CTR HOGGER Guld for under lvl 90 alts

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CTR HOGGER Guld for under lvl 90 alts

Postby Atheldane » Tue Feb 11, 2014 2:30 pm

I know this guild name has been JOKED about before, but what if we created a CTR HOGGER (We all KNW he is really a world boss) for CTR people to level alts in.

You have access to a couple of iitems from bank tabs, maybe a couple of gold worth of guild repairs, and when you hit level 90 you move over to one of the main CtR guilds.
It would make greeters jobs easier (Unless we of course run out of space and we would need to create CTR GAMON!)

No guild tabs completely restricted unless you want to restrict raiding mats for the key levels (One tab for VANILLA/BC one for WOTLK/CATA raiding materials, flasks, BOE Epic gear, etc.) if groups want to do level appropriate raiding teams.

Just a thought, not too serious, but maybe serious enough for consideration?
Dowsides (Off the top of my head):
We would lose some guild revenue from people leveling alts in this guild
You would ave to go around on an ALT with CTR HOGGER on your nameplate, so maybe choose a different name (CTR NOOBS, CTR LEVELING, CTR OLD SCHOOL, etc.)

Glenn aka Atheldane the altoholic
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Re: CTR HOGGER Guld for under lvl 90 alts

Postby Red » Mon Mar 03, 2014 12:01 pm

Not only has it been joked about, but it was created back when we first started naming the guilds after world bosses instead of numbers. However, it was created by a group of trolls. :/ So, the name wouldnt pan out at least.
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Re: CTR HOGGER Guld for under lvl 90 alts

Postby SpencerHD » Wed Mar 05, 2014 11:04 am

The largest issue I see with this is administration. You would have a constant flow in and would need a constant flow out, or as you said to keep making new guilds to fit the non-90 toons. Greeters and officers inviting would either need to work in pairs to have one in the sub-90 guild one in the 90 guild, or be switching characters constantly to accommodate where a character needs to go. There is already a decent amount of information communicated and it varies on what kind of invite it is, we try to keep the process as fast and painless as possible and this would actually complicate the Greeters and officers jobs more.

Everyone levels at their own pace and I wouldn't want people to feel like they aren't allowed at "the adults table" until they've leveled their character to 90. Even with GreenWall it's possible to feel segregated with a system like this.

I feel like we're all about community and don't really need to have a leveling guild. If people want to group up to level there isn't a particular benefit to being in the same co-guild. If repair costs for leveling are an issue I am sure blizzard would address it.

Just my two cents,

P.S. It is sad about CTR Hogger, we do hear from our membership often about wanting to create it.
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