The Converted Podcast: What We Are

This is the forum for The Converted, a podcast devoted to the Convert to Raid Guild community on Aerie Peak US (Alliance).

The Converted Podcast: What We Are

Postby Sal » Sat Apr 13, 2013 7:24 pm

The Converted Podcast is a vidcast and podcast about YOUR guild, Convert to Raid.

Hey Guildlies!

We, the community, are what put the “World” into Warcraft. With the help of the Convert to Raid podcast, our particular subset has banded together with a common interest. We drank the kool-aid and came to Aerie Peak with raiding in mind. We are: The Converted.

Every two weeks, Belshnickle and Sal showcase the individuals and events that make up our CTR guild. We interview folks from some of the 30+ active raid teams that are downing bosses and picking up phat lootz. As much as we love raiding, there are guild happenings that don’t involve the slaughter of pixels and we try to spotlight those too.

You find us on iTunes and Stitcher, but at its core The Converted is a vidcast that can be watched on YouTube. We love your comments, so feel free to leave them. If you are interested in bringing your raid team on the show, please throw us an email at

We’ll see you in game!

*Sal and Belshnickle



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