5.4 Nuggets of Information

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5.4 Nuggets of Information

Postby pudkud » Sat Aug 31, 2013 10:47 am

Hello Everyone,

Had some time today, so I thought I would start a thread based around the new patch that is coming out. I will try and keep the original updated, so please post your helpful hints for your fellow CTR peeps.

Timeless Isle

  • How to get there: You will get a quest to speak with an NPC. Accepting the quest will give you an item to teleport you there.
  • The Innkeeper and the Armor Repair vendor can be found on the North edge of the Celestial Court (between Chi-Ji and Niuzao).
  • Mailbox is actually a Grummle named Hopswift. He is right behind Chi-Ji (North Side).
  • Isle is located on the Southeast corner of your Pandaria map if you need to fly there.
  • The Highwind Albatross' will pick you up and take you to places you normally cannot get to if you hit them. First hit, they will pick you up. Attack them again and they will lower so that when you kill them to free yourself you will not fall to your death. If you want a ride, don't use a dot.
  • In order to raid Ordos, you need the Legendary Cloak. Once you have it, follow the path to The Blazing Way and to the bridge. Go to the edge of the broken bridge and you should be pulled across. Warlocks will not be able to summon, and if you try to enter the raid area w/o your cloak, you will be ported back to the Celestial Court.
  • You can explore outside the raid area near Ordos without the cloak, just cannot enter the raid area. You can get there by what people are calling Albatross Airlines (hitting a Highwind Albatross and then refreshing your drink while it flies you over there).
  • You only need to get your Legendary Cloak on one of your characters. Your alts can raid Ordos after you get your cloak on your main Source
  • Location of Rare Elites and Chests. Use of mods like NPCScan and Silverdragon will probably help, but they show up on your Mini Map.
  • Loot you get from Rare mobs is interesting. You get an account-bound "token", not necessarily for the class you are currently playing (meaning a Mage can get Leather, Plate or Mail), that when clicked will transform into an item based off of your current spec. So as a Mage, I may get a leather head item that I can mail to my Druid. My Druid will want to be in the Spec I want the item to be based off of before clicking it.
  • You can turn the 496 gear tokens into 535 gear tokens with a Burden of Eternity (50000 Timeless Coins). You must upgrade the 496 token with the Burden of Eternity to 535, then turn it into an item. It appears you cannot upgrade an already existing piece of this 496 gear. Source via SpencerHD's helpful link below.
  • Your first Burden of Eternity can be gotten for free from a Blazing Chest that is located in Ordon's Sanctuary. You can get there using Albatross Airlines even if you do not have the cloak. I do not think the area is protected. Stealthers can loot the chest w/o needing to kill the elites. You can death hop it if you need to, or employ a rogue to group stealth you in. Stand behind the chest, between the two Molten Protectors and you can open it w/o being attacked. Unfortunately you cannot use multiple 90 alts to transfer upgraded tokens to one character out of the gate; they thought of that. When you use your Burden of Eternity (soulboud) on your token, it automatically transforms the token into the soulbound item. Does not mean you cannot farm the token you want for each alt however to fill in the spot that is needed the most with a 535.
  • Your second Burden can be obtained from this quest: http://ptr.wowhead.com/quest=33343#see-also
  • If you are in an unorganized PUG, the Celestials (especially Niuzao) WILL KILL YOU. Group up with your CtR buddies and beg for heals. At least read up on abilities or watch a video. Chi-Ji for instance has a LOT of avoidable damage, but it will quickly turn into a corpse run zergfest if you go in blind. WARNING - these guys are NOT Nalak, and will kill you. Please, please, please do your guildies a favor and watch the vids.
  • Even if you are not close to your legendary cloak, kill the Celestials weekly anyway. While the loot table is shared between all four Celestials, you can receive loot from each different Celestial once a week. This means you get four chances at loot from the Celestials' loot table if you defeat all of them each week. Source

Siege of Orgrimmar

  • Entrance is below what was once the Central Lake (between the Horde and Alliance shrines). The giant column of white sha energy is like an arrow pointing to the location.
  • The meeting stone (no idea why you would need it) is located outside the little room before you go in and a little up the hill (by The Emperor's Burden Part 8).
  • Flex raiding is just an an added menu item in /lfr. Put 10-25 people together, go into your LFR menu select Flex and the wing you wish to do and click Start Raid. Kinda like how you would queue for LFR today except with a full Raid.
  • Wing 1 of Flex should be open during the first week along with Normals. On the 2nd week, Heroic should open with LFR (wing 1). Basically your raiding options in the first week for SoO will be Flex and or Normal (separate lockouts). This is subject to change. Source


