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Looking for Feedback

Postby Kryllyx » Thu Mar 13, 2014 9:34 am

Hello All,
I joined CtR about 2 months ago or so and have been having a great time with the community so first and foremost I would like to say thank you too all the founders, organizers, and leaders of this community, what you have accomplished is amazing.

Ok, on to the reason for this post. I am looking to garner interest in the creation of a raid team that will form and begin content with the start of this current xpac. I have looked around at all the various raid teams we have going and there are some amazing opportunities out there. For now I am just looking to see what type of interest there would be in starting a team that will start raiding with MSV, with ultimate final goal to be a flex/normal team in SoO. That is the reason I did not just create a team page and start asking there. I want to see if there is any level of interest first and foremost. The goal of the team would be to do each raid of this present xpac before moving on to the next. All ilvls would be welcome. I am sure some of us would definitely outgear the earlier raids but that is fine. This could be a team where people could bring alts or join on a main if they are just coming back to WoW and missed out on earlier raids.

I would be looking for the creation of a ten man team but if the interest was there I dont see any reason for us not to go to 25. I have been a raid leader through every tier of the previous 3 expansions but was not able to accomplish more than LFR for this current one due to the slow dissolution of the guild I was in previously. In past tiers I mainly filled the role of main tank and raid lead but to be completely honest for this new team going forward I would prefer to move to a DPS role. Also I would like to be able to find someone that is interested in taking over the roll of tactical raid lead for the encounters and I would stay as team lead/organizer.

So with possibly six months of this xpac still in front of us the question is does this type of team have a shot? Would people be interested in just clearing the tiers as fast as possible or would the team members also be interested in trying to finish as many achievements as possible?

EDIT: I guess I should also point out that tenatively I am looking at this as a once a week type time with maybe a 3 hour time block. For now I am thinking Wed nights 6 server but that can be hammered down later in the development stage.

So, masses of CtR, I leave it up to you now to see your reaction. Even if you don't believe this type of team is for you but have some thoughts please share them.

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Re: Looking for Feedback

Postby TaxmanCDN » Fri Mar 14, 2014 6:46 pm

You might have better luck finding people on the Team Pages. There are threads there for people looking for raid members.
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