Smile, come on, I can

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Smile, come on, I can

Postby ylq » Tue Feb 19, 2019 1:45 am

Smile, come on, I can't find the needle. "Hey, Grandma has forgotten where the needles are. Since she has had diabetes, her eyes are invisible, her memory is not good, and she has to think for a long time." Why don't you remember? She said with a smile. "People are old and useless, and they don't remember..." Grandma screamed.rned around and suddenly found a black-and-white photo in my grandmother's little box with a smiling three-person, a girl and two boys. I took the photo and ran to ask my grandmother curiously: "Who is this?" Grandma took the photo and looked at it carefully: "Oh, this is your aunt's father and your uncle." I haven't waited for my words, Grandma. "You look at your aunt when you are young, you don't know, she is very hot! The big kids of other people bully your dad and your uncle, you will never let them go, but it is very fierce." "The grandmother laughed happily, but she sighed softly. "Oh, but the most tired thing is your aunt!"d sillyly, "What about my dad?" Grandma��s face turned from cloudy to clear: "Your father, he can be smart. When he was a child Wholesale Newport 100'S, he was flattering. I remember that the head of the town wanted to let your father do it. Son, your dad teased him to play, let him turn around for three laps, bought a bunch of snacks, and got the big gold watch of the township head for three days. As a result, the head of the township did not end up as an adult, you Dad said, 'Who wants you, okay, you believe it,' and sent it. You don��t know that the whole face of the head of the village was discolored Marboro Cigerettes For Sale. At that time, your father was only five years old and passed out. The people in the village said He is smart!�� Grandma said that she had flowers on her face, as if she described her best work in more than 60 years. ��Your father is the first college student in the township. In order to take the university Order Marlboro 100'S Online, your father. Every day, hiding in the bed and reading with a flashlight, it is because your dad wears glasses Newport 100 Online Coupons, hey, at that time, the family is bitter, and there is something to supplement him." Grandma remembered the bitterness of his father, and his eyes rose. Tears, I even comforted: "Nothing is ok, not very good now. "Grandma broke into a smile: "Yeah, your father and your father are also in the first place, I am relieved." She swallowed the urge to cry, wiped away tears, hey, my grandma, she is so Remember to hang your own children!re not ask the uncle, because he has been dead for three years, but his death has always been the pain of his grandmother. When he comes to grandma, he will burst into tears. At this time, my grandmother stared at the uncle who had a bright smile on the photo. She slowly extended her old hand and rubbed it on the photo of the uncle, whispering and sobbing: "Hui, this is suffering you." When you were young, you were smart, so that you and your brothers and sisters were carrying the grass Buy Marlboro Red Online Free Shipping. They all came back with the grass. You put the stones on the basket, laid the grass outside, and came back easily. You, smart, smart, wrong, ah..." Grandma stared at the photo, sobbing, like chatting, holding it for a long time.ndma's body is getting worse and worse, she will forget whether there is salt in the dish, she will forget to wear more clothes in the cold, she will forget to have a few steps and step on the air, she will forget to eat The time of medicine..will forget a lot, she will be slowly taken away by time, and she will have less and less, until she dies, but she will not forget all the memories of her children. She regards it as a treasure, this memory is engraved. In her bones. Indeed, time can change a lot, but for maternal love, it can't do anything, because mothers use life to defend the best things in their lives.
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