<Salad Senate> W/Th 7-10 PST

Are you a team looking for replacements both short and long term? This is the place to post your team needs. Please be as specific as you can!

<Salad Senate> W/Th 7-10 PST

Postby Alyszra » Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:28 pm

Salad Senate
Wednesdays and Thursdays 7 to 10 PM PST
Convert to Raid - Kazzak

Currently accepting application for dps and healer
Mature players with experience raiding, ilevel 900+

Updated - 11/1/17

• Skriker
• Ozzereal

• Alyxstrasza
• Blaes
• Bytting
• Rasklyn HEAL LEAD

• Alassra
• Bloodmayden
• Diablo
• Forgotten
• Slickrock
• Taliesina
• Winford

• Berrien - RAID LEADER
• Berzerker
• Chlichzfriar
• Dunhavn
• Grennyl
• Rarminas
• Rommel
• Sainttimothy

Salad Senate is one of CTR's original raid teams and we are celebrating our 4th year! We are a normal/heroic raid team in the Convert to Raid Guild. We have been actively raiding since February of 2013 and are the longest lasting team in the guild. Becoming a member of the Salad Senate means that you become a member of our family. We are a very close knit group, but are always open to having more friends. We are a relaxed, mature, heroic minded team.

Please apply through the raid builder at: http://guild.converttoraid.com/teams/salad+senate

Thank you for your consideration!

Salad Senate - 25M Normal/Heroic (Wed & Thurs 7-10 PST)
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