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Re: The Icebreaker Thread

Postby Molkusque » Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:00 pm

Hi all,

I just heard of TTT today, have listened to a few episodes and love it already, after some mixed opinions about a question that I Emailed to the Convert to Raid guys (will be in episode 72 if your wondering). Jules was in the IRC chat and she offered some good comments and gave me some thing to think about. After discovering the Podcast I now realise that my question would have been more pertinent to send to the Rem and Jules but hey, such is life.

Hmmm now lets see, something cool about where I live... well to be honest I attend a boarding school here in England and I stay here more than I am at home a year so I guess that logically I live here. The school is just outside the town of Henley-on-Thames, which holds the Royal Henley Rowing Regatta which the queen and other members of the royal family attend, and I have coxed (sat in a boat shouting at the rowers) in a regatta on Dorney Lake (the man-made lake that they held the Olympic royal in the 2012 London Olympics)(but I wasn't in the Olympics).

I don't really watch TV all that much and I don't go out to see films that much either but the 90's Disney films will always have a special place in my heart. They remind me of a simpler time in both my sisters and my life.

My WoW set-up is a little peculiar by most people standards but here goes. I raid on a Desktop PC that generally heats my room way too much and was originally built about 15 years ago, it has had graphics card and motherboard upgrade about 4 years ago when I started playing wow. In terms of wow performance, all the performance options are set to low except for view distance because otherwise my claustrophobia starts to kick in. When I am a raid the average frames per second is about 3-5 but I get through and can get near the top of the dps charts (I play a frost DK). Due to this technological situation I have to run Teamspeak on my laptop with a single ear piece and mic headset. I use a Steelseries Cataclysm Shift keyboard on my PC along with a logitech wireless mouse, on my laptop I use a wired mouse as its not that important. I use a second screen with my laptop so that i can have TS up and look at tactics or have a playlist up at the same time. I tend to play WoW with the sound off because the sound lags alot when in raids to the point where the dead sound for a boss will be played up to 15 secs after the boss dies.

Due to recent personal decision (by my parents) to remove myself from the game I have discovered a few things that I didn't know were fun such as Magic the Gathering and I recently read a very good book called "Touch of Power". I play a variety of musical instruments, chiefly the oboe for 8 years now, as well as the tenor saxophone and the tin whistle as well as singing in the bass section of the school chamber choir. Other than that I am generally called a real life hobbit by my family, as I am short, eat almost twice as much as anyone I know, and (apparently) generally resemble a hobbit (feet 'n all), even down to the detail that there is a golf course called "The Shire" about 10 minutes from where my home.

Other general information about me: I'm 17, in my final year of school, off to university in September and am currently single. I am currently studying Math, Biology, and Music (performance) with a view to do Computer Games Programming at uni. I'm a massive nerd and love all lore for any game. The first game I ever played was Tekken 4 when I was 7 or 8 and I fell in love with gaming from then on.

Have an awesome morning/day/afternoon/evening/night guys and i look forward to more discussions on the Podcast and on the forum soon.
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Re: The Icebreaker Thread

Postby Araviis » Thu Nov 29, 2012 7:59 pm

Hi, I'm Loremaster Araviis. I mostly play on Khadgar as Alliance, but I have a Horde Loremaster, also on Khadgar (hi Mazzlu!), as well as a WHU hunter on Icecrown, and a low-level toon in AIE on Earthen Ring. I have 3 high-level hunters. I might have a hunter problem. I play mostly in a friends and family group, raiding 10-man. I also quest a lot (as evidenced by 2 Loremasters), collect mounts and pets, and go after achievements whenever possible. I insist on naming all of my toons and pets after nerdy books, tv shows, or other popular culture.

I live in Ames, Iowa. While it's a nice place, it's not particularly cool. We have a college football team called the Cyclones, and I have in fact been at a game during which a tornado went over the stadium (but never touched down). I work for a local solar panel company that makes flexible solar panels. That's pretty cool.

I don't know that I have a guilty pleasure show. I have shows that I like to watch, but I don't particularly feel guilty about any of them. I am a huge Doctor Who fan. My current big project is to go through the entire history of Doctor Who, beginning with the first episodes in 1963. Netflix is awesome and has almost all of them. I am attempting to finish this project in the next year, as the 50 year anniversary of the first episode is November 23, 2013. It's been really fun so far. Also Buffy/Firefly. Anytime. Oh and Sherlock.... lovely Sherlock.

I play with my boyfriend on our dining room table. We both have desktops set up. I have a Razer Nostromo for my left hand, and a standard 2-button mouse (investigating gaming mouses for Christmas!). I keep my laptop open next to the desktop for quick AMR or WoWhead lookups, as well as watching DVDs.

If I weren't playing WoW, I'd be doing a lot of things that I do already, just more of them. Lots of reading, crocheting, learning to knit. I'd play Portal and a bunch of other Steam games that I've bought but not had time to play due to WoW playing. Maybe doing more photography or trying new crafting projects (sewing costumes, really).
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Re: The Icebreaker Thread

Postby Truenoir » Sat Dec 01, 2012 7:41 am

I will say it is a pleasure to read a bit about all of you and say Hello other forum poster players/people.

