Where's Voldigar!

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Where's Voldigar!

Postby Turarts » Sun Dec 07, 2014 2:04 pm

Where's Voldigar will be returning in a few short weeks (more info will be posted on the guild calendar, converttoraid.com/guild)

This event is hosted by event planner Voldigar.

Where's Voldigar is usually ran every Sunday at the same time at 12:00 PM “noon” to 12:30PM server time. The only reason why I would not run where Voldigar Is because of a family emergency, a holiday, a major sports event, or we’re having another event that might interfere with this.

Rewards for finding Voldigar

1st Place will be rewarded 750 Gold

2nd Place will be rewarded 500 Gold

3rd Place will be rewarded 250 Gold

4th Place will be rewarded 100 Gold

Every so often the rewards will be changed up; sometimes you might get a mount, a pet, or even higher amounts of gold. It depends on how I feel. But the standard rewards will never change. Any unclaimed gold will go to the guild bank; I will try to rotate on which guild bank it goes into to make it fair.

Rules and more info can be found on the guild calendar!
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