[Mythic]<ORCBUSTERS 13/14M> Mythic Wed/Mon Heroic Sunday

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[Mythic]<ORCBUSTERS 13/14M> Mythic Wed/Mon Heroic Sunday

Postby goldiekatsu » Fri Mar 28, 2014 5:54 pm


Orcbusters was formed from experienced raiders who want to prepare a 20 man Mythic Raid team for the Warlords of Draenor expansion. Having started late in the expansion we cleared through Spoils of Pandaria pre 6.0. We are now running through SoO Mythics and recruiting to fill out our roster for WoD, in order to be ready to hit T17 as soon as the tier opens. Our objective is to be ahead of the curve and high in the rankings on Aerie-Peak, while having fun and the good camaraderie that develops from downing bosses together.

We are currently recruiting ranged DPS, preferably Shadow Priest or Elemental Shaman but any good ranged should apply.

Type of players we want for Flex Heroics and especially Mythic Raids:

1. Raiders who want to have fun, understand commitment and teamwork, who put the teams needs before their own.
2. Raiders who are willing to research raid strats and show up on raid nights with an understanding of the fights.
3. Raiders who have a thorough knowledge of their class spec, min-max and work hard to always improve their gameplay.

**Logs will be used to determine players ability to perform at current progression level**



Ginger (Death Knight)
Thëory(Druid) (Recruitment Officer)

Sinamone (Holy Priest)[Healing Lead]
Howland (Druid)[Co-Healing Lead]
Furballa (Druid)
Ihealzyoface (Shaman Heals)
Hothealz (Disc/Shadow Priest)

Melee DPS:
Arrieta (Rogue) (Melee Lead)
Berrien (Warrior DPS/Tank)
RallySixx (Paladin)
Murdertramp (Paladin)
Mordu (Feral Druid)
Lateraius (Rogue)(Logistics/Food Flasks)
Brewdrinker (WW Monk)

Ranged DPS
Skyaan (Warlock Ranged DPS) (Co-Raid Lead/Ranged Lead)
Goldieslock (Warlock Ranged DPS) (Raid Lead)
Desdeni (Hunter)/Dessais (Mage)
Leggylass (Hunter)
Dreamlight(Mage/Druid Heals)
Zxathras (Hunter Ranged DPS)
Cjpete (Hunter)


Shiftingeden (Guardian Druid)
Hawwk (Resto Druid)
Shadownado (Shadow Priest)
Setic(Loljabs Pally)
Phatfoo (Ele Shaman)
Yakky (Warlock Ranged DPS)

***RAID TIMES***: WED/MON 7-10 pst
LOOT RULES: Win Roll Once, Main Spec. Unlimited Off Spec Rolls. ***Heroic Tier and Trinkets*** Will be awarded as such....Core>Alternates>Trials>Pugs.. NOTE: Loot will be transitioning to Loot Council

Inquiries please if possible include Logs from prior raids. We're definitely looking for players with raiding experience so if your brand new to raiding unfortunately this will not be the team for you.

If your not guilded in Convert to Raid guild, we will consider doing Cross-Realm invites for trial runs but once you've committed to becoming a core member, you must join the Convert to Raid Guild located on Aerie Peak US "Alliance Side".

All raiders are EXPECTED to be using Boss Timers (DBM, VEM, Big Wigs), Angry Assignments, Weak Auras. All other addons that monitor cooldowns, threat generation, HPS/DPS, and Proc availabilities are highly recommended.

Please inquire on this page, ingame, or send a PM within the CtR Forums to:



Looking forward to downing Mythic bosses in WoD - Ahead of the Curve
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Re: [Mythic Team]<ORCBUSTERS>[PST Mon/Wed 7-10PM]

Postby prestojester » Sat Mar 29, 2014 12:58 am

I would like to to raid with you on my mistweaver monk. He is ilvl 573 and I have cleared up to siegecrafter on heroic. His name is Jestersdead.
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Re: [Mythic Team]<ORCBUSTERS>[PST Mon/Wed 7-10PM]

Postby Megacode » Sat Mar 29, 2014 1:47 am

Presto, are you available to chat in Mumble tomorrow. Let me know what times you're available. Looking forward to it.
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Re: [Mythic Team]<ORCBUSTERS>[PST Mon/Wed 7-10PM]

Postby Megacode » Mon Mar 31, 2014 12:04 pm

Those interested feel free to send me a Direct Message here at Signalsmedia.

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Re: [Mythic Team]<ORCBUSTERS>[PST Mon/Wed 7-10PM]

Postby hansolos » Mon Mar 31, 2014 7:06 pm

558 Hunter. Very comfortable/knowledgeable with my class. Currently Main is SV with BM as off. Have every raid buff and debuff pet in stable.
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Re: [Mythic Team]<ORCBUSTERS>[PST Mon/Wed 7-10PM]

Postby Megacode » Mon Mar 31, 2014 9:49 pm

Hansolos, let me know if we can chat on Mumble tomorrow afternoon.
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Re: [Mythic Team]<ORCBUSTERS>LF Boomkin/Shadow Priest

Postby Megacode » Fri Apr 04, 2014 3:30 pm

Post here or feel free to whisper Megacode or Katacodex in game. May consider Ret Pally and Hunter.
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Re: [Mythic Team]<ORCBUSTERS>LF Ret Paladin

Postby Grumpyhaus » Sun Apr 06, 2014 1:45 pm

SV/BM Hunter with raid experience since Varian was a corporal. 550 ilevel with keen raid awareness, a willingness to learn, and I'm friends with Tom Skerrit.
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Re: [Mythic Team]<ORCBUSTERS>LF Ret Paladin

Postby Theory » Sun Apr 06, 2014 3:22 pm

Theory aka GankTheory
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/a ... 6ry/simple

Current ilvl 535 and growing!
Experienced raider in previous tiers, current tier 11/14 flex
no logs to link unfortunately.
I have 11 - 90s in CTR, one of each class, my highest Ilvl toon is my WW monk Theøry who is around 553.
I work retail so my schedule varies a bit but the current Mon/Wed 7-10 will work just fine for me.
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Re: [Mythic Team]<ORCBUSTERS>LF Alternates Heals/DPS

Postby Megacode » Thu Apr 10, 2014 3:27 am

We could use some reliable Healers and DPS for our alternates list. You'll be added to the invites and plugged into open vacancy spots for our raid nights. You'll have equal opportunity to roll on them epic loots. As core positions open up and your the right spec and attitude for the job, then we'll add you to the team as a full time member. "Who Ya Gonna Call"!!
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