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SUVA nike air max sale clearance , Nov. 21 (Xinhua) -- China considers itself a lasting true friend of the Pacific island countries and will work together with them to shape an even better future for their relations, Chinese President Xi Jinping said Friday.

In a signed article published on Fiji Times and Fiji Sun, Xi said he is eager to learn about the continued prosperity in Fiji as evidenced by its robust economic growth, steady progress in social development air max 2018 sale clearance , improved living standards, and active participation in international exchanges.

Fiji is the first Pacific island country to establish diplomatic relations with China. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1975, China and Fiji have carried out frequent exchanges at all levels, engaged in fruitful practical cooperation and supported each other in multilateral affairs.

"I hope my visit will help strengthen political mutual trust air max 2017 sale clearance , enhance cooperation in areas such as economy, trade, agriculture, forestry air max sale clearance , fishery and tourism, expand people-to-people and cultural exchanges, deepen multilateral coordination and cooperation, and take China-Fiji traditional friendship to a new height nike air max 2018 sale ," Xi said.

The Chinese president said an important agenda of his visit is to invite leaders of all Pacific island countries that have diplomatic ties with China to Fiji for discussions on ways to further grow China's relations with these countries and jointly draw a blueprint for the bright future of friendly exchanges and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Hailing that Pacific island countries are important members of the Asia-Pacific community and the developing world, he said the friendly exchanges between the people of China and Pacific island countries date back to a long time ago.

"We shall be good brothers who support each other in both good and bad times. Sincerity is the key to a lasting friendship," Xi said, stressing that China believes that all countries are equal members of the international community irrespective of their size nike air max 2017 sale , wealth and strength.

The president reaffirmed China's commitment to firmly support the people of island countries in pursuing development paths suitable to their own national conditions, upholding sovereignty and development rights and interests, and participating in international and regional affairs on an equal footing with other countries.

"We shall be good partners of win-win cooperation and common development," he said nike air max sale , adding that China will continue to provide support and assistance to island countries.

The president welcomes more friends from Pacific island countries to visit China, for sight-seeing, studying, doing business or other exchanges.

"We hope to expand exchanges and cooperation with island countries in culture air max 2018 sale , education, health, sports and between youths and at local levels so as to deepen mutual understanding and friendship between our people and pass on our friendship from generation to generation," he said.

Citing a proverb of the Pacific island countries air max 2017 sale , "our world itself is an island," Xi said the vast Pacific Ocean links China, Fiji and other island countries and their people's hearts close together.

"As a true friend of Pacific island countries, China stands ready to work on the basis of mutual respect and equality to deepen our win-win co-operation and provide more help to support their accelerated development so as to achieve common development and prosperity air max sale ," he said.

Xi arrived in Fiji Friday, kicking off his first state visit to the island country.

Fiji is the last leg of his three-nation South Pacific tour, which has already taken him to Australia and New Zealand.

CHISINAU, Nov. 12 (Xinhua) -- Moldova will hold a runoff presidential election on Sunday, with Socialist leader, economics doctor Igor Dodon competing for the presidency against a former World Bank economist Maia Sandu, the common candidate of the right-wing forces.

Dodon, a 41-year-old pro-Russia candidate, expressed confidence in a decisive victory in Sunday's presidential runoff.

"The first round of elections showed that the people want a change and a candidate of the opposition of the left, who hasn't formed part of the oligarchic government that has ruled since 2009," Dodon was quoted as saying by local IPN news agency on Friday, the last day of campaigning.

The Socialist candidate is convinced that if all the supporters of the left go to the polls, the victory in the presidential runoff will be overwhelming, with over 60 percent.

Dodon pledged to ensure a better life for all the country's people if he won the election.

In her election campaign, the pro-Western rival Sandu, a liberal former minister of education, repeatedly announced her priorities as president: the economic recovery, corruption fighting and reforms of the justice sector. She pledged to ensure development projects are implemented in the country.

The runoff election would take place between the top two candidates, as none of the nine candidates competing in the presidential race received an absolute majority of the votes (50 percent, plus one vote) at the first round of elections.

Moldova held direct presidential elections on Oct. 30, a change from the past 16 years during which the head of state was indirectly elected by the parliament.

The presidential elections are generally viewed in the country as a battle between pro-Russian and pro-EU camps. The balance of power between the two top finishers after the first round is 47.98 to 38.71 percent, with Sandu having nearly 10 percent fewer votes, according to the Central Electoral Commission.

Moldova, a former Soviet republic landlocked between Romania and Ukraine, is still shrouded in the shadow of a corruption scandal in which a total of 1 billion U.S. dollars, or around 10 percent of the country's gross domestic product, disappeared from its banking system.

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