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Moose Mount Last Call!

PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2016 1:44 pm
by Voith
Face Pull on CTR Omen will be doing 3 Thursday night (8:15pm est) moose runs before the expansion hits. You can signup here:

Re: Moose Mount Last Call!

PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2016 11:13 am
by Voith
Last night we found 15 moose mounts new homes! If you still need one, signup using the link above.

Moose FAQ
1. I read you need to be ilvl 710 to get a moose. I'm not even close!
A. That is old information from when carries were hard and you needed to help out. We are able to fully carry 3 people at a time with the 30% boss nerf.

2. What are the requirements to get a moose?
A. You need to be level 100. That's it. Demon Hunters totally work.

3. What will I have to do?
A. If you aren't super comfortable with the "Ping Pong" method of killing Archie, you'll need to die a dramatic death at the beginning of the fight (after whacking the boss at least once). Anything green on the ground will help you out with this. At the end of the fight, we will rez you, you'll loot the moose item, and you'll head out to complete the quests for said moose.

4. What time should I be there?
A. Last night we started our first moose run at 8:23pm est. By 10:06pm we had done 5 of them and ran out of people. I'll be working down the list in the order people signed up, and checking for people I couldn't find previously at the beginning of each run. We take a 7min break around 9pm est, but otherwise we are pumping out the mooses.

5. I got a weird friend request from a Valyre battle tag. Wtf?
A. It's me. My main when BT's were invented was named Valyre. If you're getting a BT friend request from me, it's because I couldn't find you on the character you signed up with. Don't worry. I'm harmless.