The Ballad of Berzerker

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The Ballad of Berzerker

Postby Sal » Mon Jun 02, 2014 10:51 pm

You can be a part of The Ballad of Berzerker! Tuesday, June 3rd at 6pm server time. (that's 6pm pacific)

Come to the Elite Tauren Chieften stage and get your dance on! I will be filming the show and using it for The Ballad of Berzerker video. I need folks to just be by the stage and act like you are at a real concert.

Bring your toy boxes, Noggenfogger and transmog sets. The sky is the limit.... but mostly bring yourself and like 100 friends :) For real! Tell everybody!
You do NOT have to already have a toon on Aerie Peak to participate. If you have friends who want to be part of the music video, get them to roll at human and run to the Darkmoon Faire!

The key here is timing. The show starts exactly at 6pm and only goes for 4 minutes. So lets get there a little early and get our positions. I'll be in mumble at least 15 minutes before 6.

I'm about to announce this on Twitter. Who's with me?????


History: Sal lost a bet back in November when she bet Berzerker that the next expansion would be The Dark Below. Now she has to write, sing and make a music video called The Ballad of Berzerker.... and now it's time to make good.


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Re: The Ballad of Berzerker

Postby deadgreed » Mon Jun 02, 2014 10:57 pm

I got your back sal I will be there getting my dance on!!!!
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