Community Overwatch Tournament June 25 7pm PT

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Community Overwatch Tournament June 25 7pm PT

Postby Totemlydrunk » Wed May 11, 2016 7:21 pm

Registration for the CTR Community Overwatch Tournament for June 25th at 7pm PT is now open.

This tournament will be held on the PC version of Overwatch.


Teams will consist of 6 players and will participate in a single elimination bracket. The game mode will be based on the Blizzard competitive play format. No player can be on multiple teams nor can they sub through switching accounts. There will be NO hero limit. Stack away if your hearts desire.

The tournament runs in a single elimination format using the Blizzard competitive format with best-of-3 in every round until we reach the finals. The finals will be best-of-5.

In case a sudden death is needed (this is the case when either both teams succeed finishing a map, or both teams fail doing so), please use maps according to the round you are currently playing in:

Round of 16: Nepal
Round of 8: Lijiang Tower
Semi Finals: Ilios
Finals: Nepal

Alert tournament admin (Totemlydrunk) before starting each round. This will help deal with pacing issues and allow casters to cover a variety of different teams in the tournament. Please get confirmation back from the tournament admin (Totemlydrunk) before beginning any round. If your match is being broadcasted the casters will notify you beforehand and create the custom game lobby for your match. If not, it is up to the selected team captain to create the lobby.


(We will NOT be using a draft system for this tournament. Maps are subject to change based on number of signups)

1st Round: Hollywood, Numbani, Nepal
2nd Round: Watchpoint Gibraltar, Dorado, Lijiang Tower
Semi Finals: Ilios, Volskaya Industries, Route 66

Finals: King’s Row, Hollywood, Nepal


Teams and players need to be registered through Challonge. You can register either your battletag (ie Totemlydrunk#1819) or character name as your player name. Please nothing overly offensive for your team names!


Teams are allowed to have 2 alternates on their team in case of any emergency, disconnects, or no-shows. Team captains should add alternates to their roster and notify the tournament admin (Totemlydrunk) with their names.


Select tournament matches will be shoutcasted by Totemlydrunk and TBD on Come cheer on your favorite team as they fight for Overwatch supremacy and bragging rights!


Prizes have yet to be determined as of this moment but we will be rewarding the players from the top team in the tournament.

At the conclusion of the tournament, please contact the tournament admin (Totemlydrunk) to arrange the delivery of your prizes.
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