Oh and I am not trying to be creepy with the first part of that statement.
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Re: The Icebreaker Thread

Postby Sashagrey » Sun Dec 02, 2012 9:48 am

I love Jules! Made a tauren on hers and rems realm to see what RP is like but i cant be bothered trying to run to thunderbluff to find a better starting area to quest in i keep dying :( I'm a priest and used to heal but I've switched to dps for MoP, I heard Jules saying she's using vuhdo now i wonder what she was using before
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Re: The Icebreaker Thread

Postby Jules » Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:10 pm

Hi Sashagrey!

I actually never used any healing addons before Vuhdo. I was a "clicker" - where I was using my Xperl UI to click on the name and then click on the spell on my bar. I was really good at it, but... the way raiding has progressed these days, I really need every extra second of reaction time I can get. So, with a lot of hemming, hawing, and a bit of ugly frustration, I forced myself to get into Vuhdo and really learn it.

Now I'm using it exclusively, and I have it set up on my Mistweaver Monk as she's leveling up. I really like its flexibility and versatility as an addon. I still control the healing - it's just saving me time and clicks.

Hope that helps!

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Re: The Icebreaker Thread

Postby Jules » Fri Dec 21, 2012 8:10 pm

Okay, Moo Crew - this thread has been quiet for a while, so let's talk about some holiday stuff!

-What's your favorite treat during the holidays?

-Will you have a white Christmas?

-What is the craziest gift you've ever received? We all have those weird relatives that buy things that they're "sure you like" but are WAY off. :)
I watch little green bars for fun.

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Re: The Icebreaker Thread

Postby Grebog » Fri Dec 28, 2012 2:19 am

I am Grebog. I started horde, and for a long whiled played as such. Then my guild all seemed to want to take a break and so I decided to start playing on my friend's server, but had to play an ally. This happened at the end of BC, but then the horde guild came back strong at the start of Wrath, but then after we cleared EoE, Naxx, and OS in just over a month, farming the bosses killed the motivation of raiding for most of the horde guild and most decided to again take a break. So, I then went back to the ally side. I do have toons in AIE on Earthen Ring, but do not play them as much at this time. I am primarily a hordie stuck in an ally body. I have been known to start debates in guild about how evil the alliance is. ;)

-Tell us something cool about where you live.
I live in central PA. I am about 1.5 hours from the Yuengling Brewery and headquarters in Pottsville, PA, and about 1.5 hours from Hershey, PA. When there was a major flood in 2012 in PA/NY, some places near me were the ones on the news and yes I was one of the many with flood waters in the home. Fortunately though for me, it was just the garage, and it did not get to the 1st floor of the living area.

-What is your favorite guilty pleasure movie or TV show?
It use to be Scam School, but I think I was feeling guilty because of the name. But, now I am more open that I watch the show and even demonstrate some of the tricks for others.

-Describe your WoW setup (where you play, what things you have surrounding you, any cool gadgets you use, etc.)
My setup is a Logitech G500 mouse on a Rocketfish surface(fast side up aka smoother side), logitech G15 keyboard from back when it had 18 G keys, and my Razer nostromo game board. I did use a logitech G13 gameboard, but had some issues with drivers on Windows Vista and had switched to the Nostromo. I like the thumb joystick and quiet-ness of the keys of the G13 over the Nostromo, but I like the layout of the Nostromo on hand position. Both are nice, but it does take some getting use to.

-If you weren't playing WoW, what would you be doing?
Spending time with my wife, playing minecraft, or coding a project of mine.
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Re: The Icebreaker Thread

Postby Zaelid » Fri Jan 11, 2013 8:10 am

Hello MooCrew, I finally found my way over to the new forums. I've been listening to the show since episode 2 or 3 (don't remember) and occasionally frequent the IRC channel as Emerich (my DK main in Cataclysm). In Mists of Pandaria I've switched to healing and my current main is Zaelid, a night elf monk, though my raid team calls me Salad.

In real life I'm a Swedish PhD student in applied mathematics (control theory if that tells you anything) and father of two. I enjoy cooking, videogames and working out at the gym.

/muu and see you around!
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Re: The Icebreaker Thread

Postby Grebog » Wed Jan 16, 2013 1:17 am

crap, sorry for the double post, I need to be more awake when I post on forums.
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Re: The Icebreaker Thread

Postby Kamana » Sat Jan 19, 2013 9:57 am

Hey all!!

Loving the show. I'm a new listener and listened to the last 3 episodes, really enjoyed them.

-What's your favorite treat during the holidays?

Just trying to do as little as possible, and walk around in boxers and tee-shirt all day.

-Will you have a white Christmas?

No chance. I'm British living in Philippines. I soo miss the snow over the Winter period.

-What is the craziest gift you've ever received?

A friend of mine gave me a Christmas gift in a box the size of a 15 inch TV. As i opened it i found another wrapped box, this kept on decreasing in size until i got to the last layer. Opened that had he had wrapped up a house brick. So very random, but i treasure it, and still keep it today as a door stop.
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