So I was listening to TTT in bed....

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So I was listening to TTT in bed....

Postby Hawgeye » Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:50 pm

So last Sunday evening after listening to the insightful GamerTherapist with Mike Langlois and then Rem's wonderful personal story of his talk with his wife, I decided it was getting late and I should log off WoW and get to bed. As it happens, my wife was deep into the Shahs of I figured that it would be just fine for me to continue to listen via earbuds to the TTT show, especially because Rem was in the midst of sharing his own marital discoveries.

Well it turned out, as you might guess, that being in bed but still plugged into a podcast was not exactly my wife's idea of together time. I think her actual comment was: "You look like an old man listening to his transistor radio! Why pretend to be here when you're really still on the game?" She's right about the old part..I'm 62..but the overall description was less than desirable though generally accurate.

I guess what I've come to understand is that what I might call logging off from the game is not what my wife would call it. Bottom line...I think she has a reasonable point and I've got plenty of other opportunity to listen to podcasts without bringing TTT to bed. :lol:

Have a great show and see you in-game!

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