WTB Heroic Dungeon for Legendary

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WTB Heroic Dungeon for Legendary

Postby hasteur » Sun Feb 01, 2015 8:10 pm

I've finally decided I want to progress past the "Core of X" stage of the legendary ring questline. I'm significantly geared better than the heroics so it's not a matter of needing to be carried through the instance, it's a fact that the Silver Proving Grounds is overly difficult for me. What does this mean? I want to get the 3 dungeons dealt with without having to use the queuing mechanism, this means being at the instance and going in manually

I'm offering the following incentive to the Tank/Healer who want to do this: 200g on completion of the dungeon to each who fills the role. For example: If you are a tank that completed all 3 dungeons with me I give you 600g. If this is popular (and there's other DPS that are willing to contribute to the pot) your reward could be even greater.

Ideal play time is from 4 PM to 8 PM Server Time Tuesday - Thursday. I'd like to resolve this this week. Thank you
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