trying to get groups for flex

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trying to get groups for flex

Postby auggren » Sun Aug 31, 2014 8:20 pm

I know 500 and 515 ilvl is low for someone that has 575 but how can we get gear even in flex 1 and 2 even though i have been in flex 3 with no problems and been told go into lfr and flex to get gear to join us when most of the gear I have is lfr/lfr equivilent for only one or two things and you cant be with the guild to get gear in flex to be able to do more? This is rediculious for guildies to put aside other guildies that need it for people that do not or even pugs just because it will be faster for them. What kind of help is that? and this has happened to a few of us with more then one person recruiting from the CtR guilds

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