Don't blame Rob

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Don't blame Rob

Postby Sokotep » Thu Jun 05, 2014 7:45 am

Here are some of my thoughts regarding Rob Pardo's words.

Rob Pardo’s words are not just his opinion. They are the result of a society that fosters such ideas.

Let me share with you a passage from one of my professor’s books. They will put Pardo’s words in a broader context:


One of the many points I see in this passage is the idea that schools are not meant to address the issues that plague humanity. If we don’t address these issues in schools, then there is little hope for our youth to fix these issues. The condition of women is not considered a priority in US society.

Rob Pardo’s words are a direct reflection of the fact that there is nothing in the US school system to bring awareness to diversity. People who do address these issues are labeled as activists and seen as people who stand out from the norm (usually in a negative way). Getting mad at him because he does not choose to address issues of social justice in his work is placing the blame on one individual and ignoring the fact that it is the laws and regulations of our society that create and promote UNcaring. Yes, people are made not to care. Please don’t solely or exclusively blame individuals. Keep in mind that they think the way they do because our system has been designed to desensitize people. Individuals do play a role but do not forget the broader picture, look at the system and who designs it. We can not ignore the invisible laws that rule make this country and the invisible engineers behind them.
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