  • The Legendary Cloak animation will show even if you have it hidden. Like everything, some will love that, and others hate it (I am not a fan).
  • If you need another Legendary Cloak, you can purchase the Epic Drape (8000g) and Timeless Essence (100g) from the Supplier to the Black Prince at the Tavern in the Mists.
  • There is currently a bug on the PTR where you have your Cloak, but cannot get across the bridge or into the Ordos raid area. I purchased a new cloak and it worked. I really doubt it will follow us into Live, but if it does and you really want to raid him, that is how I fixed it.
  • Need to play catch-up or gear out an alt? Timeless Isle is a good place to start, but also know that Reputation requirements as well as Costs are being lowered for old factions. Item #8 from SpencerHD's helpful link below.
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Re: 5.4 Nuggets of Information

Postby blinknblast » Sat Aug 31, 2013 9:19 pm

One little gem I've found that very few people are talking about is the 535 trinkets that can be bought for 50k timeless coins.

The int one at least http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=103987 is ranking very high for shadowpriest at the moment and probably the same for other casters due to the insane amount of int, beating out all the normal and even some heroic trinkets in pseudopower (although bonuses and stat weights haven't been properly calculated at this point) despite the low ilvl. I know I'll be farming up those coins asap for it.
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Re: 5.4 Nuggets of Information

Postby pudkud » Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:54 pm

Another set of info talking specifically about gearing up on the Timeless Isle off of reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/1m ... o_getting/
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Re: 5.4 Nuggets of Information

Postby Glaivestorm » Wed Sep 11, 2013 7:41 pm

With all of the excitement of the Timeless Isle; from grinding random beasts to searching/stumbling across treasure chests, you'll inevitably be seeking those 535 gear pieces to fill in holes in your gearing that LFR, Flex, Normal, etc have left behind in these early days of the patch. Hopefully the information below will serve as a good piece of advice on one method to do this.

From gathering chests and if you are extremely lucky, you'll usually find 1 or 2 Burdens of Eternity which upgrade those random 496 epic drops which seem to flow like water. Burdens of Eternity can be purchased on the Isle for 50,000 timeless coins! This amount can take quite some time to collect and that goes against the goal of trying to gather this 535 ilvl gear quickly. People! There is an alternative...gambling!

Kukuru (located in one of the caves in the central lower part of the Isle) offers players the opportunity to trade 500 timeless coins for one of his keys which opens any of the chest in his cave. These chests contain one of four things: a random amount of timeless coins, 496 timeless gears, Bonkers the pet, and Burdens of Eternity. After reading some test results from the PTR, I decided to try my luck. My results are below...yours may vary.

34,000 timeless coins invested
165 Chests Opened (reinvesting all coins gained from chests into additional keys
Note: The same 4 chests were opened in the same rotation to reduce any unnecessary randomization.

17 x 496 Timeless Pieces (10.3%)
3 x Bonkers (1.8%)
3 x Burden of Eternity (1.8%)

Considering that the 3 x Burdens have a value of 150,000 coins at the vendor, this method essentially quintupled my coin value towards gear. This is the only method currently to acquire the Bonkers pet, however, the pet isn't cageable to auction at this time.

Based on my results, this is absolutely the way to acquire Burdens vs. paying 50,000 timeless coins. Outside of gambling for Burdens, Kukuru's cache is not be the best use of your coins as the payout was roughly 60% of my original 34,000 coins. In addition, the results on live servers appear to match the data reported on wowhead.com where there is significantly more data available than mine.

Chest Data below (updated as more data comes in):

1 coin: 1
50 coins: 3
100 coins: 6
150 coins: 9
200 coins: 11
250 coins: 14
300 coins: 11
350 coins: 22
400 coins: 13
450 coins: 16
500 coins: 11
550 coins: 10
600 coins: 9
650 coins: 3
800 coins: 1
850 coins: 1
Timeless Gear: 17
Bonkers: 3
Burdens of Eternity: 3

updated: Sept 12 9:31p server
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Re: 5.4 Nuggets of Information

Postby JenniferAllen » Thu May 09, 2019 11:28 am

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Re: 5.4 Nuggets of Information

Postby davidjohn » Sun May 26, 2019 3:02 pm

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Re: 5.4 Nuggets of Information

Postby davidjohn » Tue Jul 02, 2019 12:46 pm

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Re: 5.4 Nuggets of Information

Postby davidjohn » Thu Jul 04, 2019 12:02 pm

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