The Battle-Rez Bears!

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The Battle-Rez Bears!

Postby Ursangus » Thu Aug 18, 2016 4:03 pm

What kind of bears would we be if we didn't go on and on about druids being the best class?

Pretty shoddy bears, to be honest....

Which is why myself and Moodahla started up a podcast about raiding!

"But Ursangus, what about raiding?"

Why, dear listener, EVERYTHING!

We cover a broad range of topics as it pertains to raiding! Loot etiquette, how to find a team, how to prep for the next level of difficulty, how to find a team, and various other how-to's! You might say we're one of the few podcasts out there that actually teaches the fundamentals, and you'd be right! Which, really, is the best kind of right!

Come join us as I say something stupid in the pre-show when I don't realize Moodahla is already recording, and learn things about raiding you might not have known!

We are a NSFW podcast. and this is the only warning you'll get. Well, other than the disclaimer at the beginning of every episode, but you're not my real Dad!

Follow us on all the things!
Twitter: @Battlerezbears
We're also on iTunes, Podbean, Stitcher, Google Play, and other assorted podcasting platforms that don't require a whole lot of income! (Why we're not on Podomatic. :) )
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