postby The Nu Era » Tue Oct 21, 2014 9:31 pm

Hey Team.

So excited to be getting back together.

So I am horrible with times since I'm in Arizona and don't change time. Right now I'm 2 hours earlier from CDT, 3 from EDT.

Of course by expansion daylight time will have changed and I will be 2 hours earlier from EST. So I should only be 1 hour earlier from CST. Right?

So it would be 7pm-10:30pm my time?



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Re: CST <Cat on Fire> Mon 8:00PM-11:30PM (Heroic WoD)

Postby Dreadnox » Thu Oct 23, 2014 1:09 pm


I would definatly be interested in this team. I have been looking for a 1 night a week progression minded (also fun :)) team for awhile now. The time and day would be perfect for my schedule. I am an experienced raider who always keeps up on my class. Though I have a few alts, I only raid with my main, so I keep up with my class very well. I had fun subbing in for the original Cat on Fire once and you seemed like a fun and skilled group. If you have need of a skilled rogue, I would be happy to join up. I am also already in Galleon :) I would be happy to discuss further if you like. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Re: CST <Cat on Fire> Mon 7:00PM-11:30PM (Heroic WoD)

Postby Onsone » Sun Oct 26, 2014 10:58 pm

Everyone who is awesome should apply to this team. They are awesome! So awesome Jules sometimes sings about it!
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Re: CST <Cat on Fire> Mon 7:00PM-11:30PM (Heroic WoD)

Postby kylcrow » Mon Oct 27, 2014 1:33 pm

I am very interested in joining. I have a disc/holy/shadow priest I would like to raid with that is in the CTR guild already, so would like to apply with that character. (Willing to bring any toon over to fill needs as well - I have most at 90). I've raided since ToC, and led a raid in DragonSoul to successfully kill Deathwing. The previous guild I was with broke up after our Ahead of the Curve Lei Shin kill. I have experience healing, tanking, and DPSing during progression. I'd be ready to fully commit my WoW time to helping the guild/raid team.

I love the community, and I've been looking to join a Convert to Raid guild raid team for awhile, and real life / game life has not worked out. For WoD, I'm very excited to get a chance to be a part of a great team.

Please add me, or talk to me in Guild (Mobus)
or email: kylcrow@gmail.com

PS: Priest has never been a main of mine. Mostly DK, shaman, and hunter, however I feel I am more than capable of playing any class at a high level.

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Re: CST <Cat on Fire> Mon 7:00PM-11:30PM (Heroic WoD)

Postby Drim » Tue Oct 28, 2014 4:23 pm

I would be interested in joining, I have been raiding with the iToons guild on Sundays, but up until now hardware issues had left current raiding something I could not do, but now with my new system I am ready to go for WoD. I prefer my Hunter, but am toying with Ret Pally and Windwalker Monk.

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Re: CST <Cat on Fire> Mon 7:00PM-11:30PM (Heroic WoD)

Postby Jules » Wed Oct 29, 2014 8:27 pm

Thanks to everyone that is posting. I'm super busy right now preparing for BlizzCon and the SMASH Bash we're holding there, so I will probably get on this once we get back from Anaheim. Sorry for the delay! I wish I could clone myself.
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Re: CST <Cat on Fire> Mon 7:00PM-11:30PM (Heroic WoD)

Postby hasteur » Thu Oct 30, 2014 9:26 am

In Tier 18 we'll have Marsha and Ahsram! :lol:
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