On the CCTV4 interna

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On the CCTV4 interna

Postby ylq » Mon Aug 05, 2019 10:45 pm

On the CCTV4 international channel on the weekend, I occasionally saw a beautiful and familiar picture and a propaganda film of Tongchuan City with the propaganda of ��King of Medicine, Health and Well-being��. Although it was only less than ten seconds, it was quite happy, and Tongchuan was slow. Slowly out of the mountains to learn to show that each city has a city's characteristics, Baidu look at Tongchuan's tourist attractions, you will find Yaowangshan, Yuhua Palace, Yaozhou Kiln, Daxiangshan, Chenluo Ancient Town and Zhaojin Xuejiazhai . However, I think one more can be added, that is, the Xichuangou area in Miaowan Town, Yaozhou District. The first few are made up of history and culture and nature Cheap Cigarettes, while the Xichuangou area is well-deserved as a combination of the above characteristics. He combines history with the simplicity of the countryside, without losing the essence of nature. The meeting will sing a taste of "the ancient collection of chrysanthemums under the east fence, and now I have seen Xichuan", offended Mr. Tao Yuanming, and sinned! Although I have only been to three or two times Carton Of Cigarettes, it is enough for me to forget and deeply love it. I missed it because the only car accident that happened in the bloodshed occurred in Chenjiashan��s mining hospital, but it did not hinder him. The tranquility, simplicity, quietness and idleness, in the hustle and the glory, here is a pure land of the soul Marlboro Cigarettes. His elegant, fresh and serene can definitely be regarded as a special business card that Tongchuan can get. Many years ago, I visited Mr. Yi Zhongtian's "Reading City" in the library. In the book, he not only listed the first-tier cities such as Beishang Guangshen, but also the cities with his own taste and taste in Wuhan, Xiamen and Chengdu. He wrote in the preface: The city is an open book. Different people have different readings. The city also has individuality, some are rough, some are beautiful, some are heroic, and some are warm. In most people's eyes, Tongchuan is a city born of coal. It was once synonymous with pollution. But this small town is in my eyes, and there is another side that is unknown. On the other side, the Tongchuan people's factors are peaceful. Atmosphere, simplicity and kindness occupy an important position in the territory of a city, whether it is in Chenjiashan, Miaowan or Xichuangou (I believe that today's Tongchuan, similar good places are not limited to Xichuangou), you I don��t see the kind of black smoke in the culture of the city. The people living here seem so calm and contentive. Sometimes I think this may be related to the city positioning of Tongchuan. Tongchuan should be regarded as a three- or four-line city. Compared with big cities, the rhythm will be much slower, but this slowness is not considered to be backward, not to be aggressive, but a kind of leisurely and free-spirited, super-confidence and self-confidence in Xichuangou. The valley is deep, the peaks are stacked, and the nipple hills in the ditch have been climbed for close-up photography. The branches have been scratched by the branches. In a few memories of the past, the mountain road that is not too spacious extends along the clear river to the quiet part of the mountain. On the hillside of the riverbank, there is a beehive, a piece of oil green, a cluster of yellow flowers, and a roadside farmhouse. There are a bunch of red peppers under the eaves, children playing in the creeks of the river, and a few large birds with long legs and spikes flying from time to time... a harmonious scene between people and nature. Even in the most "prosperous" Chenjiashan mining area, there have never been any traffic jams. The people on the roadside are often sitting in the shade of the river by the river or leisurely laughing or focusing on fishing. The next three, three, two, and two farmer sisters selling cool skin and eggplant and pepper tomatoes on the roadside, there is a watermelon stand next to each other, and the piles of round green and green watermelons piled on the ground. Under the shed, a physically strong man leaned up. The black and sturdy face is thick and thick, and a few pieces of wood are supported on the table. The large watermelons of the red sand shovel are plunging into the water. The arbitrarily enters a family. The store will not feel restrained and unreasonable because of your accident. They will also laugh as usual and familiar people, they do not know how to treat guests? I don't think so. Maybe they don't want to bother the guests, but they show their enthusiasm. This shows the simplicity and honest style of the people in the mountains. Whether it is a stall under the big umbrella or a small shop on the street, there is a kind of tranquility and simplicity and unintentionally revealing a bustling leisurely, like this scene, he has more than one time fixed in my dreams. Every city in the city has its own fragments and memories. In addition to the high-rise buildings, the modern city should pay more attention to the tranquility and precipitation hidden behind the glitz. Just like Beijing's quadrangle, Shenzhen's surrounding houses and towers, and in Tongchuan, what is the symbol of Tongchuan? The abandoned mine or the paved road is not the whole of Tongchuan. Does Xichuangou not carry Tongchuan as the glory of the mining area and the truth of the past? The upper reaches of the Ju River is a modern Xichuan mine, representing the future of the coal city Tongchuan, while the Chenjiashan area in the middle of the Juhe River is a leisurely pleasure. The decades-old old mining area interprets the simplicity of the people on the yellow land of Tongchuan. The true, clear Juhe water all the way into the Jinyang Lake, nourishing the production and life of 800,000 Tongchuan people. In the morning light, does the neon light of the new district represent the bright future of Tongchuan? In front of the small town that has experienced thousands of vicissitudes of life, We have to admit that in the past, his economic development was too singular, and the pace of progress was a bit slow. First, ignore the expensive CCTV advertising fees. From the courage to CCTV, we have reason to believe that Tongchuan is eager to let more People know that they have boldly gone out to show their charm. At least those of us who have been wandering outside are believed to have prepared a city, experienced it, thought about the present, and looking forward to the future. Opportunity, I will write Tongchuan in my heart, let more people know that he likes him.
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