An open message to all raid leaders recruiting for the...

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An open message to all raid leaders recruiting for the...

Postby Akaxan » Fri May 16, 2014 12:45 am

Upcoming 6.0 mythic/20man changes.

PLEASE let the first question you ask of anyone seeking you out be ARE YOU CURRENTLY ON A 10 MAN TEAM and if so, HAVE YOU TOLD THEM YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A NEW TEAM? I'm certain it's completely unintentional but more and more I'm hearing it happen without any notice to the smaller teams as a courtesy. We all want to raid come 6.0 but please give your teammates the courtesy of a heads up.
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Re: An open message to all raid leaders recruiting for the..

Postby PatKrane » Fri May 16, 2014 12:06 pm

Raid leaders should NEVER be actively trying to steal players from other teams. That's not how this guild rolls. Everyone should be respectful of other teams. If I hear of someone actively poaching, action will be taken.

With that being said, the individual players may choose to try out for other teams at will. Since SoO has been out for 9 months and WoD beta is coming soonish, people are changing things up. I think that all raid leaders should understand this and have an open line of communication with their players to make sure and inform them if they are applying for other teams. Looking out for other teams is not the responsibility of recruiting teams... even though I agree with the sentiment.

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Raid Leaders: Make sure that you have your team policies and communication in place so that you can stay ahead of possible issues.